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I greet you again this week. This is the second time I come to the wonderful Ecency community, and I do it to participate in the call made by my friend @mypathtofire, who asks us to describe our perfect day. Below I share the invitation he made:


Of the alternatives or ideas that he suggested to us to participate, I chose the first, which I share below:

  • Would you go anywhere special or have a place where you would spend your perfect day?

My perfect day would be at home, because I feel good there, even when there are certain elements that can take away my peace, such as not having a constant supply of water; and I say that it takes away my peace, because to those who can obtain the vital liquid by simply opening the tap or the shower, (this is how it should be in every country in the world, it is normal at the moment), it will seem something distant and absurd, the fact of having to buy water that a water carrier brings to my house, in large plastic bottles, mounted on a cart. Imagine the scene and you will think that it is something so archaic in the 21st century, but it is true, and more unfortunately in a country like mine, Venezuela, where there are innumerable natural resources, including fresh water, through hundreds of rivers, (big and small), wetlands, surface and underground aquifers, there is more than enough water for the entire population of the country, but the water distribution system is destroyed by an inefficient, corrupt, criminal and evil government.

I would spend my perfect day in my house, if I had running water, with which to do all the housework, take a good, long and comforting bath, water with which to water my plants daily and have good harvests, diversify my crops and feel very happy because I can take care of them properly. Water to bathe my dogs frequently, in short, water available so that waiting for it is not an agony; canceling certain activities while waiting for the bearer to arrive with his loads of water, (and sometimes he does not bring the water home).

It would be perfect to open the faucet to wash my face and teeth and for clean, quality water to flow out, because there is another detail, in very few areas of the town recently there is piped water, but it is contaminated, so it is better not to have that "supply". It would be great to be able to have water in the kitchen to work without limitations and more easily and quickly. That day, she would cook a delicious lentil stew, perhaps a vegan lasagna, a fruit salad, and a juice from whatever fruit is in season.

In the afternoon I would like to sit in my backyard, with a hose to water the plants and trees for as long as I want, not caring that I am going to spend all the water, being in contact with nature, listening to the birds, observing all the fauna that surrounds me (I can see hawks, birds of many kinds, opossums, lizards, iguanas, turtles, insects of all kinds, even skunks), with nothing and no one bothering me. It would be great to be able to go to sleep in peace and quiet, knowing that when I wake up it won't be a dream, but when I wake up there will be water for everything I want to do. And this day, obviously, I would spend with my beloved human and animal family. As unbelievable as it sounds, that would be the perfect day for me, at this point in the year 2023.

This was my brief description of my perfect day. I have shared two photos of two plants on my backyard, an achiote plant (Bixa Orellana) or "onoto" as it is called in my country, and another banana plant. If you look carefully, both are dry, and it is precisely the product of the lack of watering, therefore, my perfect day would be a day with enough water, it is that simple. And I take this opportunity to invite my friend @edwing357 and @jessiencasa (who recently celebrated her first anniversary in Hive), to participate in this activity).

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Thank you very much for the invitation, perfect days can come in many forms, but there is always one that would be the best of all. 😊

You're welcome my friend!

I don't know what part of Venezuela you are from, but there are many sectors like this, I know people who have, like you, years without knowing what water from the stream is and others who waste it for no reason. I hope soon you can have your perfect day and that this situation improves.

Thank you very much for your visit and nice comment @yolimarag, I really appreciate it. I live in the Venezuelan plains, and here, in almost the entire town there is no white water service, and it has been like this for many years. If I manage to open the well, I will share the information. Regards.

That's an excellent proposal friend @sirenahippie I hope so and I will celebrate with you that achievement.

Water is the base of all life and it is so sad to see how due to a corrupt system, just like you said, In Venezuela and everywhere else, water has become a commodity that is presented to us as scarce. a system so corrupt that water is now even traded on Wall street as a commodity. all water supplied to us by a government is contaminated. it contains Fluoride with the end of keeping us dumb so I would anyway steer clear of them doing me the favor.
rain water collection is a good way of accumulating good quality water in large amounts, even though the set up of a system has its cost.
the water on the farm comes from a deep well in our Granite dominant soil (Granite is a great filter) and it is so tasty that I never even bothered testing it. my consumption for drinking and cooking is minimal. the rest is mainly from rain water catchments. the only "running" water I have though is water dropping down by gravity from a water tank placed at the highest point of the farm.
I truly believe things are changing for the better and trust that you will soon get a perfect day.
thank you for sharing.

Hi @bigorna1, thanks for commenting. I have been buying the elements to open a well in my backyard. Here the water table is relatively shallow, already at 9 meters there is water, although I plan to drill a little deeper to ensure water quality and quantity, perhaps at about 13 meters. Here I would have to analyze it, because I live in the village and previously there was no sewage system, so people opened septic tanks that by gravity have contaminated some groundwater veins. I don't like treated water, I think the same as you, in the water they put many substances that harm us, so there is nothing better than the water that springs from the bowels of Mother Earth. Best regards!

yes. I agree.
you are lucky with the depth, we here have to go go way deeper. my borehole is 100m. deep. I did the same as you and went slightly deeper than was necessary to ensure stable flow. well thought !
and also, a friend made me listen to this song today, after commenting on your post, and I just thought that the universe is so amazing. I no longer believe in coincidences. abrazo ; )

I trust you will understand.

Coincidences don't exist dear @bigorna1, thanks for sharing this song with me.

all water supplied to us by a government is contaminated. it contains Fluoride with the end of keeping us dumb so I would anyway steer clear of them doing me the favor.

this is sadly very true. all governments by their very nature are evil institutions run by evil people

Oh yes, that is true @mypathtofire

Thank you for sharing your perfect day. Home is where the heart is as they say. I hope you will someday get the water that you would like and your lovely plants.

Sadly, the words of the actor Ronald Regan are very true..

Hello @mypathtofire ! Thanks for your nice comment. It's true, home is where our hearts are, and I love my home, especially my backyard. If all goes well, this summer I will open the well. I will be sharing the information. I'm going to see Reagan. A hug.

That sounds great, my neighbor dug a well 17 metres deep to get their own water supply. It was not so easy, but once done, you have as much water as you need.

It is great to hear how you are in sync with nature. !LUV

It is true, and it is good water, pure water, without chemical additives. Where I live you cannot drill very deep, because there are hydrocarbon deposits. Near my house, the owners of a hotel drilled 80 meters and almost hit a gas tank natural, fortunately they realized it in time, otherwise it would have been a tragedy, a total disaster. Everything has its fair measure.

Hello, thank you very much for the invitation, the perfect day you want I understand perfectly. In the area where I live there is no water service, I have always bought water by cistern and take advantage of the rains.
What bothers me is that, as you say, we are a country that has this natural resource and we should not have problems to have this service.

Hopefully that perfect day will come for you and for everyone :D

Hello @jessiencasa, well, then you know what I mean, it is so difficult not to have water even living in an urban or peri-urban area. I live in a town, practically in a rural area, but there should be adequate infrastructure to supply drinking water to the population. I also hope that perfect day comes. A big greeting.