Splinterlands Strategies: Rent 100% or Play?

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...'Should I continue to rent or should I play?'...

The question has been in my head since Chaos Legion was released a short while back. I was renting out ALL my cards and making a pretty penny and then...


...the new expansion was released, DEC tanked by almost 50% as well as my rental income. I was tempted to play again, brush the cobwebs off my alternative account @bingbabe (which has better cards than my main one) and give it a bash.

If only to check out the current Meta to see what works and what sucks was my thinking.

With four days to the end of the season, I would have been pulling in around 5000 DEC a day, and at 1.1c per token, that was around $55 a day.

The recent changes saw that figure drop to 2800, and now with DEC valued at $0.051 it was looking very gloomy.


...'DEC is looking a little lost right now, and I happen to have a LOT of it'...

With little compassion I booted off the renters from my play deck, waited a day, and started climbing up the Bronze league being a big bully mostly with Yodin Zaku and Prince Rennyn.

Many opponents fell at my feet, screaming by the blast damage in these completely unfair matches, and before I knew it the Silver League was in my sights.


...'great if they are yours..., terrible if they are not'...

The DEC per match was slowly increasing from 0.25 to 4 DEC per. I was feeling mortified by the 2c per win but knowing things were soon going to get better.

Everyone was using that Obsidian Summoner, along with that Fat Goblin Wizard. I had to admit he is quite potent for a squat little chap.

...'I found this podgy little goblin very popular both in the Bronze and Silver leagues, he does pack quite a punch coupled with Obsidian but is slow. That's what you get for eating too many pies'...

I had to watch out for that Mylor Crowling dude, knowing he would be bad for my melee characters. On one occasion I saw him coming, landed a Lord Anus up front with a bunch of ranged monsters and Yodin Zaku.

My opponent knew the game was up and conceded. It would not have been pretty and he knew it.

...'Lord Arianthus, otherwise known as Lord Anus if he's not yours still works very well up front, and more so paired with the Amplify ability'...

I arrived in the Gold league finding it a little tougher than before. I used to kick arse in here, and easily make it into Diamond but something was different.

Some of these guys have gotten strategically better I thought, entering Gold II after some time.

I was now gaining around 19 DEC per match..., is that all? I claimed my daily quest rewards getting a couple of Pelicor Bandits and a Gargoya Devil.

This was quite good fun but the loss of earnings was catching in my throat. I had come across a bunch of Chaos Legion cards by this time and had started to use Forgotten One as my tank in some Fire matches.


...'I think the Serpent still had the edge, but for certain rulesets Forgotten would be preferable. He does look like a mean bastard, you have to admit'...

I could see him being a nice replacement for Serpent of the Flame in Modern, though a little more mana costly.

From the in-print reward cards, Lava Launcher was great. In a deck with a few melee cards, I could place it after the tank to hold up the assault due to the close-range ability. Those goblins have a decent amount of health and armor as well as massive firepower.


Hill Giant looks quite boring but at 3 Mana, he’s got large health and won me several matches in the little league rulings, and on more than one occasion I longed for a leveled-up Lava Spider.

At 3 Mana again, and being ranged this arachnid doesn't half-fit in well with a Yodin Zaku lineup.

...'Tenyii Striker, what's not to like? He's a potent sneaker of the finest calibre'...

Tenyii Striker had been used against me several times and I could see the potential. I will need to get myself one of those.

On a couple of occasions, my opponents had been using monsters with that recharge ability. I am still not sure if they are worth it, after all, speed kills and attrition comes second.


Other cards I noted used against me that excelled were Antoid Platoon (cheap tank), Radiated Brute (good with Tarsa), and Stitch Leech (Sneak).

Ultimately I stopped playing while moving toward Gold I. This was a lot of work and I could still make more by being a... 'lazy arse greedy monster lord'.

bingbabe - current income.JPG

...'a little better, and much less work than playing. I know one day I will brush off the cobwebs again and give it another crack'...

So that’s what I have done. It’s not as exciting, I don’t have chests to crack, but I can now sit around and wait for the DEC to tinkle in with a little daily management.

Life is good... (just not as good as before).


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I'm renting most of mine, but tried playing with the new cards. Made it to bronze 2 so I can earn something eventually. Not really worth it financially, but playing can be fun anyway. Not everything has to be about money. Some of the new cards are pretty good. I'm trying to level them up from packs.

The new cards are great when it comes to strength. This is a not a crappy set and IMO stronger than Untamed (minus those summoners). I do think they plan to print too many of the current reward cards.

Again, they are decent and relatively strong, but we are going to be seeing them for some time yet unless a lot more people get onboarded.

I’m new to the game (only since October) and luckily, down in the Bronze leagues, have yet to have a run-in with Yodin.

Yeah, income has dropped significantly since Chaos Legion cards came out, with many more yet to hit the market. IF Splinterlands can continue to draw in new players at anything like the rate it had been, prices could stabilize. But that does have a bit of a Ponzi feel to it. Relying on new folks to pump things up is not healthy in the long run.

I can't say I agree about the Ponzi. I don't benefit from new players joining via any referral system which is the ethos of that platform. You won't see Yodin at low levels unless you meet someone like me who is dragging themselves up into the higher leagues.

I find Bronze dull to play in, it gets better in Silver. Try levelling your summoners and monsters some, and you will get out of it quickly.

nice strategy dear. What I have done for myself is rented out almost all of my Gold foil cards. And if time permits play for fun. cheers

I can see GF's could rent out well close to the end of season, but at other times.. it may be wise to use GF's to play with. They have bigger CP and are tougher to rent out (my experience).

I'm renting like 80% and playing the rest. I don't play as much anymore though.

I found so many decks using Lvl1 summoners even deep into the Silver league. It doesn't take much to get in there, and be earning something.

