QUEEN MYCELIA and her unbeatable Bandit Gang !

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Hello my fellow warriors!

I hope all of you are well and enjoying the game at it ‘s best. Just a lil time since the last season ended and we are already near of the next season end with only 10 days and 3 hours remaining. I haven't started pushing trophies yet, just playing casually at Diamond II and collecting the quest rewards but soon I will be facing tough opponents when I reach Diamond I. A planned maintenance will take place in splinterlands soon as per the recent announcement in official discord to load the new updates. Yes, a handful of updates are coming with this maintenance break including UI and gameplay updates, so stay tuned!



Now, let’s take a quick peak at the current crypto market prices to get ourselves updated. The top Dominator BTC is currently facing a quick correction which caused it to fall under 46k$ price and now it’s being sold for 45,973.34$ per unit with a -3.88% price decrease in last 7 days. The other giant ETH also stopped growing further and currently being traded for 3,448.65$ per unit with only a +0.02% price rise is last 7 days. Hive also lost a bit of a value after touching 1.21$ recent high and currently being traded at 1.09$ per unit with a -8.52% price decrease in last 7 days.


Now, taking a look at The splinterlands token market, the main in game token DEC has been losing value continuously and currently it’s being traded at 0.00169$ per unit. The SPS aka splintershards however has grown a good value with +7.08% price rise is last 24 hours and currently being traded for 0.1189$ per unit. Land plots are starting from 355.33$ and Vouchers also got a decent 4.07% price rise in last 24 hours and currently being sold for 1.1118$ per unit.



Now, let us take a U-Turn from here and lets go to the Royal Battlefield cause today, I will e showcasing another awesome Chaos card, QUEEN MYCELIA.

Since the launch of chaos cards, Queen mycelia has claimed her throne pretty quickly through her mystic powers. In battles, her evil presence affect the enemy in many ways and as she weakens them from inside out, her partners kill them down in meantime. She protects all her fellow monsters with shields and weaken enemy monsters by taking away theirs. She will heal back backline wounded monsters with triage while doubling the defence with he unique Amplify ability. Beware, she may looks pretty and innocent but i battlefield, she is a TOTAL CHAOS!


Queen Mycelia is a legendary type chaos card that belongs to the Earth realm. It costs 4 mana to be used in the battlefield and it’s attack type is magic. Let us now gather further knowledge about this monster tier wise.


At level 1, this monster possesses 1 magic attack at 1 speed with 4 health along with the Protect ability which will give all 6 friendly monsters +2 armour.


At level 2, this card gets 1magic attack at 1 speed with 4 health and also gets another ability - Amplify. The Amplify ability will increase the damage of magic reflect, thorns and return fire to all enemy cards by 1.


At level 3, this card gets 1 magic attack at 1 speed with 4 health and also gets another ability - Triage. With Triage, it can heal back wounded friendly monsters at backline.


At level 4, this card possesses 1 magic attack at 1 speed with 4 health and also gets another ability - Rust. The Rust ability will reduce each enemy card’s armour by 2.

Important points about QUEEN MYCELIA

  • First of all, it’s decent health and attack stat with a combination of 4 abilities makes this monster so useful at only 4 mana cost. The mana cost also allows it to be used in low or medium mana limit matches or in little league ruleset as well.
  • From initial to it’s final level, it holds the same attack, speed and health. However, it gets a new ability on every level up.
  • The combination of Protect + Rust ability works very well under a range of matches where you want to remove some enemy armours but also in need of some armours for your friendly monsters as well. It will hive all friendly minsters +2 armours with Protect ability and will snatch away 2 armour from every enemy card with the Rust ability.
  • The Triage ability will heal any backline monster that is wounded every round. Triage ability heal your backline monsters that get damaged from blast, sniper, sneak or opportunity attacks.
  • The Amplify ability on the other hand will work offensively as it will increase the damage caused by Thorns, Magic reflect and Return fire ability. So whenever you are planting traps with those ability monsters, try to use the Queen to increase the damage even more.

Market Stat:


Queen Mycelia is currently being sold in the splinterlands official market for 17$ and onwards and will cost you starting from 10,003.53 DEC. However, there are some levelled up Queens for cheaper rate in the market as you can see from the screenshot above.

Battle Line-up



Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 36

Splinters allowed: Fire, Water, Earth, Death and Dragon.


  • Equalizer - Every monster's health in this battle will be same and equal to the highest health monster present in that battle.

  • Little Leagues - Monsters over 4 mana cost cannot be used in this match.



I choose XENITH Monk at the first place of my line-up mainly because of its magic reflect plus Heal ability. I am using a level eight in here and it has two Melee attack at four speed with eight health along with three abilities - heal, void and Magic reflect. Please note that Damages from its magic reflect will be more due to the amplifier ability of Queen.



I chose the Queen mycelia at the second place of my lineup, mainly because of it’s four interesting abilities that will help me in many ways in this war I am using a level four in here and it has one magic attack at one speed with four health along with four abilities - Protect, Amplify, Triage and Rust.



I choose the Magi of the forest at the third position of my line-up mainly because of its high magic attack. I am using a level six Magi in here and it has four magic attack at four speed with five health and no abilities.



I choose the Wood Nymph name at the fourth place of my line-up mainly because of its healing ability. I am using a level 10 in here and it has two magic attack at four speed with four health along with two abilities - Tank Heal and strengthen. This card will keep my Xenith Monk longer by healing its health every round.



I choose the Tower Griffin at the fifth place of my lineup and I chose this card mainly because of its protection ability. I am using a level eight in here and it has two range attack at four speed with six health along with flying and protect ability. The protect ability will give my every friendly monster a +2 shield so they are more tough to kill down now.



