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Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are having a good time on the platform. Today I am here to explain the Guild Battles & Their Reward System. I participated in guild battles 3-4 months ago and gain some experience with them. Now I am gonna share it with you through the Splinterlands Weekly Social Media Challenge.

You can join any guild by their procedure, Some guilds are closed, some are open, and some can be only joined by their invitation link. Each guild consists of five sections:

1- About
2- Members
3- Tavern
4- Buildings
5- Brawl


In the About section, you can check the information about the Guild like the Creation Date of the Guild, The rank of the Guild, Guild Rating, Members of the Guild, Crowns that win by the Guild, Language of the Guild, and Brawl Stats.


In this section, We can check the list of the guild members and details about them like their names, Their Ranks, Their Ratings, Their Joining Date, and Their Contributions to the Guild.


This is a free in-app chatting system for all the guild members. Where you can chat with each other.


In this section, you can upgrade your, guild, by burning the Dec as per the need of the Building.


Brawl is the battleground where we all set our monsters for the fight. It's like an arena where you join the brawl in the Preparation stage, then the battles begin, and you choose your monsters as per the rules, and boom. The fights began and monsters fought with the enemy's monsters. Those who fully participate in the brawl fight get rewarded with the Merits and SPS Token.

Guild Store


Guild Store has its own purpose where we are able to use our Merits for purchasing different items. The first one that is most important is Glasdius Case where we can purchase Gladius packs to open gladius monsters. Each pack price is 2000 Merits and can be usable in the Magic well to gain monsters. Gladiud Case can be unlocked at level 2 and all the other items at different levels of the store.


Spy Glass:

It gets unlocked at level 4 of the store which can be used to see the monster's lineup of the enemy on the battlefield.


Blood Stone:

It opens at level 6 of the store which works in portions, It increases the chances of the Glaudius Legendary monsters from the Gladius packs.


Power Stone:

It opens at level 8 of the store which also works as the portion, It increases the changes of the Gold Foil monsters from the Gladius Packs.

Gladius Monsters


The monsters shown in the above Image are called Gladius Monsters. You can use them in your Guild battles but they are not usable in normal battles, These Monsters are non-tradable or transferable but their power of the monsters adds to your wallet collection. These Monsters have the extra ability of Bloodlust which helps them to gain extra stats in every round of the battle.

If you want to ask something you can comment below, If you want to join the splinterlands game you can use this link:



Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

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