How A Cash-Hating Bimbo Learned To Manifest Money

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Why A Bimbo-Latina Is Teaching You Money Manifestation.

I hated money.

I was awful with it.

I mean, I felt like crap anytime the topic of money even hinted at cropping up.

I’ve been married twice, and in both marriages, my husbands controlled what we spent together. And that’s why when I divorced each of them I got nothing. Half of nothing is… nothing. We had nothing together. So how the hell can I teach anyone about money?

Well, something changed three years ago.

Three years ago when I met J-Ryze I was terrified to divorce husband number one (Joe) because of money. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to break up my family. It wasn’t because I was afraid to be single. Nope. The real, deep, true reason I was afraid was that I was a jobless Stay-At-Home-Mom and I had been financially taken care of by either my relatives or husbands for 15 years. Even when I met my ex-husband number two (Trent), during my short career as a school-teacher, the two of us put our money together and he took care of finances from there. So when I decided to leave him, I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself, my kids, or my home.

How could I buy anything, manage bills, or grow an investment if I hated money? I worried a lot. How could I do anything if I was kicking the only source of income out of my home? I figured it was hopeless.

But then Jay taught me some amazing things. He taught me I was born valuable, worthy, and with money inside me.

Wait. Money inside me?

Ok, he didn’t mean actual cash like an ATM machine but, well, almost.

He taught me that my innate value and worth could make money, and how expressing that internal value into the world, especially through our beliefs & moods, is how everyone creates money for themselves

Jay also taught me that I could manifest ANYTHING I wanted in this world, including money. But how? I had no job, no income, no husband… so how could I actually pay for things?

Money Can't Buy Happiness, But It Can Sure Grease The Wheels

happiness.jpg source

Step one was I had to find happiness first.

What does being happy have to do with making money?

The answer is everything!

Because money wasn’t going to flow well if I wasn’t already happy with my life as it was.

In fact, you can’t manifest ANYTHING unless you’re happy on that topic (and most related topics). Especially money. Money is a topic that makes most people anxious, uncomfortable, angry, depressed, etc. It certainly did for me.

When Trent was taking care of me financially I was so unhappy but I thought I’m taken care of and don’t have to worry about money, so why should I leave him? I was basically proof that money didn’t buy happiness. It bought me vacations in Spain, Paris, and Ireland. It bought me bags, shoes, and clothes. But the whole time, I was freaking miserable.

So, first lesson: be happy.

Sounds easy enough. So how can I be happier?

In 2016, long before I decided to divorce Trent, I typed those exact words into YouTube “how can I be happier?” This led me to find a ton of videos claiming to help me, indeed, be happier.

I got a dopamine rush from watching these videos, so I spent 2 years taking baby steps and binging self-help content. This continued until 2018 when I met Jay.

Jay taught me that I had to take action if I wanted to be happy. He taught me to admit what I wanted to myself. Which meant I had some tough decisions ahead of me. I was going to have to admit what I wanted to Trent. I was going to have to actually DO things to MAKE myself happy. I was going to have to stop WANTING it and just DO IT.

Ok, so how?

Well for me ‘how’ meant sitting down and telling Trent that I wanted a divorce. Next, I had to admit that I was a submissive and I wanted to be in a D/s relationship. Then I had to admit I was unhappy with my body, my home, my art, my social media, my kid’s behavior, my own behavior, my habits, the way I dressed, the way I spoke, the friends I talked to... and on and on.

It might be different for you. Maybe the current state of your life is great except for one thing, so you only have to admit one desire to yourself. Or maybe you’re more like I was, with many repressed desires. You have to decide what will make you happy and then take the steps towards them.

I remember shortly after meeting Jay, I sat down and wrote out a list of the kind of person I wanted to’s a shortened version for you to see.

  • I’m kind
  • I’m loving
  • I’m soft-spoken
  • I don’t curse
  • I’m feminine
  • I’m submissive
  • I have an hourglass figure with big boobs
  • I am fit and flexible
  • I am in a committed and loving D/s relationship
  • I am a great mother
  • I eat healthily
  • I run my own business
  • I am wealthy
  • I am financially free
  • I have several sources of income
  • I am happy

There was a lot more, but this is what I can remember.