I choose the Doctor Blight at the last place of my line up and I chose this card mainly because of its decent magic attack with awesome ability combos. I am using a level four in here and it has two magic attack at one speed with four health along with five abilities - affliction, camouflage, poison, scavengers and weaken.

Match Result


Well, it was a little league ruleset match with equaliser, I chose to attack with magic monsters this time. There will be so much health to reduce due to this equaliser ruleset so I choose the OBSIDIAN chaos summoner which gives +1 magic attack to all friendly monsters. As you can see from the lineup, I chose a total of 4 monsters with magic attack with Xenith Monk at front and Tower Griffin at rear middle. I though my opponent will attack me with either range or magic attack so I prepared accordingly.

However, as the battle got revealed, I found out that my opponent came up with an spectacular range lineup with Selenia Sky as summoner and 5 archers at backline while Failed Summoner is defending the front. The failed summoner bring bad new for my magic monsters because of the magic reflect.


As the match started, The Centaur attacked first and reduced my Queen’s armour to 1, followed by my Magi’s magic attack which decreased the enemy failed Summoner’s health down to 4 but also receives magic reflect damage in return. my Wood Nymph attacked next and brought down the failed summoners health to 1 and also got damaged via its magic reflect. the enemy IZA attacked next and targeted my Griffin, followed by the enemy fire spitter’s attack which took away the shield from my Xenith Monk. the enemy tower Griffin attacked next and damaged by my Xenith Monk’s health, followed by my Tower Griffin’s attack which finally killed down the enemy failed Summoner. The zenith monk healed it back afterwards and attacked the Iza, followed by the Dragonling Bowman’s attack which missed its target upon my Tower Griffin. my Doctor blight attacked next and applied poison upon the Iza, then my queen attacked at last and brought down the Iza’s health to 2 and the first round ended.


As the second round begins the enemy is a God dead because of the poison and the dragon in women came at the front position and hence unable to attack. The Centaur again attacked at first and this time, it broke down my Queens armour. but then, my Magi also attacked with his high-powered magic attack and brought down the bowman’s health to 3. My Wood Nymph attacked next and killed down the wounded Bowman with its three magic attack and the centaur came at the front. Both of the active enemy archers, the Tower Griffin and the Fire Spitter attacked back to back next and brought my Zenith monk’s health down to 3. But next my Griffin and Monk also attacked the Centaur together and damaged it’s health down to 4. My Doctor came next and attacked the Centaur and also applied poison upon it. The remaining 1 health of the enemy Centaur got snatched away by my Queen who also triage healed the Wood Nymph. And the match went for a round 3.


As the third round started, The enemy line-up had only two monsters left and one of them the fire speaker cannot attack because it’s in the first place. Show my victory was confirmed by now. As the round Started, my Magi attacked first and with his humongous five magic attack followed by my Wood Nymph’s 3 magic attack - together killed down the Fire Spitter smoothly. The only remaining monster war the poor Griffin which also got beaten down by my rest 4 monsters and within round 3, I was able to kill all the monsters in enemy line. Thus, I scored another awesome victory thanks to the Queen and her bandits.

It is very clear that my Queen helped exceptionally in this particular match with her abilities, While she gifted all the 6 friendly monsters with armour, she snatched away the armours given to the enemy cards by their Tower Griffin. She also healed the wounded Wood Nymph who got damage from magic reflect. But as the opponent didn't use any magic monsters, the amplify ability didn't work here.

It was a fantastic match I Would say and I am mind blown right now with my Queen's exceptional performance. Do you love this New legendary chaos card or prefer other options first? Let me know feeling in the comments below and I will be meeting you all in my next post.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

Thanks for visiting my post.

Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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Thank you for the support my friend! Please visit again 👍

Xenith Monk and Mycelic Queen's leveled up abilities are incredible here. Earth magic can be set up into some truly amazing combos.

indeed my friend, I am so sad that I don't have a complete set of earth card or I would be making more combos now lolz XD Thanks for visiting!

when can we see the warner music splinterlands cards with actual music artists whose music plays during the battle, like a rap battle, cuz theyll virtual DJK the songs up and make sure the BPMs match and have the verses and lyrics or music be battling each other etc

I am also eagerly waiting for that!

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All of your monsters are on the verge of reaching the ultimate level. I couldn't figure out which monster on the battlefield used which power.😂😂 But I enjoyed your battle. 🥰

Yeah to be honest, many things are going on at once so its complex to keep track as beginner, just focus on making your deck ore battle and thats the key 😎

Wow! Brilliant and throughly explained. This is just made me want to level up my cards, I'd get more🤘😎

I am very happy that you liked my post Queen :)

Couldn't agree more. She's IMO perfect and the pinnacle of CL monsters. Great breakdown, explanations, and showcases. Sharing this on Splinterlands Digest Twitter.

Wow, its an honour to get featured on such level, thanks GW and plz visit again :)

Gosh, they're some impressive 4 mana cards!
As a silver player I can't imagine being any where near Diamond - but obviously you've got a super deck behind you. This battle looked really solid, I like Queen Mycella, but hadn't explored her beyond Level 1 - will be definately looking at an upgrade soon.


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Thanks for sharing this, the queen mycelia are good the best thing about it have low mana suitable for many low mana battles. I will rent it and use it when I have DEC again.

Very nice match description. It was thrilling to learn of new montsers and the new abilities for old monsters at higher levels. That was encouraging, so I can look forward to one day playing at this level.

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I am glad that you liked my post, please visit again my friend😊