As long as the kids are happy.

in Picture A Day4 months ago

This photo was taken by me while I was guiding two kids through the experience of visiting an organic vegetable garden, learning about the plants that are there and learning how to harvest and process them into unique salads for them to enjoy. enjoy. The accompanying adults are not their parents but a filming and photography crew. I talked to one of them and learned that they are doing experimental series for the two kids' youtube channel. They want to aim to inspire more children to have fun and education when today's kids are so absorbed in their phones and the internet. They need to find more knowledge, games and beauty in nature and achieve healthy results. For Westerners, this is really normal and it has been going on for a long time. But with an underdeveloped country and low awareness, conservative and stereotyped education system, censored media, it is a positive thing that needs to be spread more widely to the community.


A meaningful working day for me when I can feel many indescribable and joyful emotions. At least when I can watch them play and their smiling faces.