Rewards in Diamond III. Water quest made in 24 09 2021! LEGENDARY CARD! NOICE!

in Splinterlands20 days ago

Welcome Guys!

I want show you my daily rewards. I had water quest to do in this day and it was not hard for me. I play with maxed level cards from water element, so only I need to chose wisely, which card use in specific rules.

water complete d3.png

Why I like to play with water? Maybe because Diamond league is blue, water is blue, badges are blue, bar progress to next division is blue everything is blue like saiyan god blue :D These are me rewards!

These are me rewards!

rewards lega.png

I got legendary card! MAKE SOME NOICE!


Awesome rewards value definitely it good day for me!


The water element is one of the best without a doubt at least at my poor Bronze level.
You got enough Cards for what is usual, I still do not see the usefulness of potions.

Water element is even stronger with Alric, but I have only Bortus with anty magic.
Yeah potions are useless, if you not buy packs.