I Sewed Some Curtains (And a Bag) And I Didn't Cry

in NeedleWorkMonday2 months ago

After last week's horrific nightmare trying to sew cushion covers, I had a lot more success this week with curtains! I was trying to find a fabric that was a little textured to contrast the pine boards and the cotton sheets, and really thought another cotton wouldn't work, so was utterly thrilled to find this dark greeny olive cord.


For the back curtain, we've made it go all the way to the floor, so there's a privacy curtain for getting changed if the back door is open.

I mean, a totally idiot could sew a few hems, right? Somehow I DIDN'T stuff it up.


And I even made a little bag to fit cotton pads, painkillers, and a few other meds that can be in easy reach on the shelf. I was going to buy some canvas bags that would look good up there but thought I'd save money and do it this way. I'm quite pleased with myself as I even sewed a little tab to hook it onto a hook on the wall if I'm grabbing it in the middle of the night or something. I also used a bit of Jamie's paracord to drawstring it together.



The really groovy thing was how we did the curtain rails. Do you remember how we used my old belt to make a door handle and a strap to help support the table and keep the weight off the hinges?


Well, we used some of that as supports for thin dowel to sit in, so the curtain could be threaded on that. Curtain wire just stretches and the curtain sags, so the dowel was a much better option. I tell you what I was pretty pleased with myself for coming up with this idea!

Turns out I'm a clever orangutan sometimes!

With Love,


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Your van looks so cute!

So creative. What I love is the recycled old belt. It just fit in the wood wall.

It does just fit in doesn't it? And it got used for a few features - the handle, the table on the back, the curtain rods.

A very clever thing you have done dear and a special precaution for bag of drugs is a plus one especially for people that are on drugs. A small first aid bad is a good idea.
Everything matches so well and that color blends so well with the background.

Yup, you did good! They came out very nicely!

thanks, I'm super chuffed with them!

Leather straps to hang curtain rod is really cool. Functional and kind of old-timey at the same time. A very nice detail 👍 Glad you had a better sewing experience.

I thought it was quite inspired, and they are easy to slip out if we're going on heavy tracks and I dont' want to be impaled.

Looks great! I don't know if I could manage half of what you did. I picked up the skill of darning socks from some army guys several years ago, but whenever any real sewing is required I turn to my wife.

Ha, I tried my Mum but she refused. Dammit! Darning socks is a real skill and hardly anyone does it these days - they just buy new ones. I was chuffed to see my son doing it!

I love your van!
Curtains look beautiful and match so good with the wood!🙂

Thanks so much, it took me a really long time to decide on teh material but this is perfectd I think!

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