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Hello Hive Fam!

It feels so good to be able to post today. I haven’t been able to be here as much as I’d like to but I’ve been around enough to still comment and curate throughout the weeks.

Today is the last day for everyone to submit their entry for our NeedleWork Your Season Contest! I hope those planning to join will have time to get it in! ⏰

We know that holiday and end of year activities keeps us busy with so much going on around us. I knew many of you were occupied with other things but it is still good to see several participants for this contest.

I am so looking forward to sharing with you our next big challenge that will be announced right at the beginning of 2023 😃🎉😍😎!

We’ve got a real treat that will help you start off your needlework year in the right direction. 😉

Today I will be sharing with you macramé decorations that were given to me as a gift. Although we don’t put up a tree I totally appreciated these trinkets as I am in love with this craft. It’s actually one I plan to learn one day.

Right now we are in the neck of winter and the temperatures are really starting to drop. Snow flurries and freezing rain are making their way down to keep me under the covers. 😄

These ornaments I’m sharing with you today were made by a friend who is learning how to do this macramé craft. I think she did such a wonderful job on her first attempts as you wouldn’t even know she’s a beginner. She’s such a crafty person that loves using her Cricut machine to make gifts and fun craft seminars for people. She also does quilling, crocheting, paper crafts and so much more.


Here’s what I received in my gift package. I’ll show you each one up close so you can see the details.

Let’s first start with the tree…


I love that she added the extra bling embellishments. I also liked how she used a different color rope at the end for contrasting.

Here’s a closer look at the knotting technique from the back side…


It looks intimidating and intricate but I have seen that all it takes is step by step with practice to get the hang of it. Pretty much just like with anything we start new.

Now we’ll have a look at the angel…


Who would ever think that something so simple as knotting ropes together could make something so beautiful? There is a combing technique used in macramé that gets you that fringed look. It’s so relaxing and satisfying to watch. It’s one of the things that drew me in to this craft.

Here’s a closer look…


Lastly I’ll show you the holiday gnome head…


I think this is so neat, especially with the added mini crochet hat. There’s that combing technique again to achieve the hair. I love the little bow too.

I’ve seen beginner macramé kits you can purchase that has everything you need to get started. This is definitely added to my must do list. 😁

I hope you enjoyed taking a close look at this beautiful knotting technique. I am learning more and more that with each needle or knotting craft there are so many things you can do. There are always new ways you can create beautiful things with your hands all while enjoying the learning process. ☺️

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.

Alright needleworkers let’s see those entries!

Thank You! Have a Wonderful Week Everyone ~


Very pretty... anyone would be happy to receive these! :)
Merry Christmas in advance!!

I couldn't agree more! It was very nice receiving these, I just had to share. 😊

Thanks so much for the curation ~ 🤗

Woah, I am very much new to this craft and haven't seen this before.
They are a beauty to behold thinking that something lovely as such can be made with yarn. This Looks too good for just a beginner and I think that
@dloreantdisenos60 made something similar from her post here.

Its lovely to see this new crafts.

These are made with a rope material or a cord is what it’s called I believe. I have seen some projects done with yarn although in my opinion it looks better done with the cords.

I think due to her skill level in other crafts she is an excellent learner and can pick up other crafts so easily. That’s when you know you’re a true crafter. 😄

Yes, she did do macramé as well. 👌🏽

Esto es un gran regalo. Sin duda es una principiante muy dedicada en lo que hace, los colores, texturas y motivo de sus creaciones me encantaron.

Justo ayer saqué del clóset una pieza grande que hice en macramé, me dieron ganas de empezar de nuevo.

Mucha suerte a todos los participantes del concurso.

Yes, the colors and textures are so beautiful and intriguing. She did an excellent job on these and I can't believe she is just starting out. I think due to her skill level in other crafts she picks up on things very well and easily.

Oh wow so you've done this before? We'd love to see your projects as well. I'm looking forward to trying my hand at it too. 😊

Thanks for the comment ~

Those are super adorable! What a thoughtful, handmade gift! I just love gifts where someone actually invests their time in your gift! If only I had more time to invest my time in all my gifts. ;)

I know!! There is no gift like a thoughful handmade one. I'm so used to making them that when I receive one I am just in awe and so excited about it. It really is special to receive things like this. I too wish I had more time to do that. ☺️

They are really cute! I have never seen macrame in this form before. But it is a lovely craft (also thought of learning it many times) If you get to do it I would love to see, what you would do with it!😊

Receiving these made me love macramé even more. I've only seen it in the form of the hanging wall decorations and even earrings. There's so much you can do with this.

Oh yes! I’m determined to get a kit next year and work on a project. Not sure how often I will do it but I at least want to start somewhere.

Thanks so much for commenting. Maybe we both will give it a try in 2023! 😃💗

New years resolution?😏

I love the way you can wrap stones with this technique! many beautiful ways😊

Let’s just say joining in on our next challenge will be a good idea! 😉

Keep an eye out for it!

I will, for sure🙃

 3 months ago  

These macrame ornaments are really beautiful, my favorite one is the angel; I like so much this kind of crafts.
Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

I really love the angel too. I am so in love with this craft and it's been so hard not to have the time or monies to get into it yet. I'm hopeful for next year I will be able to do at least one macramé project.

Thanks for the visit sweet friend ~ 💓

Wow this look really beautiful. Thanks sharing this with me. I would have love to join the contest but don't have wat it take to participate. Congratulations to all the participants in advance

I'm glad you liked my gift. 😉

No worries. The next challenge you should be able to join in. It's going to be so much fun!! 😃

I will be glad

They are all very cute these ornaments. I'm curious to know how to work the machine you mention.

Thanks for bringing us this new modality in braiding, I'm sure we will learn how to develop it further. Greetings friend @crosheille

Absolutely! Always a pleasure to share things with you all. ☺️

Oh, there's no machine needed. The knotting and manipulation of the ropes are all done with your hands. You'll definitely see more of this, I'm determined to do some projects next year. 😉

Hi @crosheille, your macramé ornaments are very beautiful, my favorite of all is the angel, it is ideal for the Christmas tree.


Thanks @belkyscabrera, the angel is one of my favorites as well.

Many blessings to you ~

I loved the choice of colours. My favourite is the little tree. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. Hugs and happy holidays.

I love the color choices too. They all tied in so well together.

Thanks so much for the visit ~ 🤗

very nice crafts! macrame is really a beautiful art. I never knew how to do it, but my girlfriends did macrame pots for home flowers. very interesting what new competition will be at the beginning of the new year! 😀

It truly is a beautiful art! I am always intrigued by the designs I see.

I think everyone will be excited to participate in this one!! 😃😍😎

¡Que detalles tan lindos! So sweet and beautiful details!

I agree! These are lovely decorations.

Thanks for adding your input ~ 😊

Wow... It's a very pretty gift, even those who get such gifts will be very happy including me personally... hahahaha

I'm glad you liked the gift as well ~ 😄

Sure, I'm very happy if someone gives me a gift like this,,,ha-ha-ha
I'm very interested in his rmaju.
I have to say to the one who knits this material.

What beautiful ornaments, I loved the color combination. Thank you so much for sharing those beauties with us. 💞🎄

Yes!! It seems most were intrigued by the colors and textures. I love them!

I'm glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the visit ~ 💗

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much!!

This is my first time of seeing macrame in this form...I have been glaring at these pictures... lolz
What a craft.... this person is good on this skill, the work does not look like a learner.
Congratulations on your early beautiful gift 🎁

Merry Christmas ma'am_ 🎄

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