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Everyone is welcome to come join the new Ecency Help Community

We have had a channel in Ecency Discord where we have tutorials and information to help answer questions, but there are many people who are not using Discord, and we want to make this information easily available to everyone, especially to newbees. Having it on chain will make it more secure.

This new community is a place to post your helpful tutorials and guides for using Ecency.

If you are posting into the Help community it is recommended that you use the appropriate tags #ecencytutorial #ecencyguide or #newbee and any tags that apply to the subject of your content. Use the appropriate tag, en, es, ru, de, etc to distinguish the language you have written in. Ecency allows you to use 10 tags and it will be important for searching when using the new tool that is being developed.

The function of this community will be expanded soon to make it a place where everyone can find answers to questions and it will be an incredibly useful tool for all your new onboards.

Ecency invited traders to test the new advanced trading feature to gather feedback on functionality, interface and overall experience and it received very positive feedback. Thanks to everyone who left comments! Your interaction is vital to developement!

Advanced Trading will be pushed to very soon.

The Ecency Discord topic this week is hosted by @mypathtofire. We appreciate your help while @beeber concentrates on getting well.

@beeber and @mypathtofire

How would you spend your perfect day? Where would you be? Who would you spend the day with? What would you be doing?

Use two tags- #edtopic and #ecencydiscord
Write 200 words minimum


You are welcome to post into the Ecency Community - click here and join Ecency Community All general content posted using Ecency is welcome there!

@ecency-star announced that the Winner of 1000 Ecency POINTS is @merit.ahama

Congratulations! 🏆

Contest Winners

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Each week Ecency gives away 300 POINTS each in prizes to 10 Engagers on @abh12345's
ENGAGEMENT LEAGUE LIST There are many prizes given out for being ENGAGED. During the week you can use the Ecency Leaderboard to keep track of how you are doing.

Join the Engagement League. It's easy to do.

Simply leave a comment on the EL post HERE and ask to be added to the list.

Ecency Discord is a great place to make friends and build relationships.

There is a channel where contests are listed that have POINTS prizes.
The Ecency Assets channel has many banners and dividers that you can use in your posts.
You can check the Events channel to keep track of the times for Live shows. Right now there are 3 shows each week. @pravesh0 has a Live show on Saturday's/(Hindi), @joalheal has a show on Monday's (Spanish) and @TengoLoTodo has a show on Tuesdays (English)

Discord is a good place to go if you have questions or need help! You will get a response from a dev or one of our knowledgeable and helpful Ecencians.

El canal en español está activo y es un gran lugar para hacer amigos y obtener respuestas a sus preguntas.

Ecency Discord

Come join us! Our motto is Decent, Kind, and Helpful.

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Remember to vote for the Ecency Proposal!

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Great news here! We're going in the right direction! !LUV

Awesome! I did join the community. Now, I know where to post my Ecency app-related content.

I'm looking forward to seeing more guides and tutorials from you! New content is always welcome!

Thanks! I'll think of an interesting one :)

Did you see the new update? We need a good tutorial!

Yes, saw it this morning. More info on the frontend. Will do :)

Your doing amazing work @melinda010100 to bring Ecency to the hive users. with the help of your post we are learning how to use Ecency. Keep it up the good work.

Our busy and dynamic Ecency! Thanks for putting all those news together, @melinda010100 !

Some great changes for the community. It will be very handy to go to one place for useful hints and tips.

Great work. Ecency making sure to make things easier and better for everyone! Thanks for the update. Just got to know bout helping community.

This is nice 😊
Thanks for this update Melinda 👍

looks, very neat, wonder if there can be an option just to swap for other coins instead of using a full exchange, thx for sharing

I don't know the answer to that. Let's ask. @ecency ?

Initial step for us was to get internal market fully functional, meaning HIVE <-> HBD pair. Right now, we have swapping these to back and forth, trading in advanced mode. Next iteration will be gradually adding tokens within Hive ecosystem and eventually explore other cross chain options. Thank you @melinda010100 for mention.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 141 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix!

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I really found it a supportive content as I'm new here so I just want a lot information I'm seeking for.I would like to see more posts and information like this 😍. Thanks Melinda!

Join the Ecency Help Community and you can always find me in Ecency Discord. I'm happy to answer questions!

How can I join ? Would you like to guide me completely plz?

The blue words in my post are clickable. Click on 'Ecency Discord' and it will take you there. The same with the Help Community. Let me know if that works for you.

Thank you so much 🥰 I have joined 😌 I hope it will help me more.