Efreet Elder A Great card for not alot of money here is why

One of my main to decks is the fire splinter so everytime a fire cards comes up for a good price i buy it to increase my decks options in battle so when Efreet Elder shown up for only $0.90 i grabbed a copy

Screenshot 20210920 at 15.17.04.png

I rarly play magic cards but i liked the cards speed and health for the 6 mana and then pop that with last stand and you have a good card.

I find he is great in low mana battles as a solo tank due to the last stand ability and being a magic card so can cut through armour fast

Screenshot 20210920 at 15.14.22.png

So here is a example of how i pay him on lower mana matches. I rent a yodin but this would also work with a Pyre with the extra speed i pop a Creeping ozze up front to take the first hit as this gives Efreet a free hit from the back as he normally gets to go first due to his speed and the speed lose creeping ozze gives, Then when creeping gets taken out it activates the last stand ability and Efreet just takes everyone down this only works with low mana matches as the other player normally only puts a few cards out or lots of low health ones. Anyway link to this fight below if you wanna watch it



YAY! Great strategy!

zaku with magic new meta :D

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