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Auto Rentals is done being tested and comes out soon so we thought we'd share more information about how it will work to get you ready

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We believe this update will fundamentally change Splinterlands Card Rentals system for the better. We have been testing it for many days and the testers seem to also believe the same. It has saved them TIME and MONEY. Though it has been tested we still encourage you to share any problems you may find and share on #peakmonsters-support over on our discord server.

We have seen how the BID BUY system on has impacted the price and stability of buying and selling cards and we think Rental Bids will do the same for the rental market.


  • No more racing to get a great deal only for it to always be gone before you get it.
  • No more head pounding frustration specially end of season.
  • We are also giving owners more information to help them understand the value of their cards in the rental market
  • We will develop a quick way to match the bids that are out there when you try to list cards for rent.


  • More and more users will have an easier and faster way to move up leagues... thus we will likely see more upward movement by players.
  • More players will have an easier time getting the cards they need to make them more competitive ... thus competition will be harder.
  • There is a high likelihood that crazy priced card listings may be less and less common as owners understand the value better. That means we will see less really really low priced rentals (which bots get anyway) and see less really high priced rental listings. (Which sit there and do nothing)
  • We will likely see a closer aligned spread of prices and less dramatic movements during the season.
  • We think that the number of cards being rented will increase and we think even more people will be willing to rent because they will have a better system to help them know the price for rentals.
  • Fair warning Prices may go down as easy as they go up. People will outbid other people... but an important thing to know is that as soon as we match their bid it is no longer the top bid. (On buy market people bid for hundreds of cards but on rental market they only need one of that card)
  • If owners list hundreds of cards at a time on then hundreds of bids may be completed in minutes.
  • There is also a very high probability that buyers will use the stats of renters and bids to help them find cards in the market to buy and then list for renting.

This will be the overarching impact: If a card is visibly still listed in the manual market on or it's because it wasn't a good deal for one side or the other. Most all good deals will probably be filled via auto rentals.
So yes we understand that it will be a huge disadvantage to rent on and this was understood by us and Splinterlands/yabapmatt from the very beginning of our combined planning early this year. knew we were going to do an Auto Rental system and this is a big part of why they agreed to create a new protocol for rental system, because they were interested in what we could do to automate this experience.

We believe it will be a fair and orderly way for everyone to get their cards and provide a lot of order to the chaos and save time and make sure people don't get taken advantage of. (Owners and renters)

BUT... that order comes with rules that govern it...


  • Each BID listing will require Hive RC (via Hive Power) by the user however when the rentals listings are searched for and acquired by PeakMonsters for the user PeakMonsters pay the RC price for all rentals acquired by auto renting. That means we are helping our users save on RC every day.
  • But don't forget if you want to make 80 bids or 80 changes to bids make sure to have enough Hive Power in your account to cover the cost of doing all those blockchain transactions.

To do auto rentals you have to give our accounts RENTAL AUTHORITY


AutoRentals earns you more on your SPS airdrop
You put to the side less DEC for rentals and thus you will have more in your account each day which you can earn SPS airdrop from.

If you run out of DEC in your splinterlands account we will not be able to renew your active bids nor fulfill new ones.

Each rental we create for you is 2 days and at the end of 2 days we extend it for 2 more, if still available and your bid is still active we will renew it. (1 day was just too expensive for us to handle for HP and RC)

If the card is ever removed from rental system or price changed we will start looking for a replacement card 3hours before your previous card is removed. This hopefully gives enough time to find a replacement and let you increase your bid if necessary while not giving too much overlap on cards.

Manually extending an auto rental will not be an issue if you like to set aside the DEC and not earn SPS on it.

If you do a manual rental for the same card we will still try to complete your auto rental we do not check to see if you have the card we simply check to see if we have fulfilled your bid.


You can tell us how much Collection Power you would like us to rent.
For example if you are at 5000 CP but want to be at 15000 CP then you would do a bid for 10000 CP
For these bids you will use the CP per DEC metric or (CP/DEC) the lower that number means the higher the bid. A 199CP/DEC bid beats a 200CP/DEC bid.
For example if you wanted to get 10k CP and your bid was 200CP/DEC then you would get all 10k CP for 50 DEC or LESS each day.

