Hive Financial Statistics – 2022.01.10

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Welcome to the daily financial report about the Hive blockchain.

All the information presented in this report is based on the data collected from the blockchain until 2022-01-10 midnight UTC. This report aims to provide you with a clear view of what is happening on the Hive blockchain.

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1. Price

These graphs show the evolution of prices in USD for HIVE and HBD.

2. Supply

This graph shows the evolution of HIVE virtual Supply. The virtual supply is the sum of HIVE supply (liquid and staked HIVE) and HBD supply (converted into HIVE).
The graph also displays the debt ratio (HBD supply / HIVE virtual supply). Keep in mind that since hardfork 24 funds in the treasury ( HBD balance) don't count towards the HBD debt ratio.

These graphs show the evolution of the HIVE Supply (both liquid and staked) and the HBD supply.

These charts show the evolution of the liquid HIVE and the staked HIVE (Hive Power).

This graph shows the overall Hive tokens distribution.

3. HBD Savings

@silentscreamer13,877.890 HBD@emrebeyler2,662.987 HBD
@nuttin9,050.187 HBD@apsu145.954 HBD
@lordbutterfly5,706.401 HBD@magooz57.927 HBD
@kristall972,008.545 HBD@clicktrackprofit54.179 HBD
@foreveraverage1,691.936 HBD@shadowmyst50.000 HBD
@gohive1,246.030 HBD@rob2342.508 HBD
@ecency1,155.236 HBD@btcsam39.091 HBD
@world-travel-pro1,052.916 HBD@scubahead16.087 HBD
@sm-silva939.001 HBD@fracasgrimm13.967 HBD
@oflyhigh500.000 HBD@apeboy12.000 HBD

This graph shows how much and how many accounts store HBD in savings. The table below shows the topmost HBD deposits and withdrawals of the day.

Note: As of 2021-06-30 (HF25) interest is only paid for HBD which are stored in savings.

This chart shows the amount of interest paid each month for holding HBD and how many accounts received such interest.

4. Balances

This graph shows the number of HIVE, both liquid and in savings, held by all accounts.

This graph shows the number of HBD, both liquid and in savings, held by all accounts.

5. Conversions

Note: As a reminder, conversion requests are only finalized after 3 days. It is only then that it is known exactly how many HIVE were burned in return for the HBD received at the time of the conversion request.

This graph shows the number of HIVE collateralized due to requests to convert HIVE to HBD over the past few days.

These graphs show the number of HIVE effectively used by the conversion process (HIVE converted and 5% HIVE fee which is burned) each day and month when requests to convert HIVE to HBD have been finalized.

These graphs show the number of HBD burned, each day and each month, following requests to convert HBD to HIVE.

6. Powerup and Powerdown

2022-01-10 08:37:33@aliento9,100.399 HIVE
2022-01-10 09:50:18@coinomite7,464.417 HIVE
2022-01-10 08:40:45@eddiespino6,666.291 HIVE
2022-01-10 02:24:42@txmek6,093.628 HIVE
2022-01-10 06:37:39@universoperdido3,900.228 HIVE
2022-01-10 04:54:42@evernoticethat3,700.351 HIVE
2022-01-10 11:25:27@gringalicious3,605.126 HIVE
2022-01-10 04:55:42@parisf2,812.438 HIVE
2022-01-10 07:22:00@ganjafarmer2,209.192 HIVE
2022-01-10 04:42:57@alexa.art2,095.550 HIVE

This graph and table show the amount of powerdown initiated over the last 7 days, and the largest initiated on this day.

@elmerlin51,000.000 HIVE@gringalicious14,989.499 HIVE
@dondido15,160.000 HIVE@steemychicken17,462.422 HIVE
@niallon112,321.394 HIVE@aggroed6,978.914 HIVE
@gohive1,021.290 HIVE@deepresearch3,857.645 HIVE
@sjarvie5769.000 HIVE@eric8182,944.789 HIVE
@daveks508.300 HIVE@improv2,591.413 HIVE
@rmach500.000 HIVE@niallon112,315.278 HIVE
@spiceboyz402.400 HIVE@oflyhigh2,003.277 HIVE
@thetrader11383.606 HIVE@world-travel-pro1,599.454 HIVE
@kingtaco363.302 HIVE@fedoraonmyhead1,483.476 HIVE

This graph shows the daily HIVE power-up, power-down, and the resulting variation over the last 30 days. The table shows the topmost power-ups and power-downs of the day.

This graph shows the monthly HIVE power-up, power-down and the resulting variation.

Values for the last 3 months


7. Transfers

These graphs show the volume (in USD) of HIVE and HBD transferred between accounts.

8. Exchanges

These graphs show the amount and distribution of HIVE and HBD stored on the exchanges where they are listed.

These graphs show the daily evolution of HIVE and HBD stored on the exchanges where they are listed.

I hope you find those stats useful. If you would like to see additional stats, feel free to drop me a comment. Your feedback is than welcome.

Thanks for reading.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 88 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey @arcange, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

YAY! I made a cool list...I think LOL! I love the savings option available here now on Hive. Great work! #Way2Grow

thank u for compiling all these.

My powerdown is temporary and has nothing to do with the current price (I almost did it a couple of weeks ago). In July, I'll celebrate five years here, and have put too much into this platform to stop now. I'm not going anywhere. :)

Hehe, great to know you are sticking with us @evernoticethat.
That being said, everyone is free to do what they want with their assets, even a (temporary) powerdown ;)

You would be surprised how people react to a powerdown. A year ago, I ran into financial difficulties (I'm the primary caregiver for an elderly family member) that I even lost internet access for awhile. Winters are difficult for a student, I had a stash of miner tokens that I was forced to sell and had to make my first powerdown ever, which was tough. You're right that people are free to do what they want with their assests, and they did. Even though I wrote a post explaining why, I lost support, and it was months before it came back

I totally get it. We all know of the type that come here to take, then cashout and leave. Some thought that was the case with me, so I understand. Hive has reawakened the love for blogging that I lost over on Blogger so being a content creator is fun as I now have a true sense of ownership and investment in the platform.

We've all seen those that leave when the price drops, then make a sudden "return" when it recovers, only to leave once again, repeating the cycle over and over. I call them "Boomerang Hivers" and get a kick out of reading their endless "I'm Back!" posts. That's so not me. So when I saw my name on your list, I went "no!" lol thinking my powerdown might be misunderstood like last time. That's why I responded.

What I need, is to build a base of liquid tokens, so that when there are problems I can draw from those instead of having to powerdown, we'll get there over time. I've seen it all since finding this place in 2016, and joining the following year. Once you're here long enough, the price swings are no longer a concern, as the platform itself is strong. So when I say I'm not going anywhere, it's really true. :)