Splinterlands: Soulbound Cards, A Different Feel.

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Some time back, Joetunex and I were talking about what the soulbound cards were going to be like and it seemed like splinterlands alright had the right thing in mind. Firstly I was thinking they'll be one-level cards cut across different leagues, unique and fit to play in any type of league. Also, I thought there might also be a different types of card rewards based on the league that a person is playing in. For example, a person playing in silver League one might get the level two version of let's say a coastal sentry while someone who is playing in gold league might get it at level 3.

This was just my opinion as I didn't know how it could turn out as of two weeks ago. However, it turned out that people could actually get three to four copies or even five of them to make them upgradable by default. I don't know what the reward of people playing in gold or diamond league looks like, but I've been playing in silver one and I've got 5 copies of drybone barbarian which was upgradeable to level 2. I got only 3 copies of imperial knight and coastal sentry which are not tradable, this means I might have to wait to get other version of this card through my wins to upgrade them. I think it's good that these cards are soulbound. I think the players who would manage to stack up these cards are the ones who have been earning daily focus chest consistently.

The reason is that you'll need to play to get them because they're not tradable. However, there's this bizarre feeling to these cards, I've tried playing them and they seem to have a different feeling to them, but I like how they're totally different. I want to see if they'll have unique abilities and function like the other cards, except the difference, would be that they're just soulbound. It's however still too early to ascertain, nevertheless, I think it's too early to say the cards will have the regular abilities or they'll have something different to show that they're soulbound cards. I don't know the plan at the moment, but it's good that the cards are coming in pairs to make them upgradeable.

I don't know what the general opinion of these new soulbound cards would be like. Nevertheless, I feel that some players might be happy to get shiny new cards to blend their strategies with. However, I want to see the season's reward of a person playing in the bronze League to know whether they'll be getting a lot of these cards or not. I know they're not tradable, hence the money aspect isn't there, but from the gaming perspective, I think it's quite a good way to build reward cards and even build some strategies around them.


Another thing is, I'm imagining what a legendary soulbound card would be like, imagine having a soulbound legendary card with good abilities but not tradable at all. I think the people permanently playing in the gold leagues and diamond might get cards like this. I'm not exactly sure yet, this is just me purely speculating. It's just been two or three days of experiencing these soulbound cards and it probably feels better than getting ever-hungry skulls (not that it's a bad card, just too many of it can be tiring) although I don't know if it'll get to a stage where players might get tired of these soulbound cards, just like they did get tired of the vampire bats.

However, it's going to be probably 3 to 4 seasons of getting these cards to actually ascertain. For now, I think we're probably happy to own them at the moment, it's nice to see the integration, I might be missing out on a lot of information though, but I think I'll have to wait till the end of the season to read the opinions of people on these cards and what they might think. But game and value wise.

These cards make it difficult to hit "sell" every time some players get reward cards. It also means that such a card will help the splinterlands' economy to maintain some level of value. Selling every asset eventually comes with repercussions on the value of the game. So I think the soulbound idea was a good move.


So, I decided to upgrade my gargoyle lion to level 4. It's also a card I've been able to build by playing focus and also getting it through the season's reward, the only difference is that this one is tradable.

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This game looks fun, although I don’t know much about it.

It's fun but it's quite difficult to an extent.. and it's demanding financially. 😀

Woah, I did not know it needed money to play. I guess the game will be lame if there was no difficulty.

The cards look cool that's for sure but I don't see myself using them for a long time until I can level them up some. Maybe they will be good for land?

That's true, they seem basic at the moment, especially because of the level they came in, and I also think people will start using them when they've started leveling them up. I don't know about land integration.

The new cards have that new and shiny feeling to them right now and it seems a good way like you said to retain value in the game instead of them being sold by bot farmers.
The whole eco system seems to have changed now and it's a case of wait and see what happens from here.

Yeah, I think it's going to limit bot farming a lot and the game can strive towards maintaining value. I think it's still in an experimental phase though. Let's see how it'll go.

Very interesting-looking cards Jose, I will be earning them hopefully for the first time today. That Drybone is already a level 2 lol, this is cool.

They look quite interesting like you've mentioned, they come in pairs so it's easy to upgrade them though.. i hope you get to explore them.

I will explore them, I have missed 5 days of the season without battling, and I will be getting into the battlefield today.

That's great, I think you'll be surprised as to tht changes that's happened


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