A Friday Splinterlands Update

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Screenshot 2021-10-22 5.39.31 PM.png

I have been meaning to get a more recurring write-up together regarding my Splinterlands profile. I've been doing one for *#DCity for quite some time, but I kind of let a similar Splinterlands update fall to the wayside. Splinterlands can be a bit more fluid than *DCity, you know? Yet, the game has been much more profitable in the past few months or so.

So moving forward, I'd like to share my experiences, weekly, with the amazing game Splinterlands.

First and foremost, look at my Battle! win rate. Look at the trend down...is it just me, or is this game getting more difficult by the day? I've kept things simple and typically just play each day to get my Quest Rewards. How have I done this past week? Not bad! And thanks for asking!

Screenshot 2021-10-22 5.46.43 PM.png

My card distribution per daily Quest rewards look as such:

Screenshot 2021-10-22 5.56.14 PM.png

It's a chart I'm going to track moving forward.

Now, on to the SPS staking chart I've been keeping. As I told my fellow guild members a few times, I stake everything. I stake Ethereum, Hive, Aether, Cosmos, Algo...you name it, I stake it. So why not stake SPS too?

Here is my SPS staked chart over the past 7 days, too:

Screenshot 2021-10-22 6.01.30 PM.png

I don't plan to cash out any SPS, ever. If SPS can pull an Axie Infinity, I will be most happy!

That's it for this week's update. I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts moving forward...and I think I might be able to use the win rate % as a KPI too. That's the thought, anyway.

Thanks for reading, and good luck to you too if you are playing!


Nice SPS stake man! I wish I had more but at the same time the upcoming power up day is going to see me raise my hive power by 2000 so I can’t complain about that one at all!

Are these personal charts you’ve been logging or is this from an API to get data from? I like the charts!

Thanks ! Personal charts here - I think there is a site that you can log into that gives you tons of data...actually, let me see if I can find that and post it on the guild site for everyone - it was pretty cool.

I've just been tracking after every daily quest complete though

Thank you for those stats. May I ask which Rank you are to have that high level of reward? I am struggling to get around 2 DEC per Day :D

Do you have any tips which cards I should rent/or buy for a newbie like me?

Hey there, yeah I'm at a Gold right now, but the game is definitely more difficult to churn through.

To be honest, I got lucky and bought a Mylor summoner before prices got crazy, and that card won a lot of battles for me. I'm not sure what the rent prices are...but Earth really helped me out to win.

Nice and interesting update from you. Your battle win rate is quite reasonable, staying above 55% the battles are getting tougher by the day every win requires grinding.

No kidding - it is so damn tough now, lol! Last night I had a Spark Pixes at a 7 movement, and a Creeping Ooze, and I got knocked out by a Sand Worm at 1 movement...highly irritating! Lol

🤣🤣 I have been irritating a few times today I had to throw my phone on the bed, I dare not throw my phone against the wall though 🤣

haha, i know the feeling! This game can get seriously irritating at times...it's almost like it cheats, lol

It's nice having those emotions to the game, makes it a lot interesting to keep playing.

Splinterlands makes it easy to earn on a daily .


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