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New update for both Playstore and Appstore is available. This update includes bunch of bug fixes and few new features like quick replies, native rendering, post options and RTL UI changes.


What's new

  • Ever wanted to quickly reply to post? With new update you can easily reply to posts right from Feed screen without loosing surfing page. You can leave a comment to come back and engage more deeply.
  • Posts rendered with native components, in previous update we have migrated comment rendering to native and in this we have done quite a lot of tweaking and improved post rendering. We are seeing quite jump in performance as well.
  • New post options page, with new addition Post options were getting cluttered, so we created separate page and made selection of reward type, thumbnail, beneficiaries, etc. easy.
  • Wallet page performance improved
  • Notifications page bug fixed
  • Youtube and other embed video players improved
  • Draft saving options expanded, offering to replace/update draft or create as new
  • RTL (right to left) UI improvements, with Persian, Arabic and other languages ready, we now dedicated some time for fixing UI and properly supporting those languages
  • Many many really many bug fixes 😊 In this release (1276 commits) 🚀

If you are React Native developer, feel free to join and help developing features we all love using, our mobile application is opensource.

Join mobile translation team:
30 languages already enabled on Ecency mobile app, thanks to our awesome contributors.

Stay tuned, stay excited, stay united! Don't forget to share news with your friends.

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This is awesome and a work well-done to promote the blockchain am really impressed with this new features.

ya man ecency is what I tell people on the street to go download when they ask how to get the hive account I flex in front of them with all my post rewards

maaaaaan one day hive will make it big on the streets and we will ride a wave of success just like ethereum

hive may go up when other coins crash because we have such a USEUL product- a social network site - and honestly social media is barely what ... 20 years old? in 2002 we barely had it but we did have myspace etc ... id say thats a good starting point ...... 20 year is not very long for this sort of world changing internet technology...... $3 trillion in Google Facebook and Amazon stock could be $30 trillion for decentralized social media dapps that make their trillions off of having a synergy between social media, advertising, crypto, and banking defi all built into a system that can ALSO include medicine and politics so this system could have multiple $1 to $10 trillion dollar sectors

Hive and hive engine and dapp ecosystem deserves a $200B marketcap AT LEAST and their mobile apps like ecency should be a NASDAQ listed company with stock, and the stock should use revolutionary new systems to allow pegs of the stock to flow into the ecency points and hivepower delegation system

Good stuff. I just got a new phone, so it may be quicker anyway for me :)

I did notice this glitch. This is on Android 11


Oh yeah, this needs to be fixed.

We are preparing update with this issue fixed, if you notice something else, do let us know so we can fix those as well before this patch goes out live. Thank you!

Great. I'll look out for others.

New update should be available to try, please check!

I got the update and it looks fine now. Thanks

wow thats a nice amount of decency

I have the same issue after update.

Me too the same problem

I am big-time fan of ecency. Great update.

and im a big time fan of people who have A's and Ks in there names. Ive ascended you to the top of the comments list on this ecency post

Dont let us down, we have big hopes for you AlokKumar

Killer Kumar will be your new codename.... you will be responsible for a new Twitter campaign to promote the ecency app but this will be a stealth campaign run entirely by fans and you will be on your own creating tweets to enlist users into ecency. I predict ecency will use their official twitter account to retweet you if you can get a post with enough retweets and likes and comments, and I will make sure everyone who does that in this comment section gets some hive upvotes.

Your mission Killer Kumar, will be to find 1000 new twitter users to signup under you for ecency. if you can acomplish this goal, I will try to get you at least a $50 upvote from various dolphins and whales ans tipu users i know here on steem conneeeeect

Thanks for your nice and long comment. This sounds good but I am not interested. lol 😀
Enjoy the weekend!

was just a joke lol


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I know.

Thank you guys for everything you are doing! It's truly appreciated!

hey :)
I use ur app for quite a while now and also have some ecency points now, which I want to use
I already had the problem that I got no vote at all and wrote you a comment asking for a refund, which I got a week later, I think

now boosting through app seems to work.. but also not perfect, cuz I only get around half the vote I boosted for (or other said, while boosting it tells me I'd receive double the vote I really get..)

still great app :) I'm sure you will fix it




woah 200 points are $2.3 ? Is this ecency point on hive-engine like @waivio utility tokens on hive-enginez ? (haha lets add Zksnarks ZEOS tech smart contracts to ecency for ecenzy or Zecency or ezency

yeah EZency e-zen sea haha yeah like zksnarks + hive and ecency dapp for a privacy anonymous social media experience where you get paid in privacy coins

we could use ecency for real life mixing and parties where people spend their money in giant parking garages full of cars and boxes liek a giant sksnarks maze in real life

Sadly I dont think ecency points are on Hive engine

Cool to still see you around
What happened out of all those endless crazy ideas you had all the years?