I decided on the traits of the person I wanted to be. Then, I began taking the steps to become that person. I feminized my voice, I was nicer to people, I started spreading joy, I even opened a business with J-Ryze. I also began researching how to lose weight while keeping my cup size. I started meditating. I bought books on finance. I learned it was easy to have multiple sources of income. I improved my art.

The point is, I took steps to become who I wanted and this made me happy.

The main thing that brought me happiness was being honest about wanting a divorce.

That was huge.

Because once that bandaid was ripped off, happiness flowed like water. I went from dreading getting up out of bed every day to jumping up out of bed in the mornings, thrilled to wake up every day.
I started to love being alive and working towards my dreams. It was like I had been asleep for 15 years and the Prince (J-Ryze) kissed me (Sleeping Beauty) awake.
And once I was awake and happy then it was time to start making money and working on my money beliefs.

So far, I’ve made it sound easy, but I have a few confessions.

First confession:

Feeling good about money took me way longer than it had to because I had a tremendous amount of money blocks. However, I was able to manifest enough money to stay afloat and to allow me to talk about money a bit more than I used to, but straight up… there was still some serious learning I had to do.

Second confession:

Not everything I manifested worked out the way I wanted. I manifested writing a book with Jay and we barely made any sales. I manifested two businesses with Jay that failed (and 3 prior to meeting him that also failed). After our book failure, we started Ryze Gear. It was a t-shirt shop where we sold motivational shirts on Shopify. It made very little money. Then we moved on to Ryze Kink. This was my baby, y’all. It was exactly what I wanted (at the time). We sold kinky t-shirts, made amazing content for YouTube and kink guides to help our customers. Our mission was to #SlayShame. I still have so much love for RK and even typing this now I know that our RK journey isn’t completely over but still it also failed.

I know what it’s like to be afraid to fail at business. I know what it’s like to open the fridge and be afraid because the fridge isn’t full. I know what it’s like to be frozen in front of the computer, sobbing because of fear that the bills won’t be paid because I’m not doing any work. But you know what those fears got me? More fear, not money.

Third confession:

I actually had more than I was willing to admit.

Ok, the fridge wasn’t full but it wasn’t empty. There were chicken nuggets, Ramen, pasta, eggs, bread, rice, potatoes, and lots of frozen fruit. I could SEE with my own two eyes that the fridge and cupboards had food. But I couldn’t see the blessing that was staring back at me in the fridge and cupboards.

I couldn’t see past the fear, and I was so used to being triggered and playing the victim, that I couldn’t feel blessed with what was there. I was way too focused on what wasn’t there. So what did I get? I got more fear.

Same with our book, Ryze Gear, and Ryze Kink. I was so focused on my fear of “what if I’m not good enough” or “what if I fail” that I wasn’t able to see the amazing opportunity in front of me. I mean who gets handed not one, not two, but THREE businesses without having to put up a dime of their own money AND get half of the earnings? Yet I couldn’t feel blessed. All I could feel was the fear of failure. So what did I get? Failure.

What’s really funny about it all is that it wasn’t like I hadn’t ever made any money lol! In fact, I’ve been excellent at making money. I’ve been able to make a shitload of money all on my own without any help, barely any marketing, and just having fun.

The Tragically Happy Story Of My Past Money Manifestations.

cash.jpg source

Long ago when Joe or Trent was taking care of the finances (and even further back when I was living with my parents) I felt it was safe to ‘have fun’ making money. There was zero pressure because I had everything I could want.

What I didn’t know then was that making money IS fun regardless.

We’re supposed to have fun with what we do in life, and money is a side effect of that fun. The universe WANTS us to spend time doing things that bring us joy. That’s why I was able to make money effortlessly way back then.

I didn’t realize it but the money flowed to me so easily because I had zero resistance to making it.

I wasn’t anxious, worried, or crunchy about money. I just figured “eh, I have nothing to lose, the bills are paid, there’s food in the fridge, I’ll just do this for the fun of it all.”

And that’s the exact vibration needed to manifest money.

Back then, all the money I made was ‘extra’ and I usually spent it on my kids and myself. Here are some interesting ways I’ve made money in the past (no particular order).