You are required to give a range because getting the exact amount is almost impossible and the larger the range the faster and easier it is to complete.

Remember this is a bid for any and every card out there you don't have a way to specify when using this to get specific cards you should use the individual card rentals.


You will bid in DEC for a monster at a particular level and the highest bid is first in line to get any card that is equal or less than that bid. Once that bid is filled we will work to fill the next bid.

Keep in mind that you are also competing against the Collection Power bids... which ever bid is higher will have that card awarded to their account.

If a higher level is available that matches or is better than your bid it also will be used.



When you make your bid AND you are the top bid we immediately look at the blockchain at every card that gets listed and if a new listing qualifies you will get the rental this can happen very quickly. However simultaneously we will also begin searching past listed cards to see if there are matches... this process is much slower and may take a few minutes to match you with these cards.

We suggest making your bids before you need these cards as it can sometimes take a bit of time to get your bids matched. But also time for Owners to see the bids and perhaps lower their prices to match your bid


  1. When? - If all goes well... tomorrow.

Please ask your questions in the comments and we'll add them here.


I have a view questions on this one.


Let's say there is a newly listed card that rents out for 9 dec and there is a not-so-newly listed card for 8 dec. If my bid is 10 dec, would I get the 9 dec one rather than the 8 dec? Not sure how this blockchain thing works

The system that looks at new listings is much much much faster so if that new 9 dec listing happens before the other system finds the 8dec then you'll get the 9dec card. Both of them are below your bid ... we go with whatever we find first.

A way to rent out the cards I don't use in bulk. Awesome. Using this tool to get the cards I want to play with. Also awesome.

Really looking forward to changing up the way that I play!

Each rental we create for you is 2 days and at the end of 2 days we extend it for 2 more . . .

Any rental cancellations will begin to be re-filled 3 hours before the cards leave your account.

Wow! This is great! Thanks for listening to the sentiments especially of new players like me. Kudos Splinterlands!

I have few questions.

  1. How I can configure Auto rental?
  2. Can Auto rental allow be to increase the price of my rental without breaking the rentals?
  3. Can we have fixed contract rentals? in which both party to honour the number of days that they entered into agreement.
  1. Tomorrow (hopefully) you will see options on the RENTAL page
  2. Yes you can increase the price of your bid without breaking the rental
  3. No we're doing auto rentals instead.

Collection power bids is going to be a real gamechanger, this all sounds inceredible!

This looks like a real improvent if it works as described. i'm excited to try it out!

Each rental is for 2 days at a time, if still available and your bid is still active we will renew it. (1 day was just too expensive for us to handle for HP and RC)

i) Will it be possible for either party to cancel this 2 day rental so it is effectively only a 1 day rental?
ii) Renting from in game will still be possible for 1 day, correct?
iii) Is it possible to rent for more than 2 days?

Thanks in advance.

I changed the wording to help people understand that we simply set aside 2 days of rental costs then come back and extend for 2 more days. We did this instead of renewing every day because it would be to costly for us to do the extend transaction for 400k cards every single day. So we cut it in half by doing 2 days.

As you may or may not know rentals are only promised for a 24hr period so during the second day if it is no longer available we will begin looking for another card for you.

Auto Rentals means it auto attempts to rent that monster at that level for forever until you cancel or pause. We just keep extending as long as the conditions are appropriate.

Wonderful job with the new auto rental bids! This is SO EXCITING and will change the whole rental market! You've been manually curated by @rosiew from Early-Bird!


Wow, this is huge, thank you so much for constantly creating better and better tools for us. You guys rock!

Curated by @flauwy.


Sorry I am pretty new to the rental scene. Is there a way of me renting out all the cards I don't use via Peakmonsters? I currently use Splinterlands but would love to be able to set my bulk rentals via Peakmonsters

It's as easy as selecting them and clicking the rent button. If you want to put them up at the lowest price on the market, it's as easy as clicking a button. If you just want to see what the other cards are up for, you can do that as well. You can do multiple cards at once.

I like the COLLECTION POWER BIDS, gives me a way to panic up my power level for a low amount whatever the cards. I love it!

awesome it's live now... let us know what you think.

