Massive moves in hive and other blockchain tokens: Is this a begining?

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Hi friends,
today our portfolio are greener and and hive gone to the moon and the sky is open to go much more higher level and it will for sure.

Recently we have seen the burning of HBD token few weeks back and that indicated the inflation is not quite high evren I was curious last financial even the hive was deflationary. What will happen to this financial year still one month left.

The increase in price develop the faith as well in the community as the price action are too sron for the long erm as it will be suatainble atleast for few year. Hive is not going anywhere.

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Some other bsc based token is on the rise too, I am guessing it's a general market move. But I really look forward for price going higher for hive... The greener the sweeter.

It is basically happened due to liquidity pair. The token which are liquidity pair with hive will shoot up to maintain equilibrium. Yeah sure hive have much potential to rise but its relative market and few major player like cardano and algorand still performing under knees.
So profit booking will be seen on technical level.

Well, you have a point... Let's see what happens in the coming days... Thanks so much for the post.. good job.