Moving Memories from Avignon

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Memories...Saturday is the right day to remember some more events that once brought us interesting moments. Sad, tough, or happy ones :) Well, I prefer the last category, as usually traveling means happiness for me! Just visited a place, that is still to come here, but it was a very short visit. Who read my post from a few days ago could know that a few of my days were just swept away. Finally, I got better so what we had left was just two days, anyway, it was fun. In contrary to this recent short trip, I can say that last summer was different. We traveled a little longer, so more destinations could be our host. Mostly I have already mentioned many of them and shared them with you, as well as this visit to the French city, Avignon. In that post, a lot of pictures and a story came about why we ended up there and not in some other city. But I also made a short video from some places, like the walls of Avignon from the Middle Ages, the famous bridge from Avignon which also has its own song, the Palace of the Popes, and the Ferris wheel. Not a lot of things, but I am forgetting to do more footage of the places. I found those short videos and the photos I still haven't used in my post and decided that they will come as well. Unfortunately, just leftover photos, as the other ones already were published and I will not use them again.


However, the moving photos - my humble and short video, can give also another view. First of all, we can see the Ferris wheel that is close to the River Rhone. I was tempted to have some fun from there but logic spoke: let's have first a walk in the old part of the city. That is where the Palace of the Popes is. There is also a small square where a musician was playing... It was nice to see and hear, but due to the wind that is heard so much in the video I removed all the music parts and put another background music. Do you hear the nice piano sounds? That is the last part of a classical piano piece, Intermezzo op. 117 no. 1 composed by Johannes Brahms. Played by my very good friend, when he was playing me the repertoire for one of his concerts.


We walked in the old part of the town, had some food intake, and continued with our mini-tour. @themagus mentioned in one of his comments that he and his good lady usually walk around hours and hours in a place and also get lost sometimes. That is a cool part when you go on foot. You see, we also ended up in some parts of the city that are not so attractive... I mean the photo from left side :)


The not-so-funny thing is when you get lost driving your vehicle in an unknown city. Also, traffic. You can actually see in the video a road with cars, well, believe me, what I wanted to shoot are the Walls of Avignon. Please, try to enjoy the views of the walls instead of the vehicles :) To visit the old part of Avignon, luckily we decided not to use the car. We left it in the hotel park lot, and a 30 minutes walk was our pick. Also, bikes could be used, if we would have them there.



Anyway, after this visit, that we enjoyed but were already a bit tired, we had a walk by te bakns of the river, and slowly strolled back to the hotel to sleep. You know how well one can sleep after a city tour? I hope you know, if not, you should try it out :) Hope you will enjoy also this mini mixed video, a bit of memories from this summer and Avivgnon and a bit of piano classical music. Really, a tiny part of the composition.


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Looks like a really nice place you visited last summer. To bad of the traffic, I know what you mean… by getting lost in a city you never visited with your car. I made one mistake one day when I visited Malaga city for the first time. I drove into a street and other people started honking… turned out I drove into a one way street the wrong way… 🤣😂 lol now I can laugh about it but back than I was ashamed. Trying to turn back quickly out of the street while people were watching.

Glad to hear you had fun the last 2 days during your short trip. Looking forward to the photos and reading all about it 😉

Getting lost - we usually set GPS, but sometimes it just happens that we miss some fork, or when the signal is late a few seconds and you miss the turning or else. Oh, once we were in Stuttgart in a tunnel where you had so many roads to choose from and forks and all, GPS signal was lost and... well, we made it somehow 😂 Wow, now I remember so many of those missed exits on highways, and lost in cities, a whole post could come. You inspired me @littlebee4 but it would be a post just to laugh at our fails 😂 maybe I should consider not writing it hahaha.

One-way streets. So many here in Spain! Especially in the old parts of the towns. A friend of mine did the same, and a police officer happened to be there at the end of the street...oops!!

