The secret to success is to follow your bliss

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If success was easy then everybody would have it. In trading for example, or anything for that matter, we have to go through a period of pain. Either we are losing money on our trades, or if we are trying to get fit, then we are feeling muscular pain to attain a higher level of fitness. It’s all about work. If you work at it, you will succeed. But be prepared for some pain to get there.

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Patience and determination are required. “Hoping against hope” is the motto of the winner. In other words, many may try and fail, and we may also fail on the way to learning the skills or pushing ourselves to new levels. Still we need to hope against the odds that we can do it, we can win.

Believe in yourself, and the process. Study your art or put daily effort into your goal, whether physical fitness or trading skill. Putting time into the market is as important as timing the market, when it come to trading. Putting effort into the training is crucial. You may try and fail but if you can get up from falling down and try again, then you have what it takes. Keep going and with time and effort you will succeed.

Bringing out the bes t in yourself requires going into a state of discomfort, since we are required to break out of our comfort zone. The comfort zone is a familiar place, whether in our heads or in our bodies. It may be the perception of ourselves based on our past, but we are looking to re-invent ourselves into a better future. We cannot remain in our past comfort zone, we need to push beyond it, and that will feel painful to begin with. Yes this is where we need to place ourselves – outside our comfort zone and into the beyond.

We can do it, if we are willing to give up some sleep to work at it. Success requires work. By working at it, we will find the goal approaching us, step by step. Sleep is healthy of course, to keep the balance, but hard work and waking up early in the morning to seize the day is the secret. If you are so keen to succeed that you awaken early because you are too eager to sleep, then it means that you have been filled with the inspiration to succeed.

And from that inspiration will come enthusiasm. So with patience and enthusiasm, we have the two ingredients to really win at our endeavor, whatever it is. I spent years doing very little without the urge to advance, but one day, a few years ago, I felt that it was time to grow, to learn new skills, and so I realized that time is the commodity that is most important. Therefore my time needs to be used to the maximum in order to attain my desired new skill or goal.

I am willing to work at it seven days a week, waking up early every day of the week just to seize the valuable time I have left on the planet to gain the skills and expertise to succeed. Time is short, and we need to specialize in the modern era now. Anyone can access the internet and learn as much as the next person. All the information you need is at your fingertips. It is more about acquiring lots of information. We also need to specialize. We need to acquire the specific skills that take us to the next level in our chosen field, whether trading for profit or getting physically fit.

So find what it is that you really love, and then you will be keen to do it every day of the week. You will be keen to lose sleep to keep up your favorite pastime. Therefore it is ideal to follow your bliss, as they say. Anything less will be difficult to really put much effort into, day after day. You may do it but you will lose interest. So do what you love. It is specific with each person, we are all individuals. Your blissful pastime is different from other people’s, although there are like-minded people who can team up and learn from each other.

Find your tribe, so to speak and associate with them, learn from them and inspire each other. We do it here as writers and bloggers. We do it as traders who share tips and tactics because we want to share what we love with everyone. If we are finding joy and satisfaction in following our dream, then naturally we want others to feel as good as we do. We want others to get rich trading forex or crypto or stocks because it has brought us riches.

If we want to get fit and strong, we endure the pain to build muscle, we work out. And it is this kind of work that brings success. It is the same when aiming to improve our levels of consciousness. Greatness comes from small things done every day. When we add it up over time, we will see the progress. Never waste time, we will never get it back. You learn this as you age. So appreciate it while you are young. If you can start early on your chosen path. And you specialize, then you will become a success.

And there is no loss. Any apparent failure is merely a learning curve. It is all beneficial, as we learn even from mistakes. We improve with every effort. Every day is a new day, so we need to become a new person, not the old one stuck at a lower level. Up your game and success will follow. You can do it, particularly if you love it. So do what you love and love what you do. That is the secret to success. Now you have it.

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Find your tribe, so to speak and associate with them, learn from them and inspire each other.

This is important and often overlooked.

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