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RE: Refer your friends to earn more

in Ecency11 months ago

Hi there, @good-karma and @ecency I promoted a post of my the other day for 500 points how do I know or were can I see if my post has been promoted, I am a newbie so hope I done it right please let me know. Thank you.

Here is the link to that post I promoted.

And I will certainly spread the word about ecency and hive.


Promoting post will show up across the feeds to all Ecency visitors. We will be adding stats for promoted posts soon. It is in our todo list, bumped up a bit so we will work on that sooner.

Hi there @ecency and @good-karma I have not seen any promotion posts across your feed on Ecency so you are saying promotion are not working at the moment ?

In that case can you return my 500 points I will use them on another post later. Thank you.

We are not saying it is not working. Your post is in promoted posts list, as far as we can tell. Promotions are randomly chosen and displayed, so your post is in promoted list, it will get more views.

Hi there, @ecency and @good-karma is there a place that I can view promotion posts like my, is there a different section to view these promotion posts, because I have not seen one promotion post come across the @ecency feed like it use to see.

We don't have separate/dedicated place for promoted posts yet. We can see your post as promoted, attaching screenshot: image.png

Thank you @ecency I can see now :)

Hi there, @good-karma and @ecency just wondering if you can help me out with this situation, I noticed the votes on this post that I was given do not add up correctly as with the payout amount how can I have this corrected ?

Just the votes alone from @ranchorelaxo and @trafalgar add up more then the payout amount listed at the bottom of the post which at the moment shows $33.82

Here is the link to the post in question. I would appreciate if you could please have a look at it for me. Thank you in advance.



Thank you for your report. That's due to downvote on post, you can sort votes or go to last page, you will see some downvotes

Hi there, @ecency I am confused with that do not understand what downvotes are about and why they do that very disappointing they suppose to be encourage people isn't that the idea of @hive