Seeking the Irish

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I have been producing the #BritList for about two years where I look for Brits on Hive and generate a post that indicates how many are active. I have offered to do this for other countries, but have not had much interest to far. I use a mix of @Hivesql and Beem with Python to find people and produce the post.

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I ran some searches on other countries a while back to see how active they were. I am not sure I looked at Ireland then, but here is a list I generated today. Not a huge number, but in proportion to the population it may not be much different to the UK list. I searched for 'Ireland' in the profile plus a few major towns. I welcome suggestions of what else I could look for.

On the Brits list I include ex-pats. I am sure plenty of Irish people are now living elsewhere, but I will leave it to others to compile that list.

@ablaze - Ireland
@ammonite - Dublin, Ireland
@anitahorvatirl - Killorglin Ireland
@blanchy - Ireland
@colmedwardsphoto - Dublin, Ireland *
@fiveboringgames - Dublin or Berlin
@harlotscurse - Dublin
@huckleberrie - Ireland
@killerwot - Ireland
@libertystrikes - Ireland
@lukecreed - Ireland
@martina-sigulin - Ireland
@mitchhunter - Dublin, Ireland
@natalia-irish - Ireland *
@niallon11 - Ireland
@noniboots - Ireland
@paulag - Ireland
@scolari-ire - Dublin, Ireland
@speko - Ireland
@thebalanceguy - Ireland
@theisacoin - Ireland
@wallpaperflower - Ireland
@woman-onthe-wing - Donegal, Ireland
Total: 23 Posting: 16 Voting: 21

The two with a * are on an old copy of the Hivewatchers blacklist I downloaded. One of them is just posting and never commenting and the other just votes with a small stake. We have plenty of of accounts out there running on automatic.

I remember seeing there used to be some meetups in Dublin. Do they still happen?

I have not heard from @paulag in a while. She used to be quite active and we chatted on at least on Zoom virtual meetup. It would be good to have more of those.

On a related topic there is a potential London meetup next month. @tdctunes is playing a gig at Cafe 1001 in Brick Lane on Thursday 15th December. People can meet there beforehand to chat and stay for the music if they like. The gig is at 8pm. It was suggested that people could meet from about 4pm. We are discussing it on the Brits Discord if you are interested.


Jesus @steevc I wasn't aware there were so many of us. We haven't had a meet up in some time from the best of my knowledge but I would be keen to have one. @trucklife-family is Irish and lives in Spain.

Thanks @blanchy xxxx

Beware the Irish, they bring nothing but trouble... 🤣

Ah here, ya can't be judging all of us by that bowsie @Blanchy. Sure that aul eejit is always actin' the maggot. Us Jackeens are dead sound. It's dem culchies ya have to watch.

Hahahaha, I admit it. I only said that for a reaction. I love the Irish, my mum's was a fucking magic Irish lady!!..

That @blanchy tho, lol!!

Me ma was a Murray. They're grand folk altogether. It's the McMurphys ya have to watch out for:)

Is your mother Irish @meesterboom?? I was wondering why you were so funny. Ireland wasn't rainy enough for her so she decided to go more north? Fond of a drop of rain.

Positively find of more than a drop of rain 🤣🤣 but aye, she was. She had a hilariously Irish name!!

Mary Murphy??

Hahaha!! Macmurray. When she said it it sounded more Irish than anything!

Its the Dubs that want to be culchies that are the real threat. Daywalkers.

Hahaha, sure isn't she bang on? Yiz are all over the big smoke now, so I had to get me own back and come down here to live among yiz. I was tryin' to keep it on the down low but that bliddy @ablaze let out on me.

Coppers is our headquarters. I heard there was a Dub going round Tipp saying bleed'n this bleed'n that, Get the boat, cooking coddle. I knew it was you! 😀

😀😀And here I am sportin' me brand new wellies thinkin' I'm all incognito like and fittin' right in. Dammit! Foiled again!

Us culchies would run circles rounds ya, lol xxxx

G'way outta that! Us Dubs are very fleet of foot...loadsa practice runnin' away from the Gards.

Bowsie is such a good word!! 🤣🤣 The bauld bowsie blanchy heh... 🤣

Almost as bad as the Scots. Hadrian built that wall for a reason!

Ha ha, good man Boomy, no better man to take the piss!! Ah your Mum was Irish, it all makes sense now!

