Splinterlands - Lowering Activity After Soulbound

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It is interesting to see that although the activities in Splinterlands has dramatically fallen since Soulbound rewards began it has resulted in many good signs for the game.

Bots activities likely have died down with less daily battles.

Distribution of SPS rewards from battle is still somewhat unbalanced as Bronze has more towards Modern format while silver through champion more towards Wild. I have continue to play in Wild format so this increases my odds of yielding higher rewards.

Increase rewards for active players is not the only benefit.

The overall market cap of the Splinterlands is on a upward price trend. The increase may have to due with more assets introduced such as new air drop cards, but on the flip side less reward cards out in the open markets. Overall price gains definitely are here.

All signs are positive for how the latest updates in reward cards are effecting the game. I am hopeful better times ahead with less bots but more active players participating. Furthermore with less selling of reward cards while more buying at higher prices for the remaining assets that are in the open market.

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I haven't really seen the SPS increases yet but I have noticed that I am winning a bit more after it got released. Maybe a few of the good bot services decided to just stop.

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If it happens in this way that the bots that were playing are finished then the user of that time will come back to it because it is a much more interesting game. The way his team is working now, it seems that in the coming days his coin price will also go up because when a new user comes to him. Many of my friends also stopped playing it because of the bots and when they run out they will start again.

less activities=more sps and other rewards, so bots will return :D
so they are waiting to see how profitable it is, same as me waiting in renting market what to buy/rent

Glad to know, Bots activities are lowering down. This will attracts real users towards the game and make it great again.

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As always great analysis Mawit. I also noticed my rental yields dropped by about 90%. I believe (after initially being against ghost cards even though I still dont like ghost cards rewards as I think they go against the spirit, no pun intended, of NFT ownership) that maybe, just maybe we have sunk a few large bot farms with the introduction of soulbound. These were probably farms who were renting and dumping their profits back on the market and can no longer do so. Having said that we have been here before and it is more than likely they are sitting back and trying to figure out a new profitability model.

i think it's good for a non bot players like us
And new soulbound summoner giving chance for gladius cards which is interesting

I feel like the bots will come back after they have a few weeks to solve the coding.



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