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The photographs in this post were taken some years ago, on one of my usual walks around the groves and meadows at the edge of Medulin, the small seaside town in which I live. The weather was nice and only partially cloudy, and quite appropriately so because was the end of April.


Like often in springtime some clouds were present in the sky, but they didn't stop the sun to shine above the landscape and make it colorful. In fact, the combination of sunlight and clouds made things look even better than on a completely sunny, cloudless day.


There is a hill at the edge of my hometown, about half a kilometer from the last houses. Some big transmitters were mounted at the top a decade ago. I spent the late afternoon of the 23rd of April 2015 walking and sniffing around that area.


Here You can see the pollen cones on one of the many pine trees that grow there. Caterpillars have left a bit of silk around the cluster of cones, and some of the pollen got stuck on those threads.


A butterfly landed on the narrow path not far from me. Pararge aegeria is the name of this species.


A bit further I stopped to photograph this small yellow flower.


I saw plenty of stones on my walk. Some of them were part of drystone walls, others were just scattered on the meadows and among the shrubs.


All the stones were abundantly covered with lichens ...


... and I found a nice variety of shapes and colors among those flat lichens.


In some places, the thing looked like a map of some vaguely familiar part of Southeast Asia, with many islands, islets, and peninsulas.


I had a lot of fun observing these lichens.


This European green lizard (Lacerta viridis) ...


... was well hidden in the dense growth of intertwined thorny shrubs. It took me a lot of patience to slowly come near enough and take these shots. I had only a small, not very good compact camera with very limited zoom back then in 2015.


Here you can see the work of some potter wasp. Don't know the exact species. The small pottery has a very nice design.


Here you can see some hairy caterpillar that was climbing on the grass.


It wasn't a long walk, I have no more photographs to show, so this post ends here. As always here on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.


Thank God the lizard are just small copies of once big creatures. Cool images, @borjan.

I think that you are very observant, since you noticed a lizard and a hairy caterpillar in the grass. As a child, I caught lizards with my bare hands, but now I'm afraid to touch them))

So much life can be found, even on stones and rocks. Its like a whole other world down there

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Lovely pictures as always no matter when it's been taken its looks awesome.

What a Lovely photos ❤️

I'm obsessed with this post

Even though it's an old photo, it still looks so perfect

your travel photos are all interesting and valuable, your photo collection is interesting to see.

hi friend @borjan hope you are always healthy, and always show interesting things,


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