I did it yesterday but could not remove the bid. so this night the bid went trough and I lost a lot of DEC. really annoying.

Thanks for your hard work, it trully helps us as renters.


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Ok so I'm not sure how this really (really) helps the new players move up. Sure you've sorted the CP problem, but the smart money is always gonna rent useful cards while they increase their CP.

The problem is now they are getting junk cards (until there is none left) then the 'machine' start consuming good cards that the altruistic people might have listed cheaply so other may move up ranks in an economical way. (Yes I still want to believe these people exist)

So are we teaching people anything? Are we educating them to understand that 'this card' + 'this card' will help them to rank up and provide CP at the same time?

It's an interesting feature, but I still need to be sold on the benefits.

Let's see how this plays out. And as a renter I feel it's prudent to not enter the free for all until the bid price is about what I want to let my cards rent for.
(Of course, this is good for me and not so much for the players, especially if the other renters are sitting on the edge and waiting to jump in too)

I hope the launch goes well. RIP your RC. :)

If supposed "kind" owners want to be actually kind they won't list good cards for too cheap... it's naive and unproductive of them. They're actually trying to be kind with unkind results.

We've put in about 25k HP so far. But i think we'll end up many times more than that.

This is an incredibly impressive achievement. Definitely keeps the bots out and less headaches trying to be faster than them to no avail.

"No more racing to get a great deal only for it to always be gone before you get it."

on one hand I can understand this as being true,
on the other it seems like that will become even more common.
huge problem is in-game UI not refreshing to show what is actually available.

anyway my question is:
can I toggle to pause all bids, then turn on them all on again another day?
I usually have my rental accounts completely idle, so I pause/unpause en-masse would be great.

It is likely that they will be rented so fast they'll never even show up in the UI... I guess we'll see. But why would anyone manual rent anymore anyway. haha

And yes you can pause all. It's already part of the system

I think there are people that will always use in-game market just from being 'out of the loop' or otherwise casual/new, so it'll be something to keep an eye on (although near end of season im not sure the difference would be immediately apparent anyway) I'm hoping if it remains a problem, someone could improve the UI to hide taken rentals faster, and add some randomization/'noise' to the sorting/timing that rentals appear, just to scatter everyone around a little and better avoid 500 people piling onto 1 chicken all day every day, lol

the option to pause/unpause all at once makes this autorental sound extremely useful to me, thanks

Yeah well like I said we don't know if there will even be an issue anymore... we may be renting the cards so fast that they made never have the time to go into the listing be api and be shown to users.

Same thing happens with market bids

This is really, really cool - just one little thing I disagree with. "On buy market people bid for hundreds of cards but on rental market they only need one of that card."
This is...not true. If renting 10 gold chain spinners is the cheapest way to get the 5k card power I need, guess what, I'm renting 10 gold chain spinners 🤣

Just a timely update. The season is about to end. This tool is really helpful! Thanks!

Hello friends! First of all, I would like to thank you for the evolution of #PeakMonsters. As a new player, I prefer stability on the rentals price market than fighting with bots for a Deal (I can grant it's true and comes to horror at the end of the season). I wrote a post explaining how good works your service is and encouraging everyone to use it:

At the same time, I would like to send a proposal that maybe your evolution on Rental Markets will solve it. As #splinterlands is a #blockchain, we can assume that Renting a card is a contract. I can't understand how there is not a rental fee when one of the parts breaks it. This situation leaves low budget account fighting to get power in a situation of vulnerability. Thank you very much for your work and greetings from Barcelona!

A rental is more of a 24hr payment if you insist it's a 24hr unbreakable contract. There is nothing more than that. That's all it is.

Rental storage escrows are used to assist with those 24hr contracts. You store money in escrow in case that card is available during the next 24hr period then that escrow pays again.

There is no such thing as a multi-day rental just doesn't exist.
Auto rentals is saying don't worry about putting your money in an escrow we'll use it as needed and we won't look at just one card from one owner but if that one goes away we'll grab another one and we'll keep reneweing your rental as well.

So, what I understand is that the first 24h are obligated and the rest are optional? Thank you very much in advance!!


That right there is a game changer on its own. You are making it very tempting for me to not play and put every one of my cards up for rental.

