Creeping Ooze with Malric (Backdoor Team)

Hello! I'm idigjapanesechix. I am a low-spender in this game, and I want to share my thoughts with my co-players, also in the lower ranks. I have been at gold three the past two seasons (just started a month ago) with my Mylor and Golem comp. Today, I will share how overpowered this card is and how I reached Bronze 1 using this card.

Creeping Ooze.png
The image above is the CREEPING OOZE. It costs one mana and has one speed and one health. The stats get progressively better at higher levels, but for the sake of discussion, we will only talk about level 1 Ooze. The best thing is its cost! I saw a 0.1 DEC Creeping Ooze back in the market. Sadly, it rose for up to 1.5 DEC or even higher nowadays. Maybe people are really looking forward to using this card.

This card with Malric seems to be overpowered since it is a Pyre (the +1 speed fire summoner) in disguise. It debuffs the enemy by reducing their speed by one, ensuring that you always make the first hit. And in this game, speed is a significant factor. It is a deciding factor on how to take the first hit, especially in fire-sneak team compositions, and how frequently monsters dodge an attack.

But I think that Ooze's true power lies with his usage in the Malric sneak team. The team may involve Malric Inferno, Living Lava, Goblin Shaman, Serpentine Spy, Elven Cutthroat, Creeping Ooze, and Kobold Miner.

With this team composition, I was able to win against most teams against Pyre, Malric, and even the Death summoners.
Shaman is overpowered since he debuffs the enemy team by removing one health, while Ooze ensures that the sneak splinters attack the first. Malric is there to ensure that the monsters have high attack damage, one-shotting the enemy.

With this team comp, the enemy's backline will surely melt in just 2-3 rounds! Of course, the natural enemy of this team comp is Mylor-based teams and also Water splinters since they shed through Living Lava. Also, the taunt can also be difficult to beat with this team comp.

If you want to see more of my games, these are other links that include Ooze:

Most of the compositions above also utilized other cards, but it significantly displayed the power of Creeping Ooze.

If you reached this part, thank you for reading! I hope we can discuss your thoughts or even any reactions! Just drop a comment! Thanks again!


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