Love The Clouds Contest #199 - Sunset Reflections At Villa Luz

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Welcome cloud lovers to Round 199 of the Love The Clouds Contest hosted by @tobetada. If you love clouds and love taking pictures of them, read the contest post here and enter your cloud photos in this awesome challenge.

Every afternoon for the last 3 months I have been jogging in the unopened subdivision behind our house named Villa Luz. This subdivision has been unopened for already more than 10 years because of so many problems the owner is facing. Back taxes, right of way issues, environmental clearances, etc. have all but discouraged the owner from opening the subdivision despite the millions invested in developing the area. But for me and a number of joggers and walkers who use the area for exercising and working out, the longer Villa Luz stays close, the better for us because we have the luxury of open, clean and unobstructed area to work out at.

Villa Luz is bordered at the far end by numerous trees which is home to various avian species. At the near end, it is bordered by the rows of houses of the adjacent subdivision which is the one where I am living in. A big iron gate separates Villa Luz from our subdivision. The caretaker leaves this gate unlocked so anyone who wants to exercise can come and go anytime. And when one enters the gate, the view from the far end where the trees are and the sky above can be really awesome. Especially in the late afternoon when the sun is beginning to set. Pictures below are some of the celestial views I was met with on different afternoons when I went to jog.





Every morning and afternoon commercial airplanes pass over Villa Luz as this is the air route they take on their final approach before landing in our city's airport.


One afternoon I was blessed with a capture of a crow flying overhead with the clouds reflecting the yellow sunset.


For this Round I am submitting the photo below as my entry.


I count myself as very fortunate and blessed to have a place like this to exercise in. It's the closest to nature that I can be in that is just literally a stone's throw away from home. And the daily spectacle that greets me is one thing I will always look forward to.

And that's it for this one. Best of luck to all participants. Stay safe everyone.

(All photos are mine.)


Wow! A nephophile like me love to see your shots from above and I really love them all. Truly so relaxing and you captured them so well friend.

Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

Atrapaste momentos únicos en verdad.

You really caught unique moments. A hug,

Muchas gracias 👍

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