The Journey of Freedom Finding- PT 1

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Ajabi sat on the bed looking into the distance. He had worry lines on his face. His hands were firmly placed in-between his legs with his heart beating so fast, it formed a musical rhythm. Ajabi thought back to his life before he left his father. He knew he had done the right thing just like Baba wanted but what if he slipped along the line?

It’s been 24 full moons since Baba sent them on this journey of finding freedom. Not exactly what Babe called it but he remembered Baba saying, “to whom liberty is given, surprises are expected”. He prayed in his heart that these surprises will be pleasant only.

A knock on the door brought him back to reality. Ajabi didn't make a move to open the door neither was the person patient enough to wait as the door creaked open ushering her into the poorly lit room. The sun had gone to bed and left the sky with no form of light. An almost melted candle with a yellow flicker did a poor job of illuminating the room.

Ajoke gazed at the candle before shifting her gaze to her brother who had remained in the same position since she came in. She pushed the clothes on the bed aside and sat beside Ajabi.

“You sent for me”.

“Yes I did”, he replied, setting his hands free, he held her hands. Ajoke felt his hands quiver and held it in place with her hands.

“Baba sent a message Ajoks”.

He watched her eyes go wide with fears and nodded to her silent question. “It is time and we must leave at the first crow of the cock”.

“Does Ade know?’ Ajoke asked and got the familiar nod again from her brother.

Baba came outside at the first peep of sun rays into his hut. Today was the day he expected his children. It's been a long time coming. He looked outside his gates into the only path leading to his house but it held no presence. He knew that soon his house would be filled with people and agog with activities. Everyone in the village of Umuzara had looked forward to this auspicious day.

In the land of Umuzara, their family is known for the tradition of producing the next king or queen but before any can be chosen, the children will have to pass the liberty test and whoever passes shall wear the golden crown.
Alade had passed it during his own time and that was why he was crowned king of Umuzara. He hoped one of his children would be worthy enough to succeed him.

The Liberty ritual involved sending the children to a faraway village to live their lives as free humans, not as princes or princesses. However, what they do not know is that there is a magical white cloth that will reveal all they have been upto for the period they were away from the village, both the good, the bad and evil. Everyone knows this ritual but everyone is forbidden from telling the story once an heir presumptive is born.

Little by little, the villagers swam into Alade's compound in twos and threes. The young women danced to entertain the villagers. Not long after, the three children walked into the compound amidst shouts of joy as the villagers stood up to welcome them. A new king would be crowned soon and they are happy to be alive to witness it.


Matthew Spiteri
Pleasantries were exchanged and the three children walked up to the throne and knelt before their father. Alade placed his hands on each of their shoulders and said words of prayers for them. They all stood up and took their position by their father. Silence embraced the compound as the white magical cloth was brought forward and tied on the tree. Ade looked at Ajoke who shrugged her shoulders. He turned and looked at Alabi but Alabi seemed lost in thought. "What is going on?" He whispered to his father but got no response in return.

Which of Alade's children will pass the test? Find out in the next episode of 'The Journey of Freedom Finding"

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haha I have to wait to find out who will be chosen!
Oh you are cruel zyzy, I loved this:)

Heheheh! Pardon me Tengo, I just have to be cruel. I'm glad you loved it. It's always a pleasure finding you in my comment section♥️

oooo you are pardoned! It was a great wee read, I need to get writing again!

You totally should and you avoided my question about being hitched.

Your question... where.. and hitched, I collect them🤣 Yes I am😮

😄😄😄 sneaky you. Tengo!!! Happy Sunday.

sneaky me 🤣🤣🤣 I am wicked in a wicked way😁 and I thought you were too....

I like how you combined freedom with the story. The free will that forges their destiny, and through their deeds determines who is worthy of the throne.

Exactly. You know giving someone freedom is the only way to truly know what the person is capable of doing. Thanks for stopping by and dropping such wonderful comment.

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