  • I was a Professional Domme. I loved dominating men and they sent me gifts and money. I did it for fun because back then I enjoyed being cruel (because I hated myself) but these men loved my cruelty and I was good at it.
  • I made foot fetish videos. Again, I leaned heavily on the Domme part and spent time being cruel to men via custom-made videos that never showed my face and I kept all my clothes on.
  • I had a jewelry business. I traveled to festivals with Joe who was big into that kind of music, and I sold my jewelry while he did drugs and hung out with his friends.
  • I sold weed. Back in the day when weed was illegal, I sold it to help out my friends and I got free weed.
  • I was an amazing telemarketer. I’m great on the phone and talking to people. They begged me to stay when I quit. But I was a teenager and my best friend quit so I went with her because I didn’t really care. (Even recently, I’ve been mid-sales calls with clients (before they were clients) and they’ve interrupted my sales pitch to say “You don’t have to sell me. I’m in!” lol!)
  • I was a marketer for a restaurant. Trent was managing the restaurant and I had some great ideas for how they could market it. I mentioned it casually over dinner with the owners and they offered me a job as their marketing director. I told them the salary that I wanted, they said yes and it was a done deal.
  • I had an eBay store, and it was pretty successful too. I once bought a pair of white Doc Martens for $3 at GoodWill. I cleaned them up and sold them on eBay for $60.

So why would someone who had no trouble making money in the past be deathly afraid of failing to earn on her own?


When I got divorced, suddenly my attitude towards money changed. I began putting pressure on myself instead of having fun with money. When I wasn’t sure that the bills would be paid or there’d be food in the fridge, that’s when I started to freak out. And the more I freaked out, the more my income slowed down. And then the slowdown caused me to freak out even more. And so, even less money came in. And then I’d freak out more… see the pattern?

I basically went from making bank effortlessly to destitute, panicky, and broke.

And it gets weirder.

See, I have this amazing ability to relate to people and people LOVE me. They’re attracted to me and want to be around me. I’ve used it to make money easy peasy pie. But when I start worrying, thinking those damn “what ifs” in my head that’s when I mess myself all up.

When I got scared about money, I did what I’ve always done...I called Mami and Daddy.

Money Can Flow Through Others... But Dependency Is A Disease


I love my parents.

I’m an only child and I’m so blessed to have parents who have money. I’m so blessed that my parents love me too and have always given me every single thing that I’ve ever wanted. But it wasn’t always that way.

We were poor when I was growing up but my mother worked 3 jobs to send me to Catholic school and give me the things my friends all had. My best friend got a Cabbage Patch Kid, my mom bought me two.

Even though my mother gave me everything, I do know what it’s like to go without. She bought me things I wanted but I still had to eat ‘rice and eggs’ because it was cheap and easy. She spent her money on Disney trips but we took PB&J sandwiches into the park. She spent money on my uniforms, books, and school trips but we rarely had a full fridge of food. I always ate but I remember being 10 and looking in the fridge worrying about dinners. I spent A LOT of time alone. I was a latch-key kid. I made my own breakfast, lunch, and dinner most nights. My job was to do well in school, tidy the house, and follow the rules. But even without having anyone around to check on me, I still did as I was told. And what side-effect did this all have? I ended up learning a crappy lesson.

I learned to be dependent on other people for money.

I learned this even when I got my first job babysitting. I began babysitting at 13 years old for one of my mom’s bosses. They paid me well and picked me up and dropped me off at home. They fed me sometimes and were so good to me. But when my mom decided to move to Sarasota, I was expected to pitch in... Using the $500 I’d earned myself. She expected me to just hand it over to her to help with the move. I was so mad. I had never been asked for a dime before my whole life, and here she was making me give her my money! I was livid.

Oh man, just typing that feels pretty embarrassing.

I mean come on. My mom worked her ass off at three jobs for me and I got paid to sit around, watch movies, and color with little kids. How could I have been such a bitch about helping her out when I had money?

Because that’s how I was trained.

Because she’d taught me that I didn’t have to lift a finger. She taught me I could do nothing, get what I wanted, and be dependent on her. And that lasted for way more years than I want to admit.

And to be honest, some might say I’m still dependent on her for money. That’s right, she still pays my phone bill and my rent. Ugh. It feels so gross and I hate writing that. But it’s the truth. However, I’m more and more financially independent all the time and will soon be completely free! And I can’t wait for the day I get to hand her a check instead of her handing me one.

