OCD Incubation Program RECAP - How we make our selections…

With so many new members arriving in the community we felt it was time for a quick recap on the OCD Incubation Program.

We will touch on what it’s about, who can benefit from it and how we make our selections.

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The OCD incubation program was developed to bring extra support to niche communities and their members. It allows community leaders and curators to nominate quality posts submitted directly from their community page to receive an @ocdb upvote.

One of the main goals is to encourage people to post their content in the appropriate communities that fit their post topic. This will also bring more activity and interaction to these communities as relevant content is published that interest fellow community members.


If you post your content in a community that is being incubated, are one who creates quality and original content and follows community rules and guidelines then you have a good chance of benefiting from this program.


We do have a process on how we make our selections for nominations. We first check to see if the guidelines have been followed that are listed in our FAQs.

We next look at the quality along with the creativity of the post, looking at how well it was written and if the photos used are clear, sharp and well lit.

We also check the author’s interaction with other members; seeing how often they comment and respond. Being active in the community does play a part in whether or not your post gets nominated. We are trying to encourage a supportive interactive community and we deem communication as an important factor in getting those extra boosts.

Finally, we determine if a post is due for submission, meaning the author hasn’t already reached the nom limit. In order for rewards to be fairly spread around OCD has instructed us not to submit the same author more than three times a week. It’s fair and encourages us to find new authors who could use a boost in support.

I do want to mention that those who put forth more effort in their content and are visibly active takes precedence over those who show little efforts.

We look for authors who standout and add a little more to their posts than just tutorials. Sharing a little background story about your project, how you felt during the work, helping us get to know the needler behind the fabric or anything that helps engage your readers would definitely get our eyes on you and make you a priority nominee. 😉

OCD allows the option for us to share a little of why we chose your post. Believe me, by some of the descriptions our team leaves I can guarantee it has helped authors get even better support.

So please put effort into your publications and make it has good a quality as you possibly can…we want to see you get that boost you deserve. 😊


𝒯𝒽𝒶𝓃𝓀 𝒴𝑜𝓊 ~


NeedleWorkMonday Founder:


Community Builders:


I think all the members in this community appreciate your effort. As a community leader myself, I know that it takes a lot of time to read and curate the many posts submitted. Thank you.

Thank you @mariannewest! This comment is much appreciated ~ 🤗

 last year  

So good to have a reminder how important connection, communication and good work are. I am always amazed how much the needlework community has grown and that we now have even two wonderful discord channels in Spanish and English to meet and get to know each other <3

Agreed! I am always blown away thinking about how far we've come and how we keep getting more and more loving supportive people pitching in and helping with community needs. I am so thrilled about the new Spanish discord channel and thankful for our lovely ladies whom have taken the lead in getting it set up and keeping it monitored ~

It's hard for me to fully express how much I enjoy this community @needleworkmonday! It's always a wonderful bonus to have people engage in comments below a post. Thank you!


I understand that feeling. It's very encouraging when people stop by to leave their feedback and add input on your posts. So glad you are enjoying yourself...YAY! 😃

 last year  

It is really a very important information for new users and also a good reminding for all of us. Thank you.

He dejado la traducción al Español de este artículo en nuestro canal de Dicord en el apartado de Chat en Español para los que no puedan traducir. La idea es que todos tengan acceso a esta información.

I think this is very fair. I like it when posts have step-by-step instructions, but they are boring to read if they are written purely formally without a soul. Thanks dear for the detailed explanation! 💐

Thanks for your feedback Tali! I couldn’t agree more. It’s so much better when passion and soul are added to it.

Absolutely! We want to try our best to keep everyone reminded and updated ~ 😉

Creating these communication channels is excellent, here all community users can find out how and when you can be elected for a vote in the OCD Incubation Project.

Interaction among ourselves is fundamental to grow our community. There are wonderful people here with whom we can chat and share not only a tutorial! but also affection and love.

I have been thrilled to see how the community has grown enormously, every day more and better people come to work with us.
Many congratulations to our guides, you are the ones who make the greatest effort so that this continues to move forward in the best way.

 last year  

Excellent reminder ♥️. I hope it reaches the new needleworkers so there are more candidates to receive an upvote from OCD. This community is great, its members make it that way ❣️.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

I was a little lost, but little by little I'm getting back into the swing of things, I'm amazed at how much this beautiful community has grown. I hope to continue learning from each of the members. I enjoy seeing the works you do, there is a lot of talent. Greetings and a big hug. 🤗

Thank you for all these information...really, i am still overwhelmed with the hive platform so i am taking my first step on this community

Thank you for the information that you bring us, that the work that you do is known (applause); the sharing of opinions about the published topics has always pleased me, if I have been favoured by Ocd (Thank you, thank you very much), but I want to be on that list at least three times a week.
I consider myself original in my publications, I also follow the rules of the communities where I publish, I like writing more than making videos (but they are not discarded), in most of them I elaborate my own images.
When it comes to creativity it is very subjective (perception plays a lot here).
I like to highlight other people's posts, as well as comment on them.
Sounds a bit demanding.
...I deserve it...
Greetings, blessings.

Thank you for the support you always give us, we really appreciate the effort you make as a team.
This guide is great, we always learn something new every day 💗

It really is an excellent proposal. Thank you

@needleworkmonday thanks for the information and support.😊

very interesting this encourages me more to continue doing with much more love👏💕🥰