My 1st #Splinterlands Airdrop of 2022! A beefy $20 Legendary Chaos Legion Life tank ⚔️ #THGaming

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Finally I get my 1st Airdropped Card.

While the Life Splinter is certainly not my strongest deck in the game, I am always happy to receive free Legendary Cards. Perhaps I will build a better life army after this!

Be sure to check your airdrops today and feel free tag me or @thgaming for reposts.

Is it worth buying Splinterlands Cards now?

I am personally only buying cards for "levelling up" purposes, until I see what happens to card prices once Chaos Legion goes public. I want my main base to be competitive, although I only play the Gold 3 League these days, so it is important to level up cards to be used in higher leagues, and get more wins!

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Chaos Legion goes Public soon. Are you ready?


The End

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I have only used it a few times as my quest was for Sniping. I run a Chaos Legion only deck currently (just to see how competitive it is) and neither Life nor Water have snipers (currently) so...but it is an awesome card - I did try it out and don't think I lost any battles I used it with.

A strong Life hand is hard to beat! Good luck for the gen sale @enginewitty 🍀🚀 #splintertalk