(Squeals with glee.)
Please understand that I’m beyond grateful that my parents have been helping me out since my divorce but I made it my mission to master money, and my progress has been showing itself more and more. I intend to be wealthy, and financially free.

Even though I’m so grateful for their help, I know that being dependent on others for money feels like shit. It makes me feel really bad about myself and I dislike that feeling. We didn’t come to earth to be dependent on others, we came to tap into our own abundance and co-create together.

I never want to be dependent on another human being for money ever again! That’s why I’m really writing this. This is me sharing my personal journey and what I’ve learned. I’m learning how to depend on myself. I've been practicing loving myself, taking care of myself, being alone with myself. It may look to others that I’ve not quite mastered how to be financially free for myself but I’m definitely getting there.

I’m miles from where I started, and for that, I’m so grateful to Jay.

Oh, so Jay pays for you?

Nope. We earn money... together.

It’s a big difference from how I was a stay-at-home mother and Trent went out and made money. He came home, gave me money, took care of bills, and let me do whatever I wanted. I spent what I wanted on what I felt like. But I wasn’t making it.

Now, I make money WITH Jay. And I cannot even tell you the thrill and joy I get when I see the money flowing in. Because I know that I earned it and no one “gave” me anything.

Money flows through Jay, and through our clients, to me. But I definitely put love into it so that it happens. And it couldn’t have happened if I hadn’t decided to be happy and learn about manifesting money.

Money Manifestation Murdered By... My Limiting Beliefs

death.jpg source

So how did I get from money-fearing to money-loving?

I grew up watching my mom bust her ass for money. I watched her work long and hard for every cent. I grew up hearing both of my parents complaining about money. My dad complained that my mom wanted money but he had none to give. And my mom complained that my dad wasn’t helping her out with child support (in 18 years he gave her money twice as far as I know).

These experiences get soaked up by child-like osmosis.

These experiences can distill limiting beliefs into people.

By the time I was divorced and ready to be on my own, I realized I had some insanely shitty limiting beliefs.

I believed:

  • Money is hard to earn
  • There is never enough money
  • Money takes a lot of hard work to get
  • Money takes you away from doing things you love
  • I always run out of money
  • Money is hard to come by
  • Money makes people complain
  • Money makes people hate each other
  • Money makes people fight a lot
  • Food is expensive
  • Fun things are expensive
  • Parents sacrifice buying for themselves for kids happiness
  • Going into debt to make your kid happy is being a good parent
  • No sleep, no days off is the only way to make money
  • Only rich people are happy
  • Rich people don’t understand what it’s like to be poor
  • Being poor means you have to eat the same thing every day (I LOATHE Rice Crispies and rice and eggs)
  • Brand name food is too expensive
  • Shopping at discount food stores saves money (it doesn’t always).
  • Don’t take money from people (except mom)

UGH. Just typing those feels gross because I don’t believe them anymore. They don’t resonate with the new me. But these shitty limiting beliefs are big examples of what was holding me back from making money.

When I met Jay and we were working on our first collaboration, our book ‘Soaring Beliefs’, he sent me some money for the work I was doing. I instantly told him “No I’m ok, I don’t need it.” He was like, “Uh that’s not how you make money! You can’t turn down money out of guilt or limiting beliefs, otherwise, the universe will flow less & less money to you.” I was stunned at his response. I thought I was doing a ‘nice’ thing by saying ‘no’ but really I was stopping HIS flow of money (he wanted to give it to me), plus I was stopping MY flow of money by refusing to accept it.
I learned quickly that if I wanted money to flow to me then I was going to have to be open to receiving money from ANYWHERE and ANYONE it was coming in from. I was appalled that I would stop the flow of money. I didn’t realize that my limiting beliefs were stopping any money from manifesting into my life.

But I still didn’t practice adjusting my thoughts and moods on money enough. I took a significant step in this conversation with Jay, but it was far from proper, committed ‘prosperity-practice.’ I was still ‘afraid’ of the topic of money in those early days.

How can money come into your life if you’re afraid?

There are really only two emotions.

There are two emotions that make up all the emotions you feel.

There are two emotions of which all other emotions are shades of: fear and love.

Any negative emotion is actually fear, any positive emotion is actually love.

