Three days ago, I shared some photographs from our windows view facing the city. So today's blog, I'm sharing with you guys some of my favorite photos from our balcony view.

Sunset is my favorite time of the day. Wherever I am. I have always been chasing it since then. I will never get tired chasing every sunset in the world and the most beautiful thing in life (Charaught ,🥴 Some of the photos here were published on my Instagram account) I'm glad that I don't have to go anywhere just to witness it everyday.

Our balcony faces the mountain. The sun set at that side. It eventually showed it's beauty by the end of the day.

When there is a typhoon and the sunset is not visible at all. The gloomy dark clouds also take part emerging from opposite sides and collided in the mountain, which produces a beautiful foggy scenery.

On the weekend, we have our early dinner at our balcony with some beer while enjoying the sunset.

So here's my top sunset photos over the span of the three years we stayed there.





The Beauty 🤣



More amazing paintings 🎨


HEAVEN'S rays 👼


Sometimes, it also reminds me of a canvas. Coloured with different shade of pink, orange, purple and more.

We are so fortunate enough to see this creation during our stayed. And reminds me more how amazing and beautiful the world we live in. And we'll forever remember that.


Uh ... this sky looks very cool :) .... I hope you get all time this there :)

A cool one, indeed! @foxkoit Thank you for dropping by! 💖untitled.gif

I am also a huge sunset lover and photos you shared are absolutely stunning! They really do look like paintings. Beauty of nature is amazing! 😍

Hi @nikolina .How are you doing? Can't wait to see some of your sky, sunset blog one day. It really looks like paintings. Glad you liked it 💖untitled.gif

I am doing great, hope you are too!

Oh, I used to share them more often in the past but I'll definitely try to capture some fresh images and share them in one of my upcoming posts. Have a lovely day! 💜

Will definitely check them once you posted new ones. Thanks again @nikolina

It was looking lika a heaven ❣️


Grateful for beautiful things ❤️❤️❤️

hi @anggreklestari . Yes, always 💖🙏🏼👼
Thank you for dropping by. untitled.gif

Pati ang clouds and skies kay munyekaa pd. Ahahhaha

Nyahahhaha! Buangon man ka Klause uyyyy. Hahhaha syempre . Nyahhahahaaa

This post made me realize how in love I am with sunsets huhu

(ps, your photos are GORGEOUS!!!)😍

Hi @jongcl Haha. Thank you so mucho! Mwuahugssss 💖💖💖

I envy you for having easy access to such beautiful sunsets.
Mga balay rajud akong makita sa among palibot. 😅

Balhin nas bungtod para makita nimo ang ka guapa sa kinaiyahan! Hahahha

Thank you. 💖

Puhon. Magbalay nya kos bukid. Di pa karon kay ubos ang bitcoin. 😂

Hahaha. Buangon. Awww hahahha. Namuot ko! Hahaha 😁🤣 Sagdi lang. Motaas Rana inig mag tweet si Elon Musk utro 😹😆

Maayong adlaw!

Why there's that "the beauty" there? Just wondering. lol

Some beer huh, walay tanduay diha paras isog nga gugma?hahaha

Hoyyyy! Basherrrr. Syempre. Beauty gyud na. Nyahahhaha. Sumbagon Ron hahaha.

hahaha basher jd, d dy pwdeg matinga lang?enebe yen

Ayaw nag katingala diha. Hahhaha Goodnight. What a long day 😹

Hahahhaah. this is very funny!


Hola. Me encantan esas fotografías son muy hermosas y nos muestra los hermosos escenarios que nos regala la naturaleza. Me gustaron mucho las fotografías del atardecer. Gracias por compartir tus fotografías. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi there. I love those photographs, they are very beautiful and they show us the beautiful scenery that nature gives us. I really liked the sunset pictures. Thanks for sharing your pictures. A hug from Colombia.

Very beautiful photos! What a bless to have this view! 😍🌄

Hey Luis! How are you doing? Thank you for dropping by.

Totally agree with you @luis.colina212 😻🙏🏼

Hi @marysdairy Thank you! Try to have some time waking up early and see how it goes. Hahhaa Hope you have a great day there!