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What’s up my fellow Splinterlands warriors!

I hope all of you are doing well in your life and Also enjoying the game at its best. We have already come near the end of this season and only four days left for this current one to end. The leaderboard war has already started and I can feel the rage while battling in diamond I as the number of tough players that I am encountering are getting increased. I am not starting to push my trophies yet and will wait for one or two more days. The war of leaderboards demands a calm head because you have to maintain a good winning streak to reach up there. Last time, it literally took me a whole day and night’s of playing to get me into the top 25 into leaderboard and got rewarded with 20k dec. This time I am hoping for the same as well so wish me luck guys.



The crypto market also seems hitting a dip today which may to be affecting the hive-engine and Splinterlands token prices as well. The main dominator BTC has fallen down a bit today with a -10.74 % price change in last 7 days and currently it is being traded for 40,714.05$ per unit. The other major token ETH is also affected by the downtrend and currently being traded for 3,028.24$ per unit with a -12.19% price change in last 7 days. Looking at Hive, it also lost its position near 0.9$ and currently being sold at 0.859$ per unit with a -21.69% price decrease in last 7 days.



Now, lets take quick peak at the splinterlands tokens, the main in game token DEC is currently being traded at 0.0015$ per unit with a -9.37% price decrease in last 7 days. But the SPS faced a quick downtrend today, breaking my heart and currently being sold at only 0.099 $ per unit with a -12%. Vouchers are as usual sticking around 1$ and selling for 0.98$ per unit currently. SPT 0.00169$ per unit with a negligible change with last 24 hours while the hidden gems Land Plots are getting sold for only 269.53$ per plot.



Now let us take a U-turn from here and focus on our main theme in this post as today I am going to showcase another awesome chaos monster with all of you guys. And for today’s theme I have chosen the temporal master.


Temporal Master is an epic type chaos monster that belongs to the life unit. It costs three mana to be used in battlefield and its attack type is magic. Let us now take a further look into it’s tier wise stats and abilities to have a better understanding.


At level two, this monster gets one magic attack at two speed with three health and it also gets the recharge ability Since its initial level. With the help of the recharge ability, this monster attacks every other round but does 3X damage to the enemy card it’s targeting. The recharge ability it’s the mean reason I am choosing this card because it can launch devastating attacks, High enough to kill even the healthiest ones.


At level three, this monster possesses one magic attack at two speed with four health along with the recharge ability. The increased health will help you to stay alive for a bit longer.


At level five, this monster gets two magic attack at two speed with five health along with the recharge ability. Because the increased magic attack, this monster will now do 6 damage with the help of recharge ability.


At level 6, this monster gets 2 magic attack at 2 speed with 5 health and also gets ability - Stun. If it successfully applies (50% chance) the Stun on an enemy card, that care will miss it’s next turn.

Market Stat


The current price of the temporal master card in the Splinterlands cards market is starting from $0.50 per unit and will cost you 327.784 DEC and onwards.

Battle Line-up



Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 22

Splinters allowed: Water, Earth, Life and Death.


  • Reverse Speed - Monsters with the lowest speed in this match will attack first and so on..

  • Lost Legendaries - Legendary Monsters can not be used in this match.



I choose the clay Golem at the first position of my line up and I choose this monster mainly because of its one speed and the void ability. I am using a level eight in here and it has 4 melee attack at one speed with 12 health along with two abilities - void and Enrage. As it is a reverse speed ruleset match, the clay Golem will attack at first because of having one speed.



I chose the Xenith Archer at the second place of my lineup. I used this archer at the second place so that my other attackers doesn’t get attacked at initial levels. I I am using a level eight in here and it has to arrange attack at four speed with five health with no abilities. As it’s speed is 4, I chose to sacrifice this monster first and protect my other monsters with lower speed.



I choose the Dax paragon at the third position of my lineup and I choose this monster mainly because of its Low 2 mana cost. I am using a level six in here and it has two magic attack at two speed with five health along with two abilities - Amplifier and Affliction. Though the amplifier ability will be useless in this match, the Affliction ability may give me advantage over healing strategies if the enemy is using any.



I chose the temporal master at the fourth place of my line up and I choose this mainly because of its recharge ability. I am using a level six in here and it has two magic attack at two speed with five health along with two abilities - recharge and Stun. The recharge ability will do 3X of its base damage whereas the Stun ability if applied, will make the targeted enemy miss its next turn.



I selected the Highland archer at the fifth place of my lineup and I chose this mainly because of its high powered range attack. I am using a level 10 in here and it has three range attack at four speed with five health and no abilities.



