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RE: Refer your friends to earn more

in Ecency11 months ago

What is the timeframe for a new accounts to get approval? Last night I was helping my GFsign up using the ecency app and couldn't get it to go through. I then went to the website and tried there and it seemed to go through but we still haven't seen the confirmation email. I used jschindler for the referral and the u/n was emanate-artworx with the same @g mail. TIA


Emails should arrive within few minutes. Did you check spam folder maybe it went here?

Just checked, not in spam folder.

What was the chosen username on signup? We can take a look what happened.


We don't see this username on list. Could your friend try to signup again?

Yes, we just did and it went through almost instantly. Thanks again, will let you know if we have any more issues.