Invitation for Traders to test advance trading

in Ecency2 months ago

Excited to share our preview of Advanced trading coming on soon.

We would like to request community to help us test and polish it out before we push this awesome feature to main some time next week.

Gathering feedback on functionality, interface, overall experience, so we can improve if something needs an improvement and fixing.

Inspired by, first iteration of Advanced trading has a lot of neat features. But we would like to hear your thoughts on these before we tell what features are packed into this.

Up for a weekend challenge?

Go to to try it out.

On mobile browser

Are you mobile user, we need your feedback as well. Any issues you find, let us know. We make sure to fix them before releasing to main website.


Looking forward to hear your feedback!

We will be releasing this to production (main website) sometime next week.


One thing I like about @Ecency is how they care for both form and function. They never trade one for the other. This is an excellent one, and the simplistic interface has been breathtaking as well. Thanks for your good work as always!

This is very "PRO"! That's awesome, @ecency! Soon we won't need Binance anymore! 😀👍

Camt imagine we can do all things from our smartphone now! Great update!

Gave it a little test run and looks to be working just fine

Thanks for helping get this post out to traders for testing!


This frontend is something very much deserved and immediately put Ecency on top of every other Hive UI. Congratulations! I will for aure check it out later today.


- EvM

Looks good... Will check it out for sure!!
The first bug is that "night mode" doesn't work in Brave and Firefox... 😃

Thank you, yes, looks like it is requiring refresh. We will fix that!

I'll definitely give this a trial!!

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 😊👍

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Wow. It looks great 😊

Funny, I was testing this week, and now I have to test this one... seems everyone is interested in improving the internal market interface... and that's great. The more interfaces, the better in my opinion.
Great job 👍


Definitely looks pretty promising!

This is really great. Many traders will test it out. Wishing you the best

This looks really very professional. Many congratulations for the work.

I will be happy to test it 😉

It looks simplistic already. Will definitely give it a try and test it out :)

Looks great! I'll be trying it out.

This looks brilliant and will check it out!

Nice! This looks very promising! 😍

Fantastic! I will try it on mobile and browser!

Hi there Eccency! I would definitely give it a try as well. Nice to see we are having different UI from different projects.


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Ok immediately by just a quick look at it, we need to release the crosshair, I mean being able to measure things (time,price) freely on the chart and not just attach it to the candlestick. Maybe integrate TradingView into it...

It is trading view light charts, gradually we will be adding more indicators. Thanks for feedback

This is great! And I love the feature where we can view our own trading history. This is what I've been wishing the internal market to have and it's here, so yay! Thank you for this ❤️

Great, glad you liked it. If you discover any issues don’t forget to ping us 😉

Yes, thank you :) And will definitely let you know if there will be issues.

Have Points Boosts Shut Down?

I have had 9 boosts fail in a row--original and recently posted posts denied at the lowest boost price. Will this be fixed in the near future?
Much thanks. 👍

It is working! Please check how boosting works in our FAQ page:, @melinda010100 any ideas why?!

Thank you for the reply.
I read through the FAQ page, and I cannot find an issue there.
Thank you and in touch on any advice on this. 👍

You can search “boosting” in our faq, it gives some insight on what or how boosting working which might help answering your question/concerns. Melinda might also give you some tips… tagged her for that reason

Yes, I have done this, and I cannot find an issue there.

You may want to add a few more lines of text to your posts describing your videos. That may help tempt curators to take the time to view them and vote

Thank you for the help here.
Much appreciated.
Do you mean that curators choose which posts they take time to view and vote on when users redeem earned points? Does this mean they can choose to not view the post as well? At times, a well designed photo or video can take hours, days, or weeks to produce. My last video utilized 50 words within the first 15 seconds of the video, and the content is original. Since social media onboarding often relies on photo and video content for new user engagement and platform growth, it would be great if curators valued photo and video on the same scale as word counts.
Thank you very much for helping me understand the process. Love the app. Be well.

Posts are brief and do not meet our criteria of 50+ words. I love the videos, but give more of a written intro, because without the text to draw us in, I'm afraid curators only see low effort and don't click to open the video. I will suggest they take more time to review video content. @lionsuit @ecency 

Looks nice - I just tried it out

  1. No clear way to change the time view frame, looks locked at 5 min?
    --- Looks like it's under a drop-down and "Bucket" second counter.
  2. I do not see an option for a Market order, only Limit.
  3. On the page update, the chart jumps back to a zoomed in level, even if I had zoomed out.

I can see this interface growing in time, so looking good and keep up the great work!

!Pizza and !luv

Thanks for checking it out!

  1. Yes drop down has options
  2. We will add that later on but market order is basically swap, check swapping it works great and instant
  3. Chart zooming we can check, you mean when you change or scroll in chart you want it to stay that way even after hard refresh?

Thank you for pointing that out, I will have another look. :)

I can try on the browser but I don't know how to enter the trading interface in mobile app 😵
I already installed the latest mobile app version, 3.0.37

It is not available on mobile app yet, from mobile with browser you can try our website though

Oops! Thanks for your prompt feedback. I made a try on the browser and it works well for me.

Hello ecency. Thanks for letting me know about this.
I'll take a look.
Barb 😊

wow, this is great! what a nice project.

I just tried this and it worked quite effortlessly. I traded a small portion of my HBD for 1.600Hive and watched increase my Hive in a matter of seconds.
This is a cool & useful tool.


When will it come to ecency android app?

Website works on mobile browser nicely as well. Adding trading into Ecency mobile app will take few months. We will start with swap functionality though.

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