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Along with the start of Riftwatchers pack opening last September 27, we have also pushed an update on the PeakMonsters website for all our users. This includes a lot of Riftwatchers related update. See the full list below.

Supported Riftwatchers edition on the following features:

  • Filters
  • Buying Bids, Rental Bids, and Rarity Bids
  • New ability: Fury
  • Pack Stats
  • Analyze Packs
  • Bulk Open
  • Bulk Combine



We added the Riftwatchers edition on the My Cards, Buy, and Rent page filters. You can now easily manage your Riftwatchers collection and navigate the market pages even for Riftwatchers cards.

Riftwatchers Edition


You may also now place a bid (buying or renting) for RW cards. Riftwatchers edition is also now an option when placing rarity bids.

Rarity Bids - Riftwatchers

Fury Ability

Next, we have the new ability introduced in this set, Fury! Fury ability is the new ability introduced in the Riftwatchers set, wherein the Monster does double damage to targets with the Taunt ability.

As shown in the image below, typing the word fury in the search filter section will show you cards that have this ability.

Searching cards with Fury ability on market page

You can also hover above the ability to see the description when viewing specific cards with this ability.

Fury ability description

Pack Stats

Next, we have pack stats. In here, you can see the estimate value of packs from different card editions. Now, you can also see the effective cost per pack for Riftwatchers!

Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 1.35.58 AM.png

Analyze Packs

Analyze Packs feature

Analyze Packs feature was introduced on the Chaos Legion release. What this does is give you a consolidated card data of the packs that you have opened over the past 30 days.

You may now use this feature for both Riftwatchers and Chaos Legion edition.

Bulk Open Packs and Bulk Combine Packs

Bulk Open Packs

For those that are looking to open cards in bulk, we are now supporting the Riftwatchers edition in our Bulk Open Packs feature. Simply click on the dropdown beside Available Riftwatchers Packs to switch between Chaos Legion and Riftwatchers edition.

Bulk Combine Packs

Lastly, we have also updated the Bulk Combine feature to support combining cards in bulk for the Riftwatchers edition. You can now quickly combine several cards even the cards from the newly released edition.

Note: Bulk Open Packs and Bulk Combine Packs are not yet available on the main PeakMonsters platform and is still in beta as of writing of this post.


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thanks for this update and for this addition related to Riftwatchers
@tipu curate

Thanks for the update!
I found Peakmonster has some icon display issues when Riftwatchers released and now it seems all are fixed.

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Thank you!

Glad to see the update.

On an unrelated note, ever since the premium card rental features went live I've noticed the numbers for low market price and probably some others are wrong. I regularly go check the Splinterlands website against peakmonsters numbers and find them to be way off many times. Hoping this gets fixed soon.