That entire list of limiting beliefs I listed above is all based on fear. Fear of losing money, fear of not making money, fear of hard work, fear of success, fear of making money but losing it. It goes further with fear of not having enough, fear of having too much, fear of being unable to make money, fear of others’ judgment, and on and on.

But the following beliefs are all based on love:

  • I LOVE money and money loves me
  • Money is easy to make, people have done it for centuries
  • I am valuable and people eagerly pay me for my value
  • Doing things that make me happy makes me money
  • Making money makes it easy for me to do more things for the people I love
  • Making money is FUN
  • Making money comes naturally to me when I choose to do things I love
  • There is more than enough money in the world for everyone
  • Making money is my birthright
  • I deserve to make money
  • I deserve to be wealthy
  • I deserve to have fun with money and spend it on myself
  • I deserve to make the exact amount of money I want to make and more
  • Wealthy people are in a great position to give money to others
  • Money brings me more security, safety, and freedom
  • I am a money magnet and I attract money daily
  • Making money is easy and fun but being poor is hard work
  • I can make money easily
  • I’ve made money in the past on my own and anything I’ve done in the past I can do again permanently.
  • The universe has always provided for me one way or another
  • I’ve had decades of support and being provided for and I expect that to grow
  • I love spending money on people I love and on strangers
  • I love helping people make money
  • I’m so excited to give my mother money so she can enjoy her life without working
  • Being wealthy is easy
  • Money brings me tremendous joy and happiness
  • I love wealthy people
  • I love learning from wealthy people
  • The more money I have the more I can give to charity.
  • I attract money easily, daily
  • I am worthy of making the amount of money I make and more
  • I am wealthy
  • I enjoy my financial freedom
  • I am financially secure

Don’t those beliefs FEEL better than the limiting ones? Don’t they FEEL right? Don’t they FEEL like beautiful things you want to FEEL deep in your soul? I definitely feel them. I felt each one as I was typing it. I BELIEVE with CONVICTION that those beliefs are 100% TRUE.

But my beliefs don’t matter much for readers of this post.

The real question is do you believe these things?

If you don’t yet, you can. You can change your beliefs RIGHT NOW. You just have to decide that you’ve had enough of the limiting beliefs and they don’t serve you so you will change them now.

But you have to feel it in your gut.

You have to know with conviction that these new beliefs are yours. Write them down, print them out, say them out loud to yourself in a mirror every day, turn them into art, shit, you can tattoo them on your forehead for all I care. All that matters is that you FEEL them when you say them or write them. That you believe with conviction that they’re true. That you’re spending your day being “kid-at-Christmas” happy, ALL DAY LONG (or at least a substantial chunk of it.)

Still, need some help to feel the new beliefs? Well here are some resources that helped me…

Books, And Videos, And Webinars, Oh My!

learning.jpg source

Happy Money by Ken Honda. Jay gave me this book and it was the first finance book that I didn’t want to throw out the window for being boring, lol! It’s an amazing book and super helpful for changing my money mindset. Arigato in, Arigato out.

Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind By T. Harv Eker Great audiobook available for free on YouTube. This book had me take a hard look at my current money beliefs. This book helped me to ask questions about my parents and what their beliefs were and how they affected me. This was something I hadn’t thought of before and it was helpful to me to take a closer look. The exercises in this book were also helpful and since reading this one, I started putting my hand to my head and saying “I have a millionaire mind”.

Heal Your Past. Clear Your Blocks - A free Masterclass from Mindvalley and Christie Marie Sheldon A great class. She focuses on money blocks even though it doesn’t say so in the title. I’ve done this twice now and it was super helpful (though not on Jay’s level as I fell asleep during the last part of the class, lol, BUT it was still really good and I learned a lot about myself.)

You Were Born Rich -Video by @Ryzeonline Jay talks about money and debt in a simple-yet-unusual way that I’ve never heard before.

Don’t Let Fear Kill Your Dreams - Video by @Ryzeonline Not exactly about money but it was super helpful for me since all negative emotions are FEAR based.

Your Beliefs About Money Are Blocking Your Wealth - Video by @Ryzeonline There's nothing wrong with wanting more money, in fact, it actually helps the economy. But no one's told you the biggest deal-breaker to wealth-creation ever.

It's not 'hustle harder', 'market better', or 'master Facebook ads.'