Good man @steevc. That's a great list you've pulled together, at least half of whom I didn't know about. I won't make it over to London on the 15th, but thanks for the heads up 👌

No problem. Hive can be lacking in discovery tools. Finding some local users opens some possibilities. I hope there can be more meetups over there.


That's really cool, there's actually more Irish on Hive than I thought.

I got a few people on here, but, so far only 3 of the 4 have posted and none have done more than one.


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Thanks for the meetup/gig mention Steve - and nice initiative to list Irish Hivers.

As a total aside - I actually have an Irish surname - my great great grandfather came over from Ireland and then went on to be in charge of the construction of the Forth Bridge and Southend pier. So I'm from a family of Irish engineers.

No links to Ireland now though other than my name.

That's cool family history. My other half has some Irish roots, but we don't know any relations there. The Irish spread out all over the world.

I am looking to do lists for other countries, but it needs people to take on managing those like I do for the Brits.

I'll promote the meetup in Britlist and FollowFriday posts. I'm sure some of the London crowd will come along. I can't see me getting there before 6, but if people post updates in the Discord I can see how it's going.

Thanks Steve!


Great List @steevc. Look at them coming out of the woodwork. Great to have the contacts. There are also @demotruk and @beanz. We must do a meetup someday again.

I've met @demotruk a couple of times and knew he moved. Not heard from @beanz in a long while. Hope she's doing okay.

Don't forget @eroche

There's also several others who used to go to meetups in Dublin but may be inactive or dormant now.

I need to tweak the query. There seem to be two different location fields on profiles and the one I look at is not always set. I've met him before, but he's been quiet for a while.

I keep all the Brits I find in a text file as some are not from my queries as people tip me off. Not everyone sets their profile location to something useful. I'd like to see others maintain their own local list as I'm not really looking to do every country. I may do more of these basic lists as people seem interested. Just hope nobody minds the mass tagging :)

This is amazing. We can connect now with each other. Thank you

Its pretty cool!

I thought about doing it with Danish people. But we are 4 I know in total including myself haha

I can find about a dozen. I can send you the list if you want.

Yes please. Because I know only like 3 other than me and the one is lass which is not impressive xD

Here are the Danes I've found so far. I tweaked the script to show their activity. This is checking for the last month.

@bex-dk - Northern Denmark Posting: False Voting: True
@creativemary - Denmark Posting: True Voting: True
@cwow2 - Denmark Posting: True Voting: True
@decadence - Denmark Posting: True Voting: True
@frejafri - Denmark Posting: False Voting: True
@ingi1976 - Denmark Posting: True Voting: True
@iobates - Denmark Posting: True Voting: False
@katharsisdrill - Denmark Posting: True Voting: True
@mandibil - Denmark Posting: True Voting: True
@rechall - Denmark * Posting: True Voting: True
@secpoint - Copenhagen, Denmark Posting: True Voting: False
@wasse99 - Denmark Posting: True Voting: True
Total: 12 Posting: 10 Voting: 10

I am in the tax farm called Denmark, yes :-)

Haha xD

Interesting. Where is lasscash? He is danish aswell.

I need to look at this closer tomorrow. I am out and getting a few beers ^^

Lasse does not have Denmark on his profile, so a simple query won't find him. Maybe you can take this list and manually add others you know or find later. I think it could be useful when organising events.

Here is one !BEER for you.

Ah, I will write down the list, yes :D
Thanks Steevc!


Whether we like it or not, Lass is still Danish :p haha.

We can't undue that xD

We used to have Steemit meetups in Dublin once a month in the good old days but demotruk, the driving force behind them, emigrated and I myself moved into the country so I'm not sure if someone else took up the slack.

It just needs someone to name a place and time. I expect there must be a pub there somewhere.

if theres a crossroads with a church, theres a pub nearby.

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Boo boo clusters.

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Pub? Sure aren't they all closed down. But a church, now there's an idea:)

Free alter wine for everyone ;-)

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Yeah it's really hard getting my buddy going out here on hive.


yeah let's have a Hive meetup in Dublin.

I am one-quarter Irish!

Which part of you is it? There's probably more Irish people around the world than in the homeland.

Well it's definitely not my whiskey tolerance...

Thanks for this little list @steevc
I've followed everyone on the list, as well as the others named in comments.. be nice to see the irish side of hive growing.

Ahh good shout. We’ve no connections in Ireland apart from a mysterious one, which I can’t tell you much about. I’ve a strong Welsh ancestry, though I’m not Welsh was born in Winchester and my parents are English, my grandmother was Welsh and grandad English.


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