My Deepest Placement Yet!

in Splinterlands2 years ago

20201030 19_07_38Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!  Brave.png

So I've managed to crack into the top 50 a few times and earn my 10 packs, but this is the absolute first time I've cracked the top 25. I like it up here! 20 packs is better than 10 I say! I would like to get more efficient at it, because it's a bit of a grind. My win rate is about 65%, the top 10 places hover around the 75-80% range. I almost dropped out of the running, but was able to secure my standing with the following win versus @truskawka:

20201030 19_34_24Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!  Brave.png

I actually jumped up a couple ranks within the last few minutes, as people desperately tried to cram in wins near the end.

Death has some savage debuffs, and in the end I had a little more firepower with my magic despite getting lots of it reflected back.

I haven't been putting a lot of effort into placing the past few weeks, so this was a nice way to come back.

Can I get this deep next season? Who knows! But for now, I'll take it!


I wish I had your enthusiasm, I find the game boring these days, but still play.. grinding is more like it. Will the land bring it to life again?.. I hope so.

I feel ya. It's fits and starts for me. I hope also hope the land doesn't over complicate it too.

Wow! Good for you sir! Meanwhile, I'm stuck at Gold II because I lacked the power. 😂

You are still powerful in my book sir!

congrats :)

i seen you all the way up there and was thinking, WTF, Get back to where you belong! haha

...or you could consider joining me up here where the l33t kids hang out!

i get stage fright :)

Feel comfy in the 26th to 50th spot. Yeah gotta get outa the ditch, stop being soft and go for glory! See how we go this season

and I belong in the 60s to 70s.... Damn it! I can never play well on the last two days... last season I did quite well thought, finished up beating clove71 and jacekw... and then I didn't play in the last 12 hours! phew! Will see!

Sorry replying to it a whole season late! Tells you my state of mind!

and I belong in the 60s to 70s....

SOFT! :)

lol, better late then never. I like how splinterlands runs. ie 24 hour tourneys, play your matches when you want etc. Hive needs to take some advice from them, me thinks :)