Nature is my psychologist.

The mountain, as it stared at me stoically, told me that it was not happy.

Over the centuries, this mountain had to endure many fires and it was now painfully repairing itself with the aid of our spring season.

Reminded me of our lives, as most if not all of us have also over the time of our lives, burnt our fingers from time to time. A lady botanist that works at the nature reserve told me that after the fire, they discovered new hidden valleys and even a waterfall, as the fire has cleared the entire area. Just so do we discover our own inner strengths during our times of severe trial.
Right, enough of the comparative talk and lets rather look at the beauty of it all.

Spring season is the doctor that stepped in to diagnose and help the patient to heal. No pills of course, as its medicine is lots of rainwater.

Soon all of that background in the picture will be covered in lush green vegetation again.

The fire started about 1 kilometer to the left of this mountain peak. It is one of the peaks in the mountain range and thankfully only the isolated mountain towards the left was burnt.

There are beautiful dams on most of the farms that surround the foothills of the mountains.


And finally a framed look at another mountain peak here.

I like to look at life in my own weird way, as I see most of what we call set backs, or failures as lessons. There is something inside of each of us that lies latent until we have severe issues to face. Then that something steps up and helps us to overcome and then we don't know how, but we win. Many times we struggle to explain how we overcame a problem, and some call it luck. In my book there is no such a thing as luck. When I feel broken, I flee into nature and believe me that as the last man standing of my family, the shock of the deaths of the others sent me into nature.

Serious love relationships also tried to tear me apart as I was a bird with a broken wing and I attracted others with broken wings. But that something inside stepped up to miraculously heal my broken wing and I grew right back into my original self. No airs and graces, just a loving guy that cares for all others. A straight forward guy, that tells it like it is - short and sharp. We only live once, thankfully, so we have to try our utmost to enjoy and make the most of it.
Just my own view on life.

And That's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX70HS Bridge camera.

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fantastic post! I really relate to this :)

Thank you and yes, we think alike :)


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This is a greatly accepted norm that nature heals. It has the potential to do that. As a return gift, we should be cautious and careful in dealing with nature.

Nature does indeed have the potential to heal, but it depends on the mindset of the prospective applicant.
Love, care and gentleness are always appreciated in nature.


It's a beautiful place, dear @papilloncharity!

I enjoy, and have learned a lot too, from those casual or planned encounters with nature.

I am convinced that, this ..."strange way of seeing things"..., as you write, is the only way to make sense of this short time we have been given here on earth, and the only way to be able to bear the great percentage of suffering that this great adventure entails.

A cordial and strong embrace dear comrade!

Thank you and I for one look forward to nature's surprises, so I do not do many planned excursions.

Glad that you also see things this way and it is a great comfort to know that nature can help us to endure while out characters are shaped by the sufferings and to understand it like such.

A warm embrace also to you!



beautiful photography. Nature is also my therapy (and sanity)

Thank you and glad that you are like minded !LOL

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Mine too… spectacular photography

Glad and thank you.

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Wow! What is this place so beautiful, outstanding! I love it!❤️🤩

Thank you and this place is the Western Cape Province in South Africa.
Glad that you liked the photos.


Awesome Zac, I love seeing the photos of my old home town. The mountains are such a special feature in the Cape peninsula.

The seasonal fires can be hectic though the regrowth is always impressive, and that story of finding a waterfall after the fire there sounds inspiring.

I lost my rental and possessions in the Knysna fire five years ago, but regained a lot in charity from donors thereafter, even more in clothing that I had before, for example lol.

Best wishes from the Garden Route.

Thank you for the appreciation Julian.

Yes, they reckon that fire is needed every few years to revitalize the growth of fynbos and proteas.
All of the terrain's secrets were laid bare by that big fire.

Yep! I read a few stories about that fire and so many lost everything. Glad that you gained a lot of clothing and life goes on mate.

A Happy Friday to you.


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The landscape is so beautiful. Nice!!!

Thank you and glad that you liked the post.


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Thank you kindly for the curation @hive-145540

Very fantastic post. The image are very fascinating and I really wish I could get up there. 😊😊

Thank you for your appreciation of the post.
Who knows, as maybe someday in the future you will get up there.