Great move..
will auto rental notify you when, when the owner of the card cancels an will I be able to increase my price on the card

Good update. Will there be an update to prevent the dreaded end of season cancellations?

That's great news, I am really excited about this new feature!

This will help a lot of the flow of the game.

@peakmonsters I apologize for a somewhat heated discussion before about auto rentals and its effect to newbies.

I am here to report "I think" what can be considered a bug and also a possible feature for peakmonster if it is possible.

For the bug, I am currently renting Chanseus the Great for 15 dec, the light legendary summoner. So, I tried bidding for a lower price of 10 dec for it using the auto rental. When I checked Peakmonster, the autorental says that it is filled and I won a rental bid for Chanseus for 12 dec/day. When I checked in game, I am only renting my original 15 dec/day Chanseus. In other words, the 12 dec/day is not to be found even though auto rental is saying it is filled. No changes on my in game DEC so no harm no foul.

For the feature,I am not sure if this already exist coz I've been using peakmonster for a week only now. Is it possible to have multiple icons/copies of cards you currently renting? For example, if I rent two chanseus, Peakmonster would provide two rows of chanseus for each. What currently is happening is if I am renting let's say, a chanseus gold, and chanseus regular, it is displayed only as one. Sometimes, the icon is gold, sometimes, it is regular. It would display the gold if I click the filter gold only.
Worse, if I am renting two regulars, it only shows 1 display. No options of which regulars it is displaying. The only information I get is the dec/day and it only displays one of two that I am renting. I hope I expressed it clearly.

Last, would it be possible to display the card ID as well on the main renting page? If I am renting multiple cards, to cancel the correct one, I need to have an external record of the card ID. When I use auto rental, and I won the bid, since no card ID is displayed, I have to take the original rental's card ID that I wrote, go to in game, and manually look for the same card ID to cancel since peakmonster does not display multiple cards of the same "type?" I mean like if I rent two mylor, I won't know which is the original or which is the filled one from auto rental since there's only one display.

I don't know if these features exist. If it is, good. If not, it's just a suggestion. Thanks.

PS. Auto rental is quite cool. I got a few sweet deal from it. Also, a bit of a question. I got a rental for an oshannus for 10 dec for 2 days. The owner immediately cancelled it and it would be cancelled within 3 hours according to your site. Would I get 45 hours (1 day 21 hours) worth refund for it or just the 24 hours?

Answering for the"bug" part. I think to have found the rental bid you mentioned, but as far as I can see it's not filled at all:


It's gone now on my end as well. Must've been my screen or something. I saw it when I used the "filled" filter before. Any case, no changes in my dec so it's no worries. Might be a delay or something. Thanks for checking it out.

Thanks a lot for this! I ran out of rc trying to hit silver for past seasons and spent more time renting power than playing.

What basically is Hive RC? Is it another token that we need to have in order to use this auto renting feature soon? If it is, then is it free or should we need to buy it? Thanks!

Excellent feature!

i did try your auto rental system and it doesnt work as fast as needed. i had the highest bets on a card (ex. 50dec/day) and watched it, then a card appeared for 45dec and somebody could manually rent the card, so i didnt get it.
i tried the same with other card and none did auto rent the card. so i did it manually and it worked... so ur system seems to be slower then bots or humans.
(ps: and yes i checked also all the bets below the lvl i wanted to rent out, and they were all below my bet)

From what I get this only applies to people wanting to rent cards but not people renting them out? What I would love is to put my cards up for rent and have a minimum but allow for it to go higher for bidding on the card to be rented would be pretty lit! That way I know I'm getting the max for my cards I'm renting out and not constantly having to take them down, refind the new good rental price point and relist over and over and over again.

@bitcoinflood - I didn't have a huge amount of cards rented but after today my rentals really dropped off - looks like this is for the benefit of those who never built a card collection but want to rent themselves one cheap. I spent 2 years building my deck and was making just a little DEC off renting a few. Now I can barely even win a battle these days, lol.

Honestly natural flow of the rental market. End of season day people rent like crazy in an effort to rank higher tier for the season and collect more rewards. They drops off after the season ends and slowly starts to pick up towards the last week of the season. But also think of it this way if a card is not being rented it is then earning you SPS airdrop right now. So there's no negative either way.