I choose the Halfling Alchemist at the last place of my lineup and I chose this mainly because of its low mana cost that comes with a decent range attack at low speed. Because of its low speed, it will be beneficial to be used in this match as well, as it’s reverse speed ruleset. I am using a level six in here and it has two range attack at two speed with one armour and three health along with two abilities - halving and redemption. The having ability will reduce the enemy’s attack into half and on the other hand, the redemption ability will provide each enemy monster with one damage when this card dies in that particular match.

Match Result


Well, it was a medium mana limit match with reverse speed and lost legendaries ruleset match, so I decided to go with comparatively low speed monsters to fight in this battle. As I can’t use any legendary monsters in this battle, I decided to go with the new life summoner General Sloan which gives +1 range attack to all my friendly monsters. I choose to make a combo of both magic and range Monsters and also put the clay golem at the front to protect them. I chose 3 range monsters and 2 magic monsters this time and while the 3 range monster’s attack will get buffed by Solan, the magic monsters in the middle will also help them with their decent attacks.

As the match lineup got revealed, I found out that my opponent has chosen the death Summoner Zintar Mortalis to fight me. He chose the Undead Priest to protect it’s front, followed by Haunted Spirit which will take in charge of the frontal defence when the Priest gets down. He chose Hunted Spider at third position, followed by Screaming Banshee and Undead Archer and the Twisted Jester at the end.


As the match started, both my Clay Golem and Alchemist attacked back to back and killed the Undead Priest and brought the haunted spirit at front. Next, the Dax attacked the haunted spirit and also applied affliction upon eight so that it can’t reveal itself but also got damaged with magic reflect from it. Afterwards, the haunted spirit attacked my Clay golem but also unlocked its enrage ability, as it's health was damaged, both the enemy cards Undead archer and screaming Banshee attacked My Golem next and brought down its health to 4. the enemy haunted spider attacked next and damaged my Clay Golem’s health further and Also applied poison upon it left. The spider left it with only one health remaining. My island archer attacked next and reduced the haunted spirits held down to 4 but then the enemy twisted gesture attacked my wounded Zenith archer and killed it down with its deadly 4 range attack.


As the round two started, my Clay Golem got dead because of the poison ability, but my temporal master was ready to attack in this round alongwith its recharge ability. However, my alchemist attacked first and damaged the haunted spirit’s health down to 1 and also applied the halving ability on it, making its Melee attack decreased to 2. My temporal master attacked next and finally killed down the wounded haunted spirit with its six magic damage. But sadly it’s gigantic magic attack got wasted to kill down down dead monster with only one health remaining. My paragon attacked next and wounded the haunted spiders held down to 2 followed by the undid archers attack on my paragon who is reduced its health down to 2 as well. Next the screaming banshee attacked and killed my paragon and also damaged the temporal master with its blast damage my temporal master hands came at the front place next my island archer attacked the wounded haunted spider and finally killed it down. After that the twisted sister attacked and damaged my island archers health down to 1 and the round two ended here.


As round three started, my alchemist attacked first and killed down the screaming banshee with its single blow and at this point, I was pretty confident that I am going to win this match. However, the Highland archer attacked next and damaged the enemy Undead archer’s health down to 1. But then, the enemy twisted Jester attacked my Highland archer and killed it down and the round three ended here.


As the round four started, My temporal master again got recharged and waiting for its turn to attack in this round. My alchemist again attacked the first in this round as well (because he was having the lowest speed) And killed down the undid archer. The only card that was alive in the enemy’s lineup was the twisted gesture and it cannot attack anymore as it has come at the first place however its large sex health got taken away by the high powered Magic attack that got launched by my temporal master next and those I win this match.

The temporal master played well in this match and as you can see, it was a close win For me This time as my opponent also played very well. After using the temporal master a couple of time in ranked battles, I realised that I must have to keep this card alive - the longer the better. Sadly, in this match, his high power magic attacked got wasted after killing either Wounded or Numb enemy cards, but in some cases, I also got highly benefited through its devastating six magic attack, that helped me to beat down cards even with largest health. So to me, this card is very precious in certain ruleset and Mana limit matches.

I hope most of you have bought this temporal master card and also used it by now in ranked battles, tournaments or in brawls. Let me know your experience and feeling about this card and if this card is Worthy to have in your collection - and I will be seeing you all in my next post.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

Thanks for visiting my post.

Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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thats about @telosnetwork lol

grimes and elon will each be their own cards and their fans will play them against each other

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Those SPS prices are looking better and better to me each day. Makes my goal of one million so much easier to reach!

Absolutely! There’s nothing better than buying and staking sps in it’s lowest price! Thanks for visiting 😄

Wow great story line I love this but I felt like more is coming

Glad that you liked it, please visit again 🙏🏻

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[Stun] is more useful than [Recharge] If there is another monster with [Stun] ability, he will be deadly.

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I am trying to make a grip with this new Recharge ability but Stun, thats an evergreen gem man 😀