Your biggest block is what you believe and identify with because those things become self-fulfilling prophecies. All the people you look up to mastered their money-beliefs first, then got richer, whether they realize it or not.

So... in this video, Jay explains why it's like this, which beliefs matter most, and gives you an exercise to fix them.

Build Your Money Muscles - Video by @Ryzeonline The reason we're scared of expensive things is that we haven't worked out our ‘money muscles.‘

You wouldn't expect to lift an impressive weight at a gym, without doing the reps and building up to it. And you shouldn't expect to lift a heavy 'financial weight' without doing the 'spending reps' and working out your 'spending muscles' either.

Basically, you need to spend more money (but not in a crazy or reckless way.)

I noticed many of my early clients were scared to invest in themselves. They made it sound like the world would end if they spent money. So I asked Jay about it. In this video, he takes us on a journey of money beliefs, with a focus on why you need to spend more money because everyone already understands how important it is to 'make' money. (He later introduced me to Abraham-Hicks’ “Prosperity Game” where you ‘spend’ imaginary money to get your feet wet without financial risk.) This has been a really fun game. You get $1000 “deposited” every day and you can spend it on what you want. It’s been fun to find things to spend the money on. I love being generous and buying things for those I love and for myself. I’ve had fun finding luxurious items for myself to bookmark for later to buy WHEN I’m financially free.

Money Manifestation Demystified by J-Ryze An incredible article about money that Jay recently’s what a fan (not me lol) has to say about this article…

2021-11-20 Reddit Money Article Testimonial.jpeg

So there you have it, my favorite prosperity-boosting resources.

Remember, it’s key to be happy in life, and especially around the topic of money, before good experiences flow your way, and part of creating that happiness is elevating your money-beliefs, because...

Money Is Just Energy, And We're All Energy-Masters

money.jpg source

Money seemed like a mystical thing to me for so long.

But Jay taught me that money is just an expression of energy. It’s a symbol of every human being's natural-born freedom, power, or value. Most of the time we are using old patterns in our mind when it comes to money. All those old limiting beliefs are why you save, spend, or worry about money. But when you realize that it’s just energy then you empower yourself because if money is energy, and you are energy, then you can control the energy that is YOU and you control the money too.

And what is our energy? It’s not some weird concept no one can understand.

It’s your mood.

You have the power to shift your mood in thousands of ways, but most people don’t bother.

It’s a shame because when we raise our energy levels we can manifest anything we want.

If you’re feeling low and all “boohoo I have no money, money is hard…” what do you think you’ll get more of?

You’ll get things that match such low energy, low mood.

You get more of the exact same energy you’re putting out into the world.

But if you have high energy about money, such as “Money is easy to make. Money is fun. I LOVE spending money. I make lots of money easily. I’m confident more fun money opportunities will appear.” What do you think you get more of? Exactly, you get more fun, easy money flowing your way.

Do you know who raises your energy about money when it’s low?

You do! (It was a rhetorical question, lol!) Go have fun. Do things that FEEL GOOD. If thinking about money makes you crunchy, mad, anxious, upset then you gotta either change those negative thoughts, or you gotta think of things that make you happy so you can raise your energy.

Which would you rather feel? “Money is hard to make,” or “OMG Money is so easy to make. Money comes to me so easily. I have fun all day and I just have money pouring into my bank account.“

I know which one I’d rather feel!

Being in a place of fear just brings more fear. And fear is energy. Love is energy. Money is energy.

Raise your energy about money and more money will flow to you. Or you can stay in the low vibration of lack and keep being poor. The choice is yours!

Changing Beliefs, Obliterating Blocks, & Claiming Freedom

blocks.jpg source

Ok, so you decided you’re done being poor and want to feel good about money, right? Yay! Me too!

So how can you change your beliefs? There are a few ways to do that. But we’ll go into the how in the next section.

First, did you decide on which beliefs you will change? Have you made a list of the beliefs you want to let go of? Do you KNOW you probably have a few hundred shitty beliefs about money?

It sounds overwhelming.

It sounds like a lot.

But it’s ok, I felt that way too. The thing is, it’s like “eating an elephant”, you’ve just gotta do it one bite at a time, and with each step, prosperity gets easier and easier. I’ve changed a bunch of my old money beliefs and I know I STILL have more.

How do I know that? Because I’m not making $100,000 a month, YET.

