Beauty does not discriminate

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We often say "men love with their eyes" beauty shines through our eyes. Not only men, I feel that each of us loves beauty, no matter what. Yes, I mean the beauty of flowers, often attributed to the beauty of women. But all flowers have male and female elements on a flower bud, it doesn't distinguish anyone unless that person is too hasty to glance at it. Their serene and colorful beauty of life always makes us feel loving and kind. Of course I'll just look at them instead of taking them back to my room, for others to enjoy.




Nature created plants that flourished long before man existed, the variety of species that make up this colorful and vibrant planet. I was quite fortunate to move to a city known as the city of thousands of flowers, which is Da Lat in Vietnam. This means that there are a lot of different flowers here thanks to the geographical location, soil and climate suitable for the growth of plants and crops. The soil here is mostly fertile red and brown soil, the year-round temperature maintains an average temperature of 18 - 23°C due to its average altitude above 1000m above sea level and located deep inland, away from extreme weather such as storms, floods, extreme cold. This land is not only a tourist destination but also a major flower supplier for the whole country.




I am also quite fortunate to work at a resort by a natural lake, where there is a small garden next to the pine forest on the hillside. In addition to the vegetables provided for the resort's restaurant, there are also many different types of flowers intermingled to create the landscape as an ecosystem. Most of them do not have many kinds of flowers with high economic value, it gives priority to the variety of species and colors for that garden. I often walk in this garden because of its greenness and fresh air, and you know the flowers also attract many other small animals that collect honey such as bees, butterflies,...and other animals. hunt them. It forms a small ecosystem to keep me here.






My understanding of biology is pretty bad, but I'm usually fascinated by my emotions. Usually I would smile softly or simply relax my facial muscles while looking at the flowers. Can be a natural medicine for my spirit without too much physical impact. Their beauty to describe is complicated but easy to feel inside the body. Color, shape, scent, and touch awaken an intense feeling of being closer and more connected to nature than ever before. Maybe I'll find a good magnifying glass next time to see more clearly the ridges, the ovary and their pollen, the little cells that make up a great beauty.
Some flowers that I know such as: lily, hibiscus, apricot blossom, banana firecracker, lavender, orchid,...









Nature gives people a lot of privileges, and perhaps everyone's paradise is on the ground, and it also becomes more beautiful if people take good care of them. And it is just as beautiful and full of youth and health as possible when existing as an entity instead of in a glass vase or a high-resolution screen. It is still there around us, on the roadside, in our garden. I am always learning how to extend my greater dignity to know the vibrations of every little moment of nature, making it intimate instead of possessive. Always surprised and surprised by the diversity and uniqueness of nature, vibrating with the beauty like pure girls. Of course then I have to really have love.


Thank you and thanks nature.


"Men love with their eyes." This is the first I've heard this but I guess it makes sense. 🤔

Yes, perhaps it is drawn from women, when men often pay attention to their beauty. It prevails at my place when people don't pay much attention to the beauty of the soul or the intelligence of a woman. I consider it a funny saying because it's really unfair to men😂

The flowers are beautiful....

Yes they are brilliant, hope it gives you a little more love.

Actually flowers give us love, peace to our heart.

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