I would be a death splinter
Name: Yuuki Black Crown
Artwork: A fully black armored knight holding the whitest sword across splinterlands.
Stats: 10 mana
+3 melee
+2 hp
If possible I would like to add a brand new skill:
SUMMON:At the beginning of the match when you're units are lower than 6 summon associated monster.
Associated monster of Yuuki Black Crown: Yuuki
Stats: 8 hp,2 armor,3 attack, void shield, double strike.
Lore: One of the council of the lord of Darkness,Yuuki Black Crown is a general who defeats the enemy army alone.Once he kill the enemy he captures their soul and fuse it to his blade making it even more whiter .

I would make a summoner that eazy counters Mylor ( i hate this guy so much :P)

Something for Gigas, his twitch was fun and passed on to soon

It would be Life. A fierce paladin with raging eyes, and a two handed hammer.

Mana cost: 5

Given stats:

  • divine shield
  • void armor
  • +1 melee damage

I'm a cheese-ball and would want my summoner to be as close to OP as possible without crossing the line.

Maybe something like:

4 mana - Earth or Death - Silence, Strengthen

I want to take on Alric head on!

Hmm That's a difficult one. Especially art wise. Given my IGN maybe a halfling with after-image hands going to a fighting position? Perhaps the abilities could be Halving on front position, +1 speed and snare in the death splinter. That's the most half-fast card I can think of on the spot. @half-fast

Thanks for the 10 SPS from last one!

For today's question:

I would make a water summoner with +1 Magic Attack to friendly and -1 Magic Attack to enemy. Would cost 4 or 5, would need testing to see what would be fair.

Todays prompt - If i got to make a legendary summoner I would call it Poseidon, that costs 5 mana, and has +1 magic damage and twin strike.

I would call my summoner the Little Kickback and would be an earth splinter. It's abilities would be backfire and phase and would cost 5 mana. As green has a bit low magic def it increases the utility of the cards a bit, but as they are low on flying and evasion monsters this wouldn't overpower them. The card also favors the new reward cards like Pelacor Mercenary from the earth splinter and from the neutral cards Gargoya Lion and Gargoya Devil.

I would create a fire summoner called Pharaoh😉 4 mana, stun, Double strike.

The legendary summoner I would make would be able to single-target one of my own monsters for its buffs. What I mean is that it wouldn't give buffs to the entire team, but I could pick one monster on my team that would receive whatever buff it gives (ex.) + 5 speed or something OP like that)

Flying Spaghetti Monster Legendary!

Thanks for the great post and giveaway my PIZZA brother!


since it's legendary, i'd create a a summoner who gives 1 or more of these abilities to their monsters: halving, slow, double strike, and camouflage. it'd probably be too op though haha. hope I win this time!

ign: happypechay

Thank you got it! You are awesome!

Mmm If I could design a card I would choose to create one that costs 0 mana, in fact it would be a card that gives you extra mana! But at the cost of hitting the other monsters ... for example a card that gives you 5 extra mana but also minus 1 for the melee attack of all the monsters. I still have not thought of a name 😅

Again thank you!

Huh, interesting question... i definitely would choose to make something to reference a videogame, which game is hard to choose... ooh a Nu from Chrono trigger!, subtle and efficient! xD

Thanks for the giveaways!

If I was to design a new legendary summoner, it would take advantage of the new abilities, hopefully including some that we don't even know about yet. A dragon summoner with Amplify would be great to let that interact with more cards. Giving all allies Camouflage would essentially be the same as giving the first monster taunt. Also giving everyone on your team Deathblow would be much more helpful than only having it on one monster. I just really want to see those new abilities get spread around some more.

Well it would be a melee class that has snipe only uses like 3 mana like 5 speed attack 4 something around there for lvl one would be really nice legendary

Thanks for your time and effort, much appreciated.

If I was one of the lucky six, I'd probably want to put a bit more thought and planning into it, but real quick off my head I'd say a Death summoner with +1 magic damage, +1 life, and phase. A trickster summoner from the Death splinter who buffs their team in ways that could help combat some of the other very powerful summoners that so many know and love so well.

Until next time, gl,hf, and keep up the good fight.

Thanks for the giveaway! Count me in!

I'm not good with designing cards myself; I would surely create a Water Summoner as it's my favourite splinter...maybe something that improved non-magic creatures, as Water players usually end up playing Magic. Like, for example, +1 Ranged Damage and +1 Armor.

IGN: @luizeba

I would make a character based on an awesome book that I'm reading now. It's called "Children of time" from Adrian Tchaikovsky about an extraterrestrial life form created by humankind. Spoiler alert: From this point on there will be spoilers, if you are reading or want to read the book. One of the characters is called "Portia" and it is a very intelligent spider. So, my Legendary card would be Portia a Warrior/Scientist Spider that can be used as a tank and can cure herself. It would have a retaliate ability on higher levels and it could be as Sand Worm, a sneak card with tons of health, but not so fast to balance her out. Thank you for your awesome giveaways!


I would create a DEATH Summoner, which of course, given my namesake, would be an Anubis Themed Jackal.

2 Ability, 5 Mana Cost Death Summoner

New ability: Defy Death: The first Monster to be defeated in a battle remains for the remainder of that battle round, and takes any damage that would be directed at it. It then dies when the round ends (So think: Opportunity rounds, the first guy killed would absorb that entire rounds' attacks)

Grants all Monsters "Vulture"

I love dragons, (had a tat of one) so I'm biased to them. It will have -1 Magic and friendly monsters start with Phase.

I would like water summoner with +1 Magic Attack and +1 Armor to friendly units.

2 mana cost legendary dragon summoner without any abilities :)

I would make a water summoner called ocean man. He would take me take me by the hand lead me to the land. JK JK but this card would be 4 mana. He would give +1 magic and -1 magic to the other team. His art would be the same art as the ocean man song without copying it. It is my favorite song to relax too. @project10back

It will be a healing maiden giving regen to all
Ign: lokiroki

Great question actually, it's like asking what is your dream card. For me, I guess it will be something from the fire splinter that cost only 4-6 mana to use and has the ability not to get affected by magic damage (different from magic reduction or magic shield), it would be a great counter to the annoying llama-kron combo.

I would create Dracula in the Death set. Would be 4 mana, -1 melee, -1 health to opponent

some kind of drunken master or chaos trickster. Every card on your team is bestowed a random power and attacks a random target. Art... hmmm... maybe something of a psychedelic coyote or crow. @squishna

I would create a legendary summoner for the death splinter that buffs +1 magic damage that only costs 3 mana to summon

I'd create a card called Wolf Dragon, a hybrid between a dragon and a wolf, of the dragon splinter. It would cost 5 mana and have 3 effects:
+1 meelee
+1 armor
+1 speed

Something that would negate magic effects (either like that of Owster or phasing/void).

yoooo thankyou for my sps :) <3

I am thinking of having a tank that has both melee and magic damage. And the catch is, it has the new Bloodlust ability! Normally it is found in Gladiators, but this can be placed in normal matches too!

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I would go definitely for a Dragon Splinter Card, they got to few legendaries. Perhaps even a summoner ;)

I would make something like furious chicken in new coming reward cards as i don't have furious chicken and it is one of my favourite. 0 mana is awesome in most cases

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It is the craziest question I read, it is a very difficult answer but since I am a lover of magic damage I would like it to be a monster that has three abilities, one per level: level 1 slow down, level 2 avoid regeneration, level 3 gain life as it deals magic damage.
the name and the physical design would have to think about it more hahahah