See what I did there? I said “yet.” Why? Because I believe that I will make $100,000 a month. And I might not believe that with the conviction I need to make it (yet) but I definitely believe it more than anyone likely reading this. I definitely believe WITH conviction that I’m on my way to it, and I’m attracting it right now.

And writing this article just brought me closer to it too.

I believe with my whole heart and soul (and my gut) that I DESERVE to make $100,000 a month. Do I know how? Nope. But that’s the beauty of it. I’m not supposed to know how today because it doesn’t matter how. There are thousands of ways to achieve such a thing, and me being anxious or worried about ‘how’ just holds manifestation back. What matters is that I feel ease and flow when it comes to this subject.

A few weeks ago I wouldn’t have been able to write this because I’d be all sad that I’m not making the money I want to make. Poor people usually don’t have control of their beliefs and emotions about money, and automatically get triggered when it’s even mentioned. This makes it impossible for them to write something like this. I wasn’t feeling very prosperous a few weeks ago, and if I tried to write, I’d be all crunchy and feeling like shit and thinking I’d better hurry with this article so I can “get back to working harder” (ew!).

But I don’t feel like that today.

And now is what matters.

Right now I’m smiling because I’m having fun writing this article. I’m having fun sharing with you, dear reader, my thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings, and my choices. Why? Because these are what matter when it comes to changing beliefs, removing blocks, and manifesting what I want!

Beliefs, moods, and choices.

These are the fundamental tools for manifestation. How do I know? Because the greatest teacher on earth taught me this, J-Ryze. And how do I know he’s right? Because I’ve used these things to manifest lots of things in my life.

What are they? Well, they’re a deeper topic than I want to go into here and now... but I’ll link more resources here for you to learn from.

Hate reading and learning? Well, then I guess you hate money and being rich too, eh? Because if you truly want something in this life, and you don’t know how to get it, then your only option is to learn how. This is the difference between successful people and people who die full of regrets, wishes, and sadness.

Successful people focus their full attention, positively and whole-heartedly, on immersing themselves in whatever topic they need to master.

Do you understand the fundamentals of the Law Of Attraction? No? Then LEARN THEM. The information is here and it’s FREE.

Want to get some MotherF*cking Results? when manifesting? Then LEARN HOW it’s free!

Want to know the 3 SIMPLE Steps To Manifest ANYTHING? Then LEARN THEM! The info is ALL FREE.

Want to TRULY understand the ‘levels of belief’ I touched on earlier? Then LEARN THEM. This is another free resource we provide.

Why do Jay and I give away so much free information? Because we WANT you to have the life you deserve. Because we BELIEVE in you with deep KNOWING that you can do it.

Methods For Money Manifestation (Being Independent)

money 2.jpg source

So you’ve explored the LOA resources above and learned the fundamentals. You took in all the information now and you want to learn actual methods of manifesting money, yes?

I gotchu!

But before I share my own methods of manifesting money (and anything I want), let me add a lil disclaimer that not many teachers seem to share…

These methods are what worked for ME. Will they work for you? Maybe. But only YOU know if they will work for you. You have to follow your emotional guidance regarding manifestation methods. You have to do whatever FEELS best to you. I can’t tell you if the methods below are the best, I can only tell you that they’ve been the best for me.

Now, I’m not 100% independent from my parents, but 1) I believe abundance flowing to me from any source is a blessing, even if I’d prefer alternatives, and 2) I’m 100% getting there. And these methods of manifestation have brought me many amazing things...and I’ll share a few now:

  • I manifested J-Ryze. Yep. That’s right. I made a giant list of traits that I wanted in a man/partner a year before I met him, and he ticks every single box.
  • I manifested losing weight but keeping the same cup size. Most women hate losing weight because they lose their boobs. I wanted better for myself so, I manifested losing 100lbs and I’m the exact same cup size I was when I started.
  • I manifested crossing the US/Canadian border when it was tightly shut at the height of Covid in June 2020. I was told I wasn’t crossing unless I was an “essential worker”. They were wrong. I manifested crossing easy peasy pie.
  • I manifested living with Jay. We broke up in June 2020 and ‘miraculously,’ a week later he was calling me asking me to move in.
  • I manifested clear skin after a seriously infected rash broke out all over my hands and face. I cleared it up all on my own, with zero medical assistance.
  • I manifested $3500 to move to Canada. I had $30 three days before I was supposed to move here. My apartment was paid for the first month. My plane ticket was paid for but I had no clue how I was going to eat, get to my apartment from the airport, etc. 3 days before I moved I manifested $2000 more than I wanted.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg of what I’ve manifested. So you’re saying but HOW Cyn? For the love of God just TELL US! LOL!

