VENARI SPELLSMITH and the super combo of Amplify + Magic Reflect!

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What’s up my fellow Splinter Friends!

I hope All of you are doing well in your life and also enjoying the game at its best. Good luck to those who have Already started pushing towards the leaderboard or their favourite tiers and a reminder to the rest, because only two days left for this current Splinterlands season to end. Soon the modern and wild ranked gameplay will take place, probably soon enough as the splinterlands team stated in a couple of last Town Hall events. The update is going to be exciting I believe, because no matter if you choose all cards and go with the Wild format or battle with only Untamed and later launched cards and stay in the Modern format, you are going to get comparatively less competitive in ranked battles to reach your favourite tier/spot. But until then, let us begin our hunt in this lawless monster-full world to snatch away the glorious spot.



But, first let us take a quick peak at the current crypto market and get updated with the latest prices and actions. The main dominator BTC seems to be recovering from the recent Dip that took it down to 39.5K$ and currently being sold for 41,252.73$ with a +2.41% price change in last 24 hours. The ETH Also seems to catch the uptrend along with BTC with a +1.66% price rise in last 24 hours and currently it is being treated for 3087.98$ per unit. Our hive has also recovered from the dip partially with +4.07% price rise in last 24 hours and currently it is being traded for $0.9312 per unit.



Now, taking a look at the current prices of the splinterlands tokens, We can see that the main in game token DEC is currently being traded for $0.00164 per unit with a positive 3.51% growth in last 24 hours. The quick spike at the upper graph in the last hour frame has pulled it above $0.0016 in the last hours. But I hope this didn't get dumped again after today’s sps drop. The SPS aka Splintershards on the other hand is being sold for 0.106$ per unit with a -0.80% price decrease in last 24 hours. The vouchers however is haining balue and with a +2.87% price rise in last 24 hours, vouchers are currently being sold at 1.186$ per unit. Also, the lands plots also lost some value and currently being traded for 241.14$ per plot.



Now, let us move towards our main theme of this post as today, I am going to showcase another spectacular Chaos monster with you all! And for today’s post, I have chosen the amazing Venari Spellsmith!


Venari spellSmith Is a rare type chaos edition card that belongs to the neutral unit. It costs four Mana to be used in the battlefield and its attack type is magic. Let us now take a further look into it stats and abilities Tier wise at below.


At level two, discard gets one magic attack at two speed with three health and it also gets the dispel ability. Since its initial level, whenever a monster with dispel ability hits a target, it clears out of all positive status effects on that enemy.


At level four, this monster possesses one magic attack at two speed with four health and also acquires another ability - amplify. With the help of amplify ability, it will now increase the damage done via magic reflect, return fire and thorns to all enemy monsters by one. So even in silver level, you can use this monster to increase your defensive attacks and make cool combos with other friendly monsters that have magic reflect, return fire or thorns ability.


At level six, this monster gets two magic attack at three speed with three health along with those 2 abilities that I mentioned above. The increased magic attack will help you in gold tier to finish enemy cards faster.


At level eight, this card possesses two Magic attack at three speed with four health and it also gets another ability - redemption. Because of the redemption ability, whenever this monster dies, it will do one damage to all enemy cards.

Important points about SPELLSMITH

  • First of all, the spellsmith came from the neutral realm so if allowed in ruleset, it can be played with any splinter. And that opens a vast amount of possibilities to make lineups with it. You can use this with the Earth Obsidian summoner to increase it’s magic attack, or you can make a combo with Xenith Monk under the Water summoner Kelya.
  • The second bast thing that I found about it is it’s Amplify ability. Since it’s launch, I have been a fan of Amplify ability cause you can make unique defensive strategies involving magic reflect, thorns or return fire monsters with amplify monsters to increase those damage to enemy cards upon a certain limit. In many matches, without even having any heavy attack power, you can win matches by defeating enemy cards with just these damages.
  • I am not a big fan of the dispel ability and I only focus on this ability only when i feel a particular need to erase positive stat effects onto the front enemy card. But I do use the Wavesmith sometimes with water splinter to weaken tank cards. But with Spellsmith, I consider this as a freebie.
  • Lastly, the redemption ability is very useful in Earthquake and Noxious Fumes ruleset particularly, if you are trying to reduce health and kill the enemy cards with weaken + Redemption combo, rather than relying one one big card. In general as well, as it does damage to all alive enemy monsters, it helps you decrease the overall power of enemy.

Market Stat


Venari Spellsmith Card is currently being sold for only $0.20 per BCX unit and will cost you about 123.89 DEC per unit BCX. However, there are some high level spellSmith cards available right now for cheaper rate at splinterlands market if you want to grab them.

Battle Line-up



Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 36

Splinters allowed: Water, Earth, Death and Dragon.


  • Silenced Sumoners - Summoners does not give any stat buffs or debuffs in this match.

  • Headed Out - No Monsters can be healed in this match.



I chose the Lord Arihanthus at the first position of my line-up mainly because of its defensive abilities. I am going to use the amplify ability of Venari Spellsmith to increase the damage that enemies will receive from Lord. I am using a level four in here and it has one speed with nine health along with four abilities - shield, void, magic reflect and Thorns.



I chose the Elven Mystic at the second place of my lineup, mainly because of its silence and affliction ability with decent magic attack. I am using a level eight in here and it has two magic attack at four speed with five health alongwith those two abilities that I mentioned above.



I chose the Venari Spellsmith at the third position of my lineup mainly because of its decent magic attack with amplify ability. I am using a level eight in here and it has two magic attack at three speed with four health along with three abilities - Dispel, Amplify and Redemption. The amplifier ability will increase the damage to enemy cards via Lord’s magic reflect and Thorns ability in this match.



