2022 Alpha Pack Opening, A Chaos Legion pack, Season Rewards & Tournaments

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Start with the video, the links are below with a bit more information

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At 6-1 presently in the PIMP tourney 😁

Very nice! big PIMPin !

Huge tourneys man you doing a great job organizing them and putting them all together. Thanks for all the support and shout-outs in your posts 👊


Dr.Abs Out 😂

Anytime friend, thank you for all your work streaming, posting and cya on a stream soon

Bro you sold a plot??? Oh boy... But anyways your video production is next level here ! Great stuff here dude!

Thanks tried to add some effects to each scene and some text while also giving it a voiceover in the end. Seems to take longer than a typical post though I notice that.

Dunno why but video format is not supportive for me i cant play it :(

I think it is 3speak having server issues, they have had problems off and on... thanks for trying :)

This opening is great and loaded with many legendary gifts.

I wish for many Legendaries in Gold Foil on my next opening!

Christmas in January, Thank you so much, very appreciated!

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When are we gonna get more Psyber-X updates?!!!!

I will give you a little one here that is being released soon with more detail...
marketplace development breakthroughs with a date of launch announced by AMA in which in 2 weeks will also debut gameplay video live! lvl coin gives 2 NFT crates per month airdropped per 200k held until market launch and there is more yet you gotta wait for the press release for the rest!