Awesome Canadian coin


I first layed my eyes on this beauty from a fellow #silvergoldstackers member post.
The member in question is @trumpman and if you want to see the post that brings us all here right now click here
I'm not going to tell you much about this gem as @trumpman already did a great job I invite you to check out his post on this coin, it's informative and he also post many other gems and other cool stuff so I would encourage you to follow him, and check out the rest of the #silvergoldstackers post as well, precious metals are a great edition to any portfolio, and you also get to enjoy a lot of beautiful art and history.


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Stack on!
Or should I say... collect on, hahaha!

Exactly right I got a bunch of older part silver coins, they are relatively cheap so I figured this could be a good way to feed my appetite for collecting different designs, and allow me to focus on the best deal, I started doing something I never thought I would, I'm buying the cheapest silver coins/rounds possible in bulk to get an even better deal and it also comes in a tube so thats a nice bonus.

Sexy Eli!

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"A braw shiny froms Canadar mate!" 😉 -Keptin


Enjoy your coin!

I am thanks to you ,the design is killer I dig the unity vibe

Already done @bitcoinman
A great month with members showing Canadian silver content.

Canada stacking hard eh

The coin looks so nice. I think these are the 1/2 oz !

It's a bit more around 23 grams I think.

Canadian coin always look special compared to others coin