One way ticket to the Moon

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Here is my non-serious trader’s song of the day, my choice to play when I am investing in life or trading forex, crypto or commodities. The life of a trader is fraught with ups and downs, pun intended, and it’s a wild ride, but ultimately we all want the one way ticket to the Moon. Therefore I chose this song by that very name, in order to act as my theme song for my present and future. I'm not really a trader, I just make that up as it sounds corporate and legit.

“To the Moon” I hear all the sailors cry as the ship rides the waves of oscillation. Traders harness the trade winds and ride the rough seas, weathering the highs and lows, so a theme tune to remind us, is always welcome. It acts as a reminder of where we’re going during the stormy times when we can see very little due to the fog of FUD or FOMO.

So hoist those longs and shorts, set the stop loss and open a buy to sell. It’s all going up and then down, so be ready to see the Moon, it’s coming soon. Ride the volatility into more stability, bypass rekt city and meet me on the Moon, Tranquility Base.

There is no more coming down when you throw away the crown, set your sights for liberty, corona’s not for you or me. We are free unfettered souls, sailing on to endless shores, it’s all in the pocket now, so come along and join the profit on the sweet water ride of our lives. Sunshine in the sky and in my eyes, no more deceit or lies. It’s all up to the Moon, and bring your bags because the loot of liberty overflows with all we could ever need or want.

It’s all there on the Moon, and our space ship docks right now. We have all we need, there is so much I am swimming in it. What a Moonlight sonata. Under the beams it seems, lunar times are here to stay. Is this the Bitcoin talking? I have to see the Moon again so take me to that all time high. What a blessing I feel right now. I am blessed.

No need to read this little note as it will mean nothing to you, or everything if you know the lingo. It’s all here so be on board when the ship sets sail. The wake will wash white waters to the shores of every island, where all souls rest on the sunny shores. Oh heaven you carry the Moon and so you are the blanket for the soul. With you I feel whole.

I walk in the blanket of Moonlight and I bathe in the starlight of a hot night in Spring, when everything is young again and fresh, with the reflected light of a Sun in June all year long. It may be the Moon upon which we land now, for it feels so soft and powdery, and all our desires are fulfilled. The wish fulfilling trees grant all our desires, and the rivers of whatever you desire are flowing all year long. The endless summer has arrived. I bathe in it and have received the fullest blessings of abundance, satisfaction, delight and respite.

If you want it, then it’s yours. There is more than enough for everyone so come on up to the Moon and I will greet you there, show you around and offer you a seat with some cool water to drink. Come and play in the eternal Sunday, where there is only holiday time for all. Everything is already done and there is nothing left to do, except celebrate, have fun and laugh a lot.

If you have your one way ticket then jump on board as we take the magical munificence tour, full of love and laughter. It flies us to the Moon and let’s us bask in the resplendent motion filled emotional joyride. A ride filled with joy, all the way there. Now that we are here, for time is no longer meaningful, let us be in bliss. The Moon is a place of bliss, I know this because I feel it. So there you have it, we all have it already, and this is all there is – a blissful moment of eternal happiness. I know you fell it too, like I do, so bring it on and be sure to roll in the Moon dust when you feel the need to bliss out. That’s what the magic is all about.

This is not for profit or reward or anything at all. It is a massive blessing to everyone today, we all have been blessed and this note is the proof. I declare it boldly. And that’s the way you do it. Like no AI bot ever can. This is free writing at its best, and it’s free and in writing, so guaranteed. That’s all we need. Welcome to the Moon. Hello.

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Though you didn't write for profit and rewards, you get some of both, whether you like it or not :)

I dare you: click me!

Thank you I am only a beggar and wandering minstrel, everything is happening by higher arrangement and I am just surfing the flow on the way.

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