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I love watching squirrels. They can chatter really loud and if a few join together they can kick up a huge racket. These little guys make so much noise in the mornings that they'd even wake up late sleepers in the neighborhood. A couple of years ago we had a mother squirrel come and make her nest in our attic which is in our laundry room by the time we realized what was happening she had already given birth to three babies. We had to wait for them to grow big and to move out. They had done enough damage to the stuff that was there by then.


This made our dog Spark really mad. He would not eat or drink but wait and watch to chase the mother squirrel away if she tried to come back again. Finally, we had to use some wire netting on our grill door to keep these creatures out. Even if I had accidentally left the door open our Spark would ensure that the squirrel stayed outside.


These guys travel huge spaces in the city on the cables which crisscross the skyline. This little fellow here is doing it so expertly while keeping an eye on as I took pictures of him.


Squirrels are so curious and get in everywhere. It really doesn't matter what is in there for them. This nosey little guy had got into a section where there was a plant sale going on in a yearly fair. He was messing around with the plants there so I decided to take his picture. He didn't seem to be afraid of people.


Racing up and down the coconut palms is their all time favorite game. When two or three of them get together this is one game they never seem to tire of.


I love watching the way they eat, makes them look so incredibly cute. Another thing about them is that they make great pets. When I was about 7yo a tiny squirrel had fallen out of its nest, each time my father tried to put him back in the nest but the mother kept pushing him down. The dad decided to save the baby and we fed him by with a dropper. He was our pet until he died. He was free to roam but he'd always come back home or when I called out to him. It was the same as having bunnies or guinea pigs or dogs as pets.

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We don't usually see squirrels here but the last time I saw two of them was in a village and I just woke up early in the morning to pee when I saw them hanging on a tree jumping from one end to another.

So squirrels are not so common there? Its always interesting to hear about these animals from others.
In this metropolis where I live squirrels and pigeons are very common.
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The stripes on their backs make them look really cute

We have only these kind of squirrels here.

We have squirrels that look a lot like yours, but not the grey or red kinds

Yeah I have seen images of those online without the the stripes.
we have huge squirrels red ones called Malabar squirrels, but mostly in densely wooden areas.
They are like cats.

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Hello @sofs-su. Such lovely photos of your squirrel. Yes, they are playful and can entertain you for hours with their antics. However, I know that these animals do carry certain types of diseases, you have to be careful.

Thanks for sharing.

Yeah all these rodents bring certain infections with them, that was why we wanted them out of the house. Now, they don't get in, they stay outside looking for opportunities to get in lol. But our dog takes care of them chasing them off.
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Squirrels are very cute animals, I agree with you they look cute when they eat, they like to be free and run around, so whoever has them as pets should have a yard with trees.