They dropped out even AFTER I had changed all my unrented cards to "lowest price". And when I went back an hour later, even more had dropped out. Like you said, not a big deal though. I'm certainly not going to go back every whipstitch and lower my prices, lol.
However, I do have a question - I was under the impression that the airdrop points for your card collection included ALL your cards owned, even if rented out. That figure on the airdrop page always reflects more than my collection "power" screen which definitely says "cards you own and don't have rented or listed for sale". Am I mistaken on that?

From what I get this only applies to people wanting to rent cards but not people renting them out? What I would love is to put my cards up for rent and have a minimum but allow for it to go higher for bidding on the card to be rented would be pretty lit! That way I know I'm getting the max for my cards I'm renting out and not constantly having to take them down, refind the new good rental price point and relist over and over and over again.

From what I get this only applies to people wanting to rent cards but not people renting them out? What I would love is to put my cards up for rent and have a minimum but allow for it to go higher for bidding on the card to be rented would be pretty lit! That way I know I'm getting the max for my cards I'm renting out and not constantly having to take them down, refind the new good rental price point and relist over and over and over again.

A follow up since this is important.

sample 2.PNG

This is not my bid but a random one I saw. But this kind of proves my point. The #5 bidder,bids for 1 dec and got 11 dec/day for the card which does not go to your goal of "Auto is cheaper than manual".

What I assume you can do is you can do an escrow like the normal renting. If I bid for 10 dec, that 10 dec will be removed from my account until the bid is filled or I cancelled. This way, the auto renter system will not be able to provide or fill any higher than on that escrow. If the bid was for 10 dec and the cheapest is 12 dec, the amount is insufficient, therefore it cannot fulfill the bid until a cheaper one does come.

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thanks too much

Love it! Looking forward to see the effect on the rental game... I'm wasting many more hours on manually listing cards for rent than I'd like to admint :P

P.S. Any chance of a "7-Day vs 2-Day" rental. Yes, I'm sure either party can still cancel the 'agreement', but longer forced/automated rental 'contracts' will go a long way to stabilise the heavy price-fluctuations... I think ;-)

Either way... keen to see how this plays out!







@peakmonsters, you've been given LUV from @braaiboy.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/1)

the goal is to move to 1 day ... because it auto extends every day.

There is no such thing as a rental contract. You pay for 24hrs at a time... that's all that exists from splinterlands.

Nice! I don't think this will fix everything that's a little broken about the rental system, but I see it as a great advancement and step in the right direction.


Nice feature 😁

Very cool! I'm using it already. thank you

I'm developing a tool where once you start a battle, you can see a list of highest % win builds for that battle's manacap and ruleset using only the cards you have. This channel is for announcing when it's live for beta testing.

Can we have the following features as well for auto-rental?

  1. Option in the auto-rental for Collection power to disable auto-renewal after the initial 2 days passed. As mentioned previously, after the intial 2 days, peakmonster will automatically renew it for additional two days. It would be better if user can already set the duration how long they want to rent those cards (minimum 2 days), and peakmonster will automatically find replacement for cards that are cancelled and the duration will be equal to the original set date.

  2. List of monsters we manually selected for auto-bidding, separate list from the CP auto-rental. And an option to cancel active rental bids for all cards instead of manually selecting each card then remove the bids.

This "2 day" rental thing is very worrying for me. I haven't waited a whole day yet but I've just started using this system and the rentals are spending double the DEC that I want to, and I have not got half the DEC back after cancelling the rent. (This also means I have less DEC to spend on rentals in total)

Do I get refunded after 1 day? Where is the 1000+ DEC that I spent being set aside?

Otherwise the autobid system seems to work very well, but it's sort of annoying how it makes manual rents pretty much impossible unless you overpay.

Will the minimum day in renting using the auto bid system be changed to 1 day, instead of 2 days?

Hi, is there a way to remove all bids at once? Sometimes I rent more than 100 cards in one day mostly with the bids, but since I only want them for one day, then I have to go to bid by bid to remove them, that's not only a big time investment but also a huge RC burner, maybe an option to make a 1 time only bid would be really helpful.

What are the steps card owners would take to rent out cards in this new system?