Ok ok…

I used Visualization, Scripting, Belief-Ladders, Affirmations, Mirror-Work, and Positive Self-talk to manifest the above and more.

I linked some of our videos above that go further into the details of how to visualize and script to manifest. But I’ll touch on the others a bit more, too.

Belief-Ladders: I did this with a lot of self-talk and changing my perspectives. I had a lot of conversations with Jay about how to do this. And he asked me some amazing questions and my answers and our conversations helped. Want help to change your perspective too? We’re happy to help. If you want to do it on your own then you better start asking yourself some deep questions. Asking deep questions of ourselves is key here. Start really looking at your beliefs, vs. your heroes' beliefs. What do Beyonce, Oprah, or Eminem, believe? What did Bruce Lee or Marilyn Monroe believe about money, frustration, reaching dreams, etc? Do you think you don’t know just because you don’t know them? Wrong. You can totally tell what they believe by their success! You can tell by their interviews, their content, and their energy. LEARN from them. Copy their beliefs. Apply yourself and figure this stuff out. Or you can come and learn from us too. Jay and I are happy to help you.

Affirmations and mirror work: I wrote down a bunch of things that made me feel good on notecards and I said them to myself. I look myself in the eye in the mirror and I say things like…
‘I love you’. ‘You’re the greatest marketer ALIVE’, ‘You are beautiful’, ‘You are wealthy’, ‘You are famous’, etc to myself in the mirror. It didn’t start easy lol! I sobbed on the bathroom floor the first time but I kept going because I KNEW it would feel better. But I recommend that if it feels bad then go do things that feel good first. If I knew then what I know now then I would have gone and danced, sang, and made myself all happy and giddy BEFORE doing the mirror work and not pushed through it.

Positive self-talk: Oh boy this one is like mirror work but it’s all day long in my head. I’m doing it now while I write this. “This article is going to help so many people. You’re a great writer Cyn with a great story. You’ve come so far and people want to learn from you. People want your help and this article is going to help them manifest money so they can have the dream life they want and they can help other people too. This article is going to bring so much joy to someone who is hurting and wants help. This article is amazing and so many people are going to share it so they can help others too.”

I’m not the greatest, most excellent at positive self-talk, YET, but I’m pretty good. I’ve gotten much better. And it’s something I had to learn to do more often than a few times a day in the mirror too. You have 50,000+ thoughts a day and they ALL matter. So, I’ve learned to do it with any project that I’m working on. Cooking, cleaning, doing my makeup, writing, video editing, talking to my neighbor, walking with Jay, having lunch with Jay, etc.

I know if I can do it, so can you. When I started my journey to manifest money, I wasn’t able to even think a single good thought about money but with time, learning, changing perspectives, changing my beliefs, reading amazing materials, talking to Jay, taking steps to be better, that I’ve come to this place where I’m now writing an article to help you learn how to manifest money too.

If you asked me back then, I would’ve said writing articles like this is for other people, and that I wouldn’t even dream of writing a single positive sentence about money, let alone a 20-page google document on prosperity and abundance

Now I’m getting better every day at manifesting money. I’m abundant and prosperous in all things that I do. I manifest opportunities, and clients and the practice I want to keep manifesting the things in my life that I desire. And I’m excited to see what financial abundance I manifest next.

And you can do it too. I KNOW it. I believe in you. Keep Ryzing.

~Love, Cyn


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Wow, this was an honest, heartfelt journey to share. I believe it will touch many, and I can see you're manifesting more and more abundance all the time. #KeepRyzing ! 🙏

Thank You so much for all Your help, for helping me learn how to be abundant and how to manifest. I am so grateful. I AM manifesting more and more daily. 🙏❤️

My pleasure, I know you are, and I bet writing it felt good. :) 🙏

it did! I felt such amazing growth from it. Thank You 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

They say the best way to learn is to teach :) 🙏