Yes, the two days were a lot of good vibes laughing :)) But, will not say more now! 😊

You should write it… could be fun 😉 why not.
Guess what I did have my GPS on. 😂 But it was an old GPS with old maps. First months when moved to Spain… so it made some mistakes until I knew good routes through the city.

Good to hear 😉

why not

it would be dangerous, as too much laughter would come 😂😂

Hahahahahahah ok hahahahaha I understand 🤣😄😉
To much belly ache from laughing.

This is a very lovely spot. Removing the cars and a few of the modern amenities of city life you'd feel like you've been transported back in time. Shut off the phone and gps for a truly authentic experience, well maybe not the gps 😀

Thank you for the little something something, that's very kind of you. 🍄

I would love that feature, time-traveling back into the past. I have always wanted that, to go back in time, maybe it is the reason I also like these old cities :)

Mushroom thing, you are welcome :))

P.S. Today, I remembered your post from last week haha, and your sentence lookup, look up :D As you know, I missed two Fridays and had to go hunting in the forest...

There will always be a next time. Until then you'll be in @ewkaw jail of course but I'm sure it's full of fungi so it can't be all that bad 😀

It's full of fun guys :D

Who read my post from a few days ago could know that a few of my days were just swept away. Finally, I got better..

Ohh.. So sorry.. Thank God you re better now.

Please, try to enjoy the views of the walls instead of the vehicles ..

Seem like everyone drives the same kind of car tho.. Dont mind me .. Its part of the sights and memories.. 😄

Its mostly the music for me too, but I must say Avignon is a beautiful place no doubt and it seem to have some ancient designs remaining relevant. And how you tallied that with the right kind of music to play and play it to meet the need. Well done Ma.

Happy new year @mipiano

Yes, I am a lot better now, thank you.
Well, many car brands now produce cars that look like, dont worry ;)
I am glad you also liked Avignon, hope you can visit it one day!

A lot came to mind at the thought of visiting..
I sure would love to someday.😀

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Once again, thank you guys for taking care of travelers :) 😇

I thought it was you playing the soundtrack, until I read underneath. Good to finally get out and about

In some of those travel videos, I do put the music I play. Of course, in my music posts, it is me playing heheh. But here, I needed around a minute of music, not so long piece, and had that part of the composition recorded when my friend played it.

Happy Caturday btw :) How are doing you cats? I see that Aadoo has found a new home, how nice all turned out well! :)

Love the video... I recognise the keyboard artist in the soundtrack {smile} ... Sure are a lot of cars ... definitely prefer the side streets ...

The streets are of course the nicest part :)
But that is great that you recognize the keyboard artist, I should let my friend know that he has some fans abroad :D

But that is great that you recognize the keyboard artist, I should let my friend know that he has some fans abroad :D

{blush} .. Okay, you got me ...

I think I have to publish something in the near future, me playing the piano, so I dont confuse people around :D

Please do ...:)

Why? Not to confuse people or as you would like to listen to some piano music from me? :D

But, to be honest, I practiced a bit these days... and it just needs more studying, but will try to do my best...

Avignon is such a cool city. The Palace du Pope's is very impressive. I miss summer already and winter has just begun. Lol

hahaha, winter just begun, true 😅

Well, there are places that are nicer to visit during the winter, like your Christmas market posts showed, although Germany is beautiful in summer too.
I liked the Palace too, and the bridge. It closed the entrance to walk on it at 18:00 and we were around and about on other streets, so we went a few minutes late and couldn't get in :( I was a bit disappointed but it was our fault, we didn't check when it closes

That's true about some places being nice to see in the Winter.

We didn't end up going on the bridge when we went there either. 🤷‍♂️

Oh, you either... but anyway, let's pretend now that it would be nothing special so it is easier to accept 😂
Or, a new visit should be planned, one day :)

Very beautiful. I always want to travel and see the sights of the world. I love history. Thanks for the photos my good friend

You are welcome @aryaz and I am glad you could enjoy this post :)

@tipu curate 🍷

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love your Posts and trips.. thankyou for sharing