Free Venary Wavesmith delegation

in Splinterlands2 months ago
Hello mates hope U all have a great day !

Just Bought 22 Venary Wavesmith for me and my friends and have to GIVE for free delegation 5 of them for 3-7 days, post your name on Reply !


Made another post that may help U climb to silver at least : (@krazeworgen/venary-wavesmith-best-card-xoxo)

Here is the summary of post!

Today I want to introduce you Venary Wavesmith and how OP is on LOW LEAGUE


Fist Of All Good Morning Guys!
Woke up and checking the daily quest saw that I have a water Quest.


Good so let's just check Venary Wavesmith On the market

And found This steal xD


JUST 280 DEC. OMG so lucky !!!

Summoner Choice of course!



So let's begin the quest!

#1 21 MANA

#2 20 MANA

#3 29 MANA

#4 18 MANA

#5 22 MANA


Wins 5 out of 5 <3 +89 Rating Points !!!
Now Let's open that chest :O


Good on future packs xD!
Hope U have a good day mates and see U tomorrow! <3 ^^


Lately I'm like to play with water so this one will fit well into my setup, even that is only for few days.



That's the card I was missing in my water quest today! :D

@krazeworgen! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @arkasz.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (3/10)

ty for pizza :D

I have yet to find her in my rewards!


Thanks @krazeworgen it helped me a lot today I was on rest for 2 days and I just find out today about this delegation of yours. I appreciate man! Rawwwwwwr!

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That would really help