Drains a lot of energy ngl.

I only have chaos legion monsters that aren't for rent rn, and since I battle like once or twice a day, I can't get beyond bronze 2. My CP enables me get to Silver 3 if I took it seriously

Yes, CP is the issue if using the newer cards,and if you are setting some aside to play with. I know where you are coming from.

Nice write up. I am still renting out a good portion of my cards and playing with the rest. I think it gives me a good balance. I am hoping to buy some more CL cards soon and after that is all done I will see where I stand and decide what to do moving forward.

If @jarvie manages to add the 'Play Cards' feature into PeakMonsters I might try with just a few CL cards playing again. The bulk of my large rent comes from the older cards which are out of reach for most players.

What is the "play cards" thing?

It's this, I left it in the discord public suggestion box.


Creating lists of cards is really high on our list of things to do. It may take some time however

is really high on our list of things to do.

Good to hear.., thanks for creating Peakmonsters, many of us couldn't live without it!

That is a great point. I need to dig into peak monsters a bit more.

Thanks for giving some insight into these new cards. I'm getting slaughtered in bronze and trying to figure out a good lineup for each mana battle. It's been impossible. You're giving me a little hople lol.

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I know the feeling!

Get a couple of Lvl2 summoners and then some Lvl3 commons, and Lvl2 rares. All you need is the edge and you will be in Silver quickly. The number of Lvl1 decks I saw in Silver was astounding.

I am keep thinking about doing a move and renting everything. Life would be much easier.

Even if you have only a little, it's passive (or semi-passive) income. A friend of mine does the same, he only get's around 60 DEC a day but prefers it to playing.

I made the mistake of going heavy on Oshannus when the cards were highly inflated before CL release. Was getting decent rental income but now that has gone down by as much as 80%. Considered selling the cards and diversifying across new & old expansions but I hate selling at a loss so for now I will continue renting at market price and hold for the long term. The airdrop points help to mitigate it but it definitely made me rethink my rental strategy for future expansions and meta-changes.

I sold lots of cards before the game went crazy and regret it now. I had so many reward cards, I should have kept. I would suggest you keep them, they still make you passive income though less than before.

It's a lot more work now for lower earnings, at least at low and middle ranks. The glory days of big easy DEC earnings even in bronze and silver ranks, during the spring/summer of 2021, those were really something.

Its a consolidation period for now, and it will get worse once the general sale opens. I will be looking forward to picking up lots of cheap cards at that time.

Nice post! I am renting 90% of my cards and i can say it worth it in silver the first 8-9 days of the season but at the end of the season its hard to tell! Keep up the good work!

I may still play with a few cards, as I said in the post.. it's good to see and feel the Meta. If you don't know what's hot, then you can't project what you should buy.

...'DEC is looking a little lost right now, and I happen to have a LOT of it'...

The same is true for SPS. It is currently worth $0.226 USD. I witnessed the fall from around $0.90 USD in the recent past. I still stake all of my SPS, but to be honest, I regret (at least at some level) not selling any of it, while it was higher. I would be able to buy more at these lower levels.

I am still feverishly staking SPS. Why would you sell when it's so low, and what would you do with the earnings? Place them in your fiat bank account to get that juicy 0.1% APR?

I am also staking all of my SPS, but if I would have sold it at a higher price, then I would be able to buy more SPS at these lower prices. It is currently $0.218 USD, and it will probably go even lower in the near future.


It's going to go way lower. 1million is created daily and people see a low price and will panic sell for awhile
Expect less than 10 cents next month


i found with this new update, i am able to go from bronze 1 to gold 3. Last season I rented 2 great cards to boost my CP by 70k for 4 days.. spending like 1k dec.

this time I got to gold in 5 days meaning I had to spend 1500 dec on GF lord anus LOL

so we shall see if its worth the reward but its definitely stressful up here... I have mostly level 1 summoners but a few gold ones and a couple level 2. Still fun but dang maybe its worth renting cards?


I would say take it easier and aim for the Silver league. Buy some cards, they are cheap.. esp. inprint reward cards (which are good).

i have enough personal power to get to silver 2 myself. 40k CP.

i just always surpass it and get to gold so once I do, I rent a gold card till end of season.

With those rental prices being way down and Chaos out beating Beta etc by a lot renting seems like a solid play. I'm curious what the reward pools will be like when it splits between beta and untamed chaos if they will be separate can you can play in each each day.

The split league is going to be interesting. They do keep us on our toes with new things.


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This little game turned out a lot better than we expected, right?

I know. I didn't really have any expectations to be honest but I'm particularly pleased with the rental income. Hoping lands will be similar. I didn't think I'd be getting "passive" income. That's a huge bonus for me. Potentially more useful that the capital gains.

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Did you gouge out on lands? If so.., that's it. If you do work, you won't need to again when it's released.

that's it. If you do work, you won't need to again when it's released.

Blimey. That's very bullish! 😂

Did you gouge out on lands?

Depends what you mean by "gouge out". Is 2 tracts and a couple of plots enough?

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Depends what you mean by "gouge out". Is 2 tracts and a couple of plots enough?

Yes, that's you retired. I have no doubts.

😱 😱 😱 Let's hope you're right. 😁

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Nice strategy on how to play the game and retail some for rental.... bravo

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I like the writing style. Good shite hombre

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You seem to be quite experienced with splinterlands thus a quick question. Do you think there is a chance for someone starting out with a limited budget and thinking to get started with a starter pack to be able to build a little side income ?

Yes, it's not too late to start playing Splinterlands. Make sure you get some packs of Chaos Legion in the general sale. I can't see them selling out on day 1.

Thanks a lot for guiding me @slobberchops without the right info a noob player like would feel lost