Sideview Mirrors for Your EUC - DYI Project.

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This is a short but important addition to my ride-safety list

As many of you know, I ride an EUC and I have to constantly twist my head around to see what is coming up on me from behind. See my last video below if you don't know what an EUC is or how we get around town.

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As I get more and more accustomed to riding on the streets and in traffic, I needed to get pads, gloves, and a helmet, but something was still missing.


But since I have no handle bars, I have nowhere to put them. So it's invention time!

I ran to the motorcycle supply and all the had were handlebar mounted mirrors. Then I went to the glass store but the curved mirrors they have were for sidewalks, to help drivers see around corners.


I finally went to the auto parts store and lied about what I wanted because in this country, they never take kindly to hearing that you want to invent something that does not exist already. They are funny that way.

I asked for round stick on mirrors that you can add you your car to give you a wide angle. He said he was all out of them. Then I pointed to the silver dollar size ones on the wall. My mind was already thinking silicone glue, on my gloves, and lifting my hands to see what is behind me.


I was able to persuade him to sell me these gems. By the time I got home, I was already pulling out needle and thread. I could not imagine the adhesive tape staying stuck for very long.

Can you sew a button?

I pulled out my smallest drill bit and moved to avoid the glass and punch a hole in the plastic casing. That after making sure not to align the holes with the non-nutonian fluid bags in the glove.


I stuck them on and then sewed them to the glove itself so that I do not lose mirrors in the rain or wind.


I was able to give them a try last night on my way home from my son's birthday party. There was light rain, threatening clouds and gusting winds. They held !

I did have to dry the water from them once or twice on the way, but that is not anything that a bit of car wax will not solve. Hoping you will notice them on my next video out riding around on one wheel.