YODIN ZAKU | First, try expensive summoners.

in Splinterlandslast month


Get your first experience with expensive summoner cards. I'm still skeptical about this card since the previous season. Will the performance of the card be worth the price I paid? but recently I have been promoted to the Gold League. Gold League allows me to meet players using this card. He easily picked up my victory when they had this card.

So today I decided to rent this card. in order to gain an easy victory like him. This is the result of using this card to show your friends. Let me add that I'm just a new player. Not using the top players, might not use the cards very effectively but I did my best.


YODIN ZAKU gains 1 health, 1 ranged attack, and explodes. The main monster is essential to having a tank. and long-range shooting team It was very easy if the enemy was using a low health monster. Multiple ranged attacks will cause multiple explosions to instantly cause them to go to heaven.

Win the battle

Lost the battle

However, this card is not just designed to win. Because it will make the game run out of fun. The creators of the game had to create another card to defeat it. Like the loser as in the example below. I was too reckless to rely on this card too much. Until making the loser completely out of shape. But I learned some lessons from it. And I can assure you that I will definitely rent it again. If I get a fire elemental quest. ;)