Awesome video!

Appreciate the visit and comment 😊

Klasse Beitrag und Hammer Video mal wieder! 😉

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I wonder if glass coffins will become popular one day?
Remains to be seen.

Credit: reddit
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 7 months ago  


So great to see some footage from the event, loved the video and the artwork. Well done to all involved, it's so important to be focusing on the power of creativity right now xxxx

@trucklife-family So nice you stopped by. It was so much fun to see the tech work and some test it by paying for drinks with HBD.

 7 months ago  

Thanks for reposting. Much love and Power to you 💪💯💯

any time fam!

Thanks for the mention here! Glad you enjoyed the music 🙌

Always do. I gotta buy some of your editions on #tunz

Oooohhh I keep forgetting to put my tracks up on tunz! So much going on right now,thanks for the reminder!

Hammer Video man!! Voll guet! 👌😜

Thanks Brotha!


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This is really beautiful 😊... lovely to see

 7 months ago (edited) 

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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