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Oh gosh! Here we go! On Sunday we drove back from our vacation and somehow this little strip of our country ALWAYS delivers beautiful clouds.


It’s a little area in a beautiful valley between the town of Montagu and Worcester, in the small Karoo desert. We tend to take this inland route on the way home because it’s a less popular route with less trucks.

The clouds seem to get caught between the mountains and create a lace for the suns rays to shine through.


A little further down the road we passed the news Ashton bridge which was recently slid into place from where it was built. Quite a feat and unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a pic. But it was gorgeous!

And if you’ve followed this far then you should already know about the #lovetheclouds contest in the Love the Clouds community! It’s such a great way to connect in the hive world.

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Now this is just lovely.!

How much better could the clouds welcome you from your trip.

Just amazing.lll

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Road trips are so much fun. The clouds are amazing and a very beautiful aspect of nature. Your editing effect made it more lovely

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