Estimation had bug, new version should be more accurate, but it will always be estimation and not exact due to multiple factors.

ok so how many new accounts can ecency sign up for free if i brought a forum to ecency and we had some @chainbb style @jesta made software ... that ported over entire forumBB and subreddits with accounts and posts to hive and made them each an ecency compatible hive community ....

how many free accounts could we get ? Because some of these subreddits have tens of millions of users

Just got a new phone but have not applied the update.

I do a lot of posting from the phone using Actifit. Plan is to post more of my photos using Ecency directly to my other communities.

Keep up the good work.

I only have one K in my name - but I do have a pile of twitter followers - will think about promoting there some more.

Thank u for updating. This is awsome

Great improvements. Keep doing the good work.


This needs to be fixed. The details below are not visible.

It has been fixed! Watch for the update soon!


Lots of improvements on Ecency recently. Hopefully this will attract new users.

its a great job, thank so much

That's great to hear. I have updated it few minutes ago.
Thank you for all the hard work you guys are doing.
Really really appreciate.

I have updated, works faster than ever before. Really good, this new version

I have uptaded. I think it is fater and we can see curation rewards from now on.

Thanks for updating the info. This is worth it.

This is so great with a lost of improvement, I just updated mine.

very nice update👍

Excellent, I just updated the app and am already testing the differences. Always improving !

Thank you for always updating your app, you are the best!

I am loving the new update so far!

Hurray I live this

~~~ embed:1484892475592486917 twitter metadata:VmljdG9yaWF4bDF8fGh0dHBzOi8vdHdpdHRlci5jb20vVmljdG9yaWF4bDEvc3RhdHVzLzE0ODQ4OTI0NzU1OTI0ODY5MTd8 ~~~
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Great improvement noted in terms of speed and loading. thumbs up

Thanks for the great App and the wonderful Onboarding program. I've been able to get 2 people onto Hive just because of the convenience of the app and the great referral program. Wouldn't be nearly as engaged on Hive if I didn't have the mobile convenience of Ecency. Some smaller bugs aside, the fundamental features work very well.

We always fix any reported bugs, please report them when you get chance, either on our discord or telegram.

It's a great one.
Good one guys

I like ecency

Hello, greetings. I updated the app and suddenly started to appear this error at the end of the paragraphs, the letters are cut at the end and the paragraphs are not justified as I uploaded them on my computer.

Thank you for your report! We will check this.

Came across Ecency recently and just downloaded the app. The interface looks awesome! Great job to the team!

Got the update let's see the improvements. Update as we go

Thank you 🔥🔥🔥😻😻

Hey @ecency , just to let you know I’ve made a post about the Portuguese translation progress ! Cheers 👍

I just sign up today. ☺️

You are welcome to hive fams

I tried to use this latest update app to submit a post but I got error “missing posting authority”. Please help!

Could you reply to this comment?

yea i can normally

A small problem. I went to buy 500 pts off of my phone. The charge is out of my bank, but no points deposited.


Hi, We are seeing 18 hours ago you had 500 purchase which was deposited to your account, is that correct? There might be delay in processing request.

Yes. It looks like it had been deposited. Thanks so much! It has always been smooth sailing when making purchases until that one.

Do I need to have Hive or native ecency token to make a vote ? And what does the 0% - 100% mean ? Thanks

And also how can I start earning here? Would the best way be start just blogging on a niche? Or can I do it by commenting in niches I’m familiar with and have good answers or the right answers to people’s questions etc? As I can’t find a guide area on this website :/ o.o

Please check page, commenting, posting any form of engagement has potential to gain you more followers and votes.

More Hive Power you have higher your vote value is, but you don't need to have a lot of Hive to start engaging and earning. Percentage slider is allocate smaller portion of your vote, when you have more Hive power you will notice slider will change value you will potentially be rewarding author with.

bye bugs 🤘👽

ask for help, friends, to follow, like and share my work🔥

I got the update and it looks fine now. Thanks