Thanks for Curating Together With Ecency!

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In the Ecency Discord, near the end of each month, there is an opportunity to apply to join the hardworking Ecency curation team.

Volunteers can join the team to participate in curating boost requests. If you are interested join Ecency Discord so that you see the application when it becomes available each month.

  • Curating for Ecency is an important job. All curation rewards that are earned are paid out 100% to Ecency Delegators. If you delegate HP to Ecency you will receive your share of Hive curation rewards daily, along with 10% of your delegation amount in POINTS

Monthly Guest Curation Program

These Ecencians volunteered their time daily for a month in 2022 to curate alongside the team and their efforts are very much appreciated!

January-@samostically @infinitytcg

February - @luizeba @ziabutt3836

March-@suncooper @weone

April-@beeber @fsc69

June-@lofone @unklebonehead

July-@mypathtofire @underlock

August- @jane1289 @chaosmagic23

September- @susurrodmisterio @lofone

October- @luizeba @palomap3

November- @alokkumar121 @pravesh0

December- @reeta0119 @ydaiznfts

Many guest curators have volunteered to take on more permanent roles in helping the community grow. Thank you!

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Thanks a lot to each curator! Your contribution to Ecency community is priceless! 💙


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Thanks everyone 👋 it is really great job is being done by our curators curating hundreds of posts every day) Thank you @melinda010100 for this post!

Each and every curator deserves huge amounts of thanks for all the time they give! ♥️

Kudos to all the curators. Your time and effort is appreciated.

@tipu curate

Such a great program to support the community. Great work Melinda and Ecency.

Your content has been voted as a part of Encouragement program. Keep up the good work!

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Wow, what a nice surprise, dear @melinda010100 !!!! 😍

It is a pleasure and an honour for me to be part of Ecency's curatorial team. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from my fantastic colleagues and those who join us every month.

The most valuable thing we have is time. All those who spend it helping other hivers have my admiration and respect. THANK YOU.

I remember very well joining in the curation team! And is was a so important step for my hive journey, to learn understand a little bit more !LUV

Curation isn't an easy job to do, but it is a very important role... Thanks to all people who are doing it!

Encantado siempre de participar y colaborar en las actividades de ecency, me gusta que crecemos juntos dentro de esta magnífica plataforma, para mí ser curador de ecency es una gran experiencia. Gracias por las oportunidades.

¡Ecency es de todos y crece y triunfa porque todos aportamos! ¡Gracias por hacer tanto para ayudarnos a todos a ser mejores!

Nice job guys and keep up the good work.

It's a great job that curators do.

Great Job everyone!!

aha, it was really year with all the curators. 💪♥️ It was a great help for sure.

I congratulate you for your great work! It is truly a great honor for all who do their bit, I will be sure to be attentive to help in the future.

Great job to all who volunteered for curation. Your support is well appreciated :)

It was an honor and a pleasure to be able to participate that month as a curator, thanks for the opportunity

I'm on the lookout for more opportunities for you to assist Ecency! Let us know if you see things that are needed that you would like to take on!

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Thanks Pix! ♥️


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Great job, ladies and gentlemen! You deserve the accolades for all that you do here.

Thank you for having me. I wish I could join in again long term, It really gave me an insight to discover some great works and people. For this, I am thankful for.

How do I increase my earnings here? Can you give me a hint?

My hint is to engage with others and comment on their posts. If you look at the Ecency Leaderboard you will find that the people whose accounts are growing fastest are the ones who are always near the top. Make friends and your earning will increase! ❤️

Thanks for the hint and for taking a little time to answer me. You've helped me a lot 🤗

I stopped by to give you a vote, but you had nothing current that I could vote on. Posts pay out at 7 days and I prefer to vote on posts less than 24 hours old. Keep your account active and current, that makes it appear that you are trying!
Choose a Community that interests you, comment on posts and make your name known! 💙

Thanks, I didn't know that information. I'll try to address some creative topic within my interests and become more active in the community ;) thank you very much indeed. You've helped me so much! 🙏😊❤️

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