Quarantine Day 7


I didn't do any updates yesterday as there wasn't much to add to the day before. Today it is supposed to peak over the next 24 hours and because I am playing nurse I will stay awake just in case. Not knowing what to expect I think it is wise to at least be around for anything that may happen.

Last night we experienced high fevers even though it was a fairly cold night. Thankfully the vomiting is not regular anymore,but the headaches remain. I have never heard of pain killers being subscribed for headaches but that is what they have and are helping.

The breathing and lack of oxygen was an issue however and the reason why I had to stay up. This is from what I can see the only scary part of the virus as vomiting and headaches could be like any other flu or severe food poisoning is a good comparison. Food poisoning that lasts for 7 days is no joke and it is still not done yet.

My business partner asked me today if I was being careful and you can only try and do your best. Wearing a mask and using hand sanitiser is about the best their is as it is in your house. Air conditioners were turned off in the rooms as that I suppose could be a hazard for the rest of us not thinking. The dogs are still moving around freely and they haven't started coughing yet maybe that was unwise but a bit late now.

This is not like it is something that shows you clear and obvious signs and all of us were unprotected prior to the positive test results. Only on one occasion did I forget to wear my mask whilst delivering cups of tea this week as it was an honest mistake. I have never drank so many cups of coffee as I have over the last week as I read somewhere hot drinks are helpful.

Two out of a household of six and all we are trying to do is to make sure it stays at that number. I have no idea when the virus is at it's most contagious so I can only guess anywhere about now at it's peak possibly. It is not like you can ring a bell and leave food outside the door. I am just grateful we have a big enough house so my grand son can be well away in the entertainment area away from the main house. I would have hated to experience this in a place like England as our previous houses were way smaller.

I have never watched so much television in my life as I have this week and already completing season 5 of Homeland having not watched one episode before last Monday. What is ironic is that the country opens up from lock down today downgraded to a level 2 so everything bar international travel is allowed with certain rules applying still. Here is us still locked up for another week going into over time. Cigarettes are back on sale with booze allowed to be sold Monday to Thursday only.

Today I will at least know if I can get back to my bed tonight as I am praying for speedy recoveries at some point.


The dogs are still moving around freely and they haven't started coughing yet maybe that was unwise but a bit late now.

Cross-species transmission of viruses is rare. I have no idea how likely it is for the dogs to spread the virus to surfaces in the rest of the house by going into the rooms where the sick are and going to other places after that. It may be the safe bet to keep the dogs away from the sick.

All you can do is keep the sick confined to their rooms and take meticulous care of hygiene when caring for them.

Best of luck to you and your family. I continue to think of you daily. Hopefully they can turn the corner today and the worst of it is over.