I chose the Phantom Soldier at the fourth place of my line-up mainly because of its high magic attack with Void and silence ability. The silence ability from both Elven mystic and Soldier will reduce all the enemy magic attackers power by two, as I am guessing the opponent will use mostly magic monsters in this match. I am using a level 6 in here and it possesses four magic attack at three speed with nine health along with three abilities - Flying, Silence and Void.



I chose another giant monster Djinn Muirat at the fifth position of my line-up mainly because of its large armour plus health combo along with some good abilities. I am using a level four in here and it possesses three magic attack at two speed with four armour and eight health along with five abilities - void armour, knockout, giant killer, magic reflect and forcefield. As I am choosing Doctor Blight at the last place, sneak monsters will attack Djiin instead, if opponent uses any.



I chose the Doctor Blight at the last place of my line-up mainly because of its decent magic attack with awesome set of abilities. I am using a level four in here and it possesses two magic attack at one speed with four health along with five abilities - affliction, camouflage, poison, scavengers and weaken. I consider Doctor Blight as a monster suitable under any kind of circumstances and in this match as well, I couldn’t find a bitter monster that could fit in my lineup at that moment.

Match Result


Well, after the ruleset and Mana limit got revealed, I decided to go with the beta death Summoner Jarlax the undead that costs only 2 mana and does not have any buff/debuff, As it was a match with the silenced summoners ruleset. I guessed that my Opponent will attack with magic monsters upon me so I designed my lineup accordingly. I added two monsters with silence ability to week the enemy Magic monsters While put the Lord at the front position to damage them back with its magic reflect ability on top of it are used the space meet to even increase that magic reflect attack by one.

However, as the match got revealed, I saw that my opponent used the Dragon Summoner Camilla against me and as exactly as I guessed, he decided to come up with four magic monsters to defeat me. He protected his front with the Lord as well, followed by Prismatic energy, ruler of the seas, mischievous mermaid, crustacean king and the sea genie at the rear end of his lineup. Anyways now let us focus on our spellsmith to see how he’s doing in this match.


At around one, the Prismatic energy attacked first on my lord, but couldn’t damage its health because of the lord’s void ability. But, it took return damage from the lord’s magic reflect and the increased damage caused by the amplify ability of spellsmith, the prismatic took one damage in return. the same thing happened to all those three other enemy magic monsters who attacked the Lord one after another and got increased damages of magic reflect in return. At the end of the round, all the enemy Magic monsters got heavily damaged with the help of this Lord and spellsmith’s combo, While my Lord was still standing strong with six health remaining. Not to forget that the Spellsmith also took away all positive status effects from the enemy Lord like Strengthen, Protect ans Swift.


As the second round begins, the cycle begins again with Prismatic Energy attacking my Lord and taking back the increased magic reflect damage. The other three monsters followed the same path and it costed a good portion of their health again as well. When the round ended, the enemy Lord was only having one health left and so does the ruler and mermaid. As my doctor applied poison upon the Lord at the end, the Lord will automatically get dead at the beginning of third round and the match will get easier for me to win possibly.


As the round three started and the Lord God that because of the poison the enemy prismatic energy came at first position. The prismatic energy attacked again my Lord and took back the reverse magic reflect damage which made its health down to 8. Next, the mermaid attacked and got killed down in the process with the magic reflect damage, as it had only 1 health remaining. The same happened with the Ruler and Sea Genie and they also got beaten down with the help of my awesome Magic Reflect + Amplify ability combo. The opponent is now only left with the wounded prismatic energy with poison applied on it and the crustacean king behind it, while I was still having my lord left alive. The only collateral in this round was my Elven Mystic, which got dead due to the blast damage of the enemy ruler. But, now that all those three magical attackers were dead, I was pretty sure that I am winning this match.


As the round four started, Oh the enemy prismatic energy got dead because of the poison applied on to it and the only monster that lived alive on the enemy lineup was the crustacean king which later got easily beaten down by my magic monsters and hence I won this match.

The Venari Spellsmith + Lord combo Worked brilliantly in this match as I killed down all those three main magic attackers with only the increased magic reflect damage from Lord. As the enemy magic throwers where having only a decent amount of health each but in large amount of magic attack it only took a couple of magic reflect damages to kill the while team. The Opponents front defence was very defensive as well combining the Lord at the first place and the prismatic energy at reach but who is the help of my magic through hours especially the doctor plight I’ve was capable to kill them down. The dispel ability of the Spellsmith also helped me a lot by taking away all the positive status effects from Lord and Prismatic energy which made them weak and an easier target to kill down.

I hope most of you have bought this temporal master card and also used it by now in ranked battles, tournaments or in brawls. Let me know your experience and feeling about this card and if this card is Worthy to have in your collection - and I will be seeing you all in my next post.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

Thanks for visiting my post.

Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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Great Splinterlands post
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The markets really provide an awesome advantage right now. These cards seem to be going for a few bucks and pack a decent punch that with $200 or so you could have a good battle deck without chancing it on packs right now. Loving Splinterlands!

Absolutely right, looking at the current prices, I think its the beat time to buy cards.

WOW!! nice content bro GODBLESS you and your family

God bless you and thanks for visiting friend.

I haven't combined him with magic-reflect yet but him and Dax Paragon have worked with great with Thorns monsters so far. That level-eight Spellsmith looks fantastic

Yes my friend, you can also use amplify with thorns to counter melee monsters and with return fire to counter the range ones. Glad that you liked my post, plz visit again 😻

much wow cool explanation.

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its true in this game we can earn money?

Very good, very thorough post. Again. Thank you!

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