I really hope these new "soulbound" cards don't become the new dominant card type. Something like that would really toss a wrecking ball into our quaint little "useful NFT" community, I think.

Perhaps I am being overly worried, but if these new untradeable/unsaleable/unrentable cards skew the power level to the upside, it is my feeling that this does not bode well for the remainders of our collections in the long run, other than a trophy room of useless NFTs.

they want to kill the game - you have to be a moron to come up with this!

Have them conduct a player vote

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New monsters look wild!!


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Ranked Battle
Replace CP req with SPS staking

Would be nice to know how many sps staked will require each league

I'd be happier to see Land phase 2 in the Q2

Sorry, but I don't remember the in-game survey for Soulbound?

I hate the idea of souldbound cards.

I understand why they are doing it but i think that it really hurts the integrity of the team and goes against the original idea of splinterlands.

They are taking away the free market going forward and restricting players being able to use, sell, transfer cards amongst themselves.

It's been abad year for the game and the direction that it has taken in th elast twelve months.

I am still a committed player but has lost a lot of faith in their abilty to grow as all of these changes hurt the end user and have killed the lower leagues form where we were in